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Saturday, February 14, 2015


A (not so)cranky opinion for

 Forty years ago, I was up late on a Saturday night.  Well it was late for my wife who was fast asleep.  A new show came on and it was mesmerizing, “Saturday Night Live.”  I laughter so loud I woke up my wife.

“What the heck is so darn funny?”

“I can’t explain it, you have to see it.”

The bit that had me in hysterics was the “Show me your guns” bit.  It was a take-off on a cigarette commercial (cigarette commercial, that’s how long ago this was), “Show Us Your Larks.”

In the “Larks” commercial, a truck drives through town with a big sign saying show us your Larks, and person after person pulls out a pack of Larks and waves it at the camera.  In the SNL version the sign says “Show us your guns” and person after person pulled out their guns and waved them to the camera.  They waved pistols, rifles and sub-machine guns, all while grinning and jumping up and down excitedly.

Why did that have me in hysterics?  I can’t explain it, you have to see it.

I don’t believe my wife and I missed a SNL show for another ten years.  Monday mornings at work were always spent rehashing the funniest bits on that weeks show.

I seldom watch now. There are so many choices on TV today.  On the few occasions when I do watch it is still very funny.  Some sketches are not funny too me, they probably go over my old not-hip head, but many are still funny.

My favorite bits?  Off the top of my head…

Commercial for “Puppy Uppers”/ Land Shark/ Anything with John Beluchi / Bill Murray, Lounge Lizard / Rosanne Rossannadanna/ “Jane you ignorant slut” / Eddie Murphy “I’m Gumby Dammit” and “Mr. Robinson’s Neighborhood” / “The Church Lady” / Two Wild and Crazy Guys / “No Coke, PEPSI!”/ Imitations of any President and or Presidential candidate / The Cheerleaders / Armpit smelling / Lisa Loopner and Todd/ The Scotch Tape Store / Hans and Franz /

And many, many more.

Oh, Dana Carvey’s “A Grumpy Old Man!”

Happy 50th to the (and here is this week’s Cranky Opinion) FUNNIEST TV SHOW EVER!!

And Happy Valentine’s Day to Mrs. Cranky…love you!


  1. My son has a teacher that reminds me of Pat. We've watched old Pat clips lately.

  2. so many good characters and great bits over the years.

  3. I join you in being crazy about this show! My personal favorite was Dan Ackroyd as the sleazy peddler of kids' Halloween costumes - "Johnny Human Torch" !! And Rosanadanna's tirade about "violence in schools." Oh. "Violins?" Never mind! And, like you, any imitation of presidents or candidates - remember Gore's "lock box?" - and "I can see Russia from my house!" PRICELESS! Thanks for all the funny memories!

  4. I still laugh when I think about the Land Shark, was reminded of it during the Katy Perry Super Bowl half-time show with the sharks.

  5. Some great stuff indeed. I was watching many of those too.

    Have a fabulous day Cranky. :)

  6. I loved Chevy Chase (I'm Chevy Chase & you're not) doing the news & Garrett Morris doing it for the hearing impaired!!

  7. Haven't watched in years, but always enjoyed it when I did.


  8. It was sooo funny. Somethings changed though. Probably me....:(

  9. I liked the years with Phil Hartman, Jan Hooks, Nora Dunn, Dana Carvey, Dennis Miller, Jon Lovitz, Victoria Jackson, and Kevin Nealon. There was a sketch with John Malcovich where he thought every one of his servants mocked him. They did not. But behind his back, Carvey and Lovitz minced and pranced and mocked his every move. It cracks me up every time I see it.

    Here's a still photo.

  10. Like you, I enjoyed and watched the early year or two of SNL. It was all inspired stuff.

  11. Did I hear something about a SNL reunion, with all the people who had ever been in it, or something like that?

  12. All great classics. I so miss the SNL shows of the early years. Now I can't stay awake that late. My favorite was anything with Gilda Radner. She was a genius when it came to comedy.