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Sunday, February 8, 2015


It is time again for
That is just wrong!
This week’s stupid headlines and my stupider, sometimes sophomoric comments.
One headline may be fake.  Guess the fake and win a mention and a WHOOP-TEE-DOO.  None of the above may be a correct answer.
Binge-Watching May Be a Sign You’re Depressed or Lonely – This is ridiculous, I hardly think Chris Christie is lonely or…what?  Oh, binge…never mind.

Police Bust Zamboni Driver for DUI During School Hockey Game – It was obvious because the play had not stopped yet.

Woman Stunned When She Wakes UP and Finds Strange Baby Next to Her in Bed – How long had she been asleep?
McDonalds to accept love as payment – Well I’ve heard people say that burger flipping is a job that blows, but…

Diver gets caught in whale ‘poo-nado’ – They do, do that Doo-Doo that whales do so well.

Chinese woman wakes from coma only speaking English – “Who is a baby in my a bed?”

Alabama man finds 8 foot alligator in his swimming pool – For Sale: 5 pair of shoes size 6 to 8 and 27 wallets.

Convicted felon arrested for killing five small ALLIGATORS for his Super Bowl feast – “Mmmm, hey Bubba, pass me the Reptiles in a blanket, oh and I like your shoes.”

Cub Scout nature hike ends up at nude beach – “Ok now scouts, remember, ‘Be Prepared!’”

People Jailed for Owing Less Taxes Than Al Sharpton I’m pretty sure I owe less than Al…why is that against the law?

Harvard bans professors from having sex with undergrads – The head of the committee on sexual relations stated "We wanted to emphasize that the central characteristic of any relationship between a professor and an undergraduate in the College should be pedagogical."
Now I am confused...Can they have sexual relations or not?

Jerry Rice admits using 'stickum' on gloves after accusing Patriots of cheating – This would have given him a big advantage when he was playing, I wonder why he waited to use stickum until after he accused the Patriots of cheating.

Thanks to Val @ for a stupid headline submission.
Last week’s fake was:
Only two winners this week:
Unfortunately these all sound real to me, so maybe "none of the above" is a fake.
I think all these are true this week. So, that's my guess.
Oh and I think I failed to give Sandee her Whopop-tee-doo…sorry, here it is
Congratulate our winners, and come back next week for more


  1. I vote for the Chinese woman who woke up speaking only English.

  2. "Woman Stunned When She Wakes UP and Finds Strange Baby Next to Her in Bed"

    Did anyone check to see if it was just a "little person"?

  3. MacDonalds? I cannot twist this headline into any way that makes sense.

  4. I didn't think I'd win this week. I really wasn't sure. I guessed.

    I'll be back later to guess this weeks headlines.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  5. gonna go for 5 small alligator kills.

  6. Surely it has to be McDonald's one :-)

    Have a tanfastic week ;-)

  7. I think it is the Man finding Alligator.

  8. I'm stickin' with Jerry Rice as the fake. He was successful, yes. But why would he admit NOW that he used stickum THEN? Besides, so many of your readers say they don't follow or care about football...maybe you tossed that one in there because people would skim over it and not notice its fakeness.

    I think I'm over-analyzing again. It has not served me well in the past.

  9. Alabama man finds 8 foot alligator in his swimming pool--apparently I'm not the ONLY one who hallucinates!!

  10. I don't think McDonald's would take my love in exchange for a cheeseburger.

  11. Chinese woman wakes up speaking English.

    I guess English could be her second language...but I go with this anyway.

  12. The Chinese woman waking up and only speaking English sounds far fetched.

  13. I am going with "Convicted felon arrested for killing five small ALLIGATORS for his Super Bowl feast" this week. I am pretty sure it is one of the alligator headlines. I pick this one because I would not go with little alligators but at least one big one.

  14. I think the one with the woman waking up with the baby next to her bed is fake!

  15. The tax one sounds fishy to me -- it's illegal to not file, but to owe nothing isn't illegal at all.

  16. About half of these I already have read and know are true. The other half sounds right too. I'm going for week two that all are real.

    Have a fabulous day Cranky. ☺