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Thursday, February 12, 2015


For the last four years I have not had real bacon.  I have turkey bacon in the morning.  It is not bad if you fry it up in extra butter, but it is not bacon.  Over the last four years I have gained weight, probably as a result of quitting smoking, but gained weight none the less.  Over Christmas, my sister-in-law turned me on to her diet, recommended by many experts.  She had recently lost weight on this diet.

Simply put, the diet says no sugar and no carbs.  None for a week and from then on only sparing amounts.  What can you eat?  Fat!  You can eat vegetables, lima beans and peas not so much, but string beans, artichoke hearts and leafy stuff, Yes.  You can eat nuts.  If you are hungry, you can eat, but no sugar and no carbs. 

And, I repeat, you can eat fat!

You can eat eggs, and not just the whites.  The new experts say the egg yolks are the best for you.  People who only eat the whites are missing out on the best and healthiest part of the egg!  They now say fat is good!  All of this is contrary to common sense which says if you are fat, avoid eating fat.  Sometimes common sense is wrong. 

Anyway, I am trying this diet.  I will soon see if common sense is wrong.  While I find out, I do miss sugar and I do miss my potatoes and pasta; but I can now eat bacon.

I have to repeat this.  I CAN NOW EAT BACON, real bacon…three, four slices for breakfast with scrambled eggs.  Eat until you are not hungry.  Just no toast or jam. 

I am not hungry. 

It seems that sugar and carbs not only turn instantly into stored fat in your body, but they also make you hungry.  People today get fat because they eat sugar and carbs which turns to stored fat and makes them hungry so they just keep eating.  It is a vicious addiction. 

Yes, it turns out that sugar is addictive.  Like cigarettes, coffee, and heroin.  It is addicting and it kills.  At least that is what many experts are now saying.

Point of this is I can now eat bacon, and this has gotten me into trouble.

 See every morning I make breakfast and bring orange juice and a pop-up waffle to Mrs. Cranky.  Breakfast in bed, imagine that.  See the Cranky Old Man is nice sometimes.

Since I started the new diet, I am so excited about being able to eat real bacon; I keep forgetting to bring the waffle and juice up to Mrs. Cranky. 

I did this three days in a row.

“Oh boy, did I enjoy breakfast.”

“Oh did you now?”

“Yes, why…OH SHIT, I forgot to bring up your juice and waffle!”

“I know!”

“I’ll go right down and get it.”

“No, that’s all right, I’ll get it later, I’m not really hungry.”

(Why do women do that?  Why do they double up on the guilt trip?)

“No, no, I’ll be right back.”

“I don’t want it.”

“YES YOU DO, I’LL GO GET IT!  I’m sorry; I don’t know why I forgot.”

(Well I do know, I figured it out, it was the bacon high.”)

“OK, if it makes you happy.”

“It will.”



Oh well, what is a little spat when you get to eat bacon? And so far I’m down 12 pounds.


  1. In the fat is bad old days I used to look my doctor in the eye and say "I eat butter. Deal with it." It didn't occur to me to throw in the bacon, too. I never got on the food substitute for real food wagon. I read at a very early age that refined sugar was a modern invention and that humans did not have ulcers until they began drilling holes in their stomachs with sugar. I must have been ten or eleven when I read that. It formed my food thinking. Now that research says sugar is the gateway drug I can only add amen. I'm dealing with sugar addiction in my youngest granddaughter. Like any addiction, only she can end it.
    Good luck. Believe in real food; it's good for you.

  2. you don't want to have to clean the stove after cranky has his REAL bacon.
    very messy cook! eating carbs for breakfast, in bed, is only making me fatter. enjoy your bacon, jerk ... ; - )

  3. I tried eating that way and I did lose for awhile but I couldn't stay away from the bread. That's one of my major downfalls (well along with chocolate and potatoes and rice). It's just not fair that everything that tastes good is denied to us. I don't personally think veggies and salad are all that tasty.

  4. While complimenting your weight loss, losing weight isn't hard to do. I've lost over three hundred pounds in my life. KEEPING the weight off is the challenge. I hope you're more successful than I've been.

  5. Ah, BACON!!! But what the hecky-thump is turkey bacon?

  6. Congrats on the weight loss. I have heard people have had much success giving up sugar with weight loss, not sure I could do that though.


  7. Yep, that's one way to drop the pounds and bacon is in the mix. Yes indeed. Good for you.

    The waffle if you remember is a good thing too.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  8. i did the high protein/low carb diet many years back and lost a ton of weight. sadly, i gained it all back and then some. did it again, lost some of it, then gained it all back again. nowadays, i just try to cut portions and exercise.

  9. I'm fairly certain this method of eating is how I manage not to be a blimp, because I never exercise.... I have bacon and eggs for dinner at least once a week. :D

  10. The things you are learning about diet are what i learned 10 years ago when i decided i was tired of being obese. It took me two years, but i don't eat processed food and junk and i did actually move all the way to almost completely raw vegan, but i'm not fat any more and it's wonderful because i feel so much better!

  11. I keep thinking I need to try that but I know better.. if it's in the house, it's on my hips. And I'm not necessarily the one bringing it into the house. He's a jerk too. ;)

  12. I know people who have done this with great success. It would satisfy your appetite and since bacon and eggs have been taken off the naughty list, I may try it.
    I know a guy whose desire has always been to die with bacon on his breath. We are both happy with the new findings.
    Keep us informed how it is working. I am almost convinced. .

  13. Turkey bacon? Hmmmmm. How does it smell???

  14. I'm not sure I'm sold on the "no sugar, no carbs" idea. I agree that processed foods - having added sugar and refined carbs - are terrible for people. But carbohydrates provide glucose, which is fuel for the body and the brain. Cut out all carbohydrates and your brain will be like a car without gas...

    But I agree that people are losing weight on this diet. Of course, any diet that cuts out a lot of stuff would automatically cut out a lot of calories. So keep us posted - and enjoy your bacon!

  15. The Bacon Diet! Now I could get on this bandwagon, yes I could.

  16. WAIT! You've been makin' bacon...and leaving Mrs. C dissatisfied? I believe in New Jersey, that's what they call a JERK.

  17. You didn't have real bacon for FOUR YEARS?? I'm struggling to compute that!

  18. "I'm down 12 pounds"
    makes sense, many of the 'fat' foods are high in protein. The body uses more calories to digest protein than it does digesting sugars and carbs.

  19. I love real bacon, too. But life without carbs would be boring. I believe in moderation. And I'm only moderately overweight. See, it works. :)