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Sunday, February 22, 2015



It is time again for
This would make introductions interesting!

This week’s stupid headlines and my stupider, sometimes sophomoric comments.

One headline may be fake.  Guess the fake and win a mention and a WHOOP-TEE-DOO.  None of the above may be a correct answer.


Utah woman seeks world record for catching bridal bouquets- So I guess the thing about catching the bouquet and being the next bride kinda doesn’t work.

Police chased tractor-trailer 34 miles, dodged thrown fridge – If the dude can throw a fridge, I imagine if the cops caught up to him they got their asses kicked!

Carjacker thwarted by confusion over stick shift – Some thieves are just no good in the clutch.

Surveyors to announce Washington Monument's new official, shorter height – It’s an age thing, I’ve lost an inch in 68 years, and I did not start at 555 feet.

American teenagers getting less and less sleep, study shows – This survey proves that either teens are getting less sleep, or they can’t tell time.

Wisconsin roads being thawed with cheese – It does melt snow, but drivers are warned to look out for the black mice.

Oscar Mayer Wienermobile crashes in Pennsylvania – It lost control and then went into a roll.

Krispy Kreme apologizes for ‘KKK Wednesday’ customer promo – Their “Really Hot Cross Bun” special was particularly offensive.

Utah court lets woman sue herself over fatal wreck – This should be a really easy out of court settlement.

New Jersey man created black ice to cover up drunken car wreck – “Sherioushly ossifer, who could see all thish blackenish isises?”

Wedding ends in brawl after bride marries guest instead of groom – It was a simple mistake, they were both wearing a black tuxedo.

Rare pearl found inside seafood stew worth over $10K – That is just absurd, who would pay over $10,000 for a seafood stew.


Last week’s fake was:

Six year old drives family pick-up truck into kitchen – “Well you said to bring in the groceries.”

And the winners:

Six year old drives family pick-up truck into kitchen--he would have been OK if hadn't run the red light in the dining room!!

Six year old drives family pick-up truck into kitchen. That's my pick this week.

If I’m ever on “Who Wants TO Be a Millionaire?” I want one of these ladies to be my phone a friend.

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Congratulate our winners, and come back next week for more



  1. "Wedding ends in brawl after bride marries guest instead of groom"

    Lesson learned: Always wait until AFTER the ceremony before you open the bar.

  2. black mice made me laugh.

    so i'm gonna pick the nj guy making black ice.

  3. I've got nothing. The one I had decided upon got nixed having just received a friend's email with a link to that very story.

  4. Some of these I know to be true headlines. Some I don't.

    I'll see you later in the week.

    Have a fabulous day Cranky. :)

  5. Is it about Krispy Kreme. I think that company is too good to do something stupid like that.

  6. I can't believe I lost again! Oye Vay!

    Wedding ends in brawl after bride marries guest instead of groom – This has to be fake. I can see the groom doing this but, women pay more attention to detail.

  7. LOL @ Wedding ends in brawl after bride marries guest instead of groom

    Gotta be my choice :-)

  8. Cheese on the streets.

  9. A lot of weird ones, but I'll say none of the above!!

    1. I would have guessed the bridal bouquets, but they practice polygamy, not polyandry!!

  10. The wedding brawl sounds the most farfetched, well, not the brawl but the marital mix-up.

  11. Ha! Black mice made me snort. But the bride marrying a guest instead of the groom is my pick.

    Or wait. Was this in Kentucky? Nah, I'll stick with my pick. Don't EVER call on me as a phone-a-friend.

  12. I thinking the cheese ice cure. Love the thought of black mice but way too expensive to be true.

  13. Gotta go with the wedding brawl, just for logistical purposes. That guest couldn't have had rehearsal time. Besides, there's no song called "There Goes the Groom."

    Against my better judgment, which has served me so well in the past weeks...I am voting down my original choice of Street Cheese. Maybe it's that whey stuff. After all, we use beet juice to treat the streets here in Missouri, and that was discovered accidentally. I could see it happening, so I am going against my first choice.

  14. My mom Used to do the oyster pearl possibility thing to get my little brothers to eat oyster soup on xmas eve. It wasN'T true then & IT CAN'T be true now

  15. The Krispy Kreme one is my guess. They've done some dumb stuff, most companies do, but i don't believe even they would sink that low.

  16. I will go with none of the stories being fake this week. That is a scary through especially if I am right.

  17. Cheese on the streets just sounds wrong.

  18. I will go with the bridal bouquet catching title. Do they really keep track of that stat?

  19. Wisconsin roads being thawed with cheese is my pick.

    Have a fabulous day Cranky. ☺