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Friday, February 13, 2015

The Way Things Are III

The Way Things Are III
Murphy's Law "If something can go wrong, it will"
Week’s ago I posted ten corollaries to Murphy’s Law.  As I expected, many of my readers had some suggestions that had not crossed my mind.  I posted a second list  here along with a few new corollaries of my own is a third  list:


The shortest line at a tollbooth always has someone asking for complicated directions.

You only find that you forgot to turn off the propane on your barbecue tank the last time you used it is when your steak dinner guests start to arrive.

You only have to sneeze when there is no tissue handy and you forgot a handkerchief.

The washing machine will always turn every tee shirt and all your underwear inside out.

If you're leaving for work a little bit early, you WILL hit a big traffic jam that will make you a half hour late, anyway.

Battery-dead smoke detectors only beeeeep at night, never when you're at work or on vacation? 

There are two switches inside my front door, one for the porch light and one for the living room light. I always get the wrong one. (Apparently for Marcia the 50/50/90 rule is 50/50/100)

Within 10 minutes of clicking "publish" on your weekly choice for Cranky's "Stupid Headlines" you will happen upon it in the news, discovering that everyone in the world besides you was aware of its veracity for days!

From Val @ for all you teachers.

A new student always enrolls the day after you have printed out updated rosters and seating charts for your substitute folder.

When taking a family photo, at the last second one child will make a funny face or do that stupid rabbit ear thing.  Stolen from  Marie

That’s all I’ve got.  I will need some more help if there is to be a #IV.


  1. Loved these; especially the one with the barbeque and propane; been there, done that and so true!


  2. I did that toll both thing way too often. Then I got an EZ Pass.

  3. The barbecue one is the most accurate thing I have ever read.

    You will discover that you are out of decent beer approximately 30 minutes after the blizzard starts.

  4. Murphy is always busy and never up to any good either. These are some good ones too.

    Have a fabulous day. :)

  5. Forget the bathroom. You can go when you get there.

  6. i'm laughing at j's comment re: your stupid headlines. too true!


  7. Your wife will always wait until you're tired and grumpy to say, "Tell me why you love me."

  8. That smoke detector thing gets me every time. Also when you do replace the battery, it becomes over sensitive and screams when you make toast.

  9. These are spot on, as is, when you are delivering flowers to a one access road subdivision, the house you are looking for will always be at the very back of said subdivision, never at the front.

  10. Replies
    1. Too true about the bbq tank.. that's why we always have a backup tank.. if we remember to fill it. And also true about the smoke detectors.

      Speaking of batteries, the one in the camera dies at the precise moment you're about to snap the best photo ever!

      Hilary's comment deleted by mistake...not sure how.

  11. These are great! The toll booth one is priceless...and hit way too close to home.

    Your boss is never late on the same day you are late.

  12. I love that one about the smoke alarms. So true. It's ALWAYS at 3 a.m. And those suckers are loud!