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Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Saving Daylight


Saving Daylight

Twice a year, every year there is a battle about changing the clocks.  Why do we spring forward and fall back? 

I have heard it has to do with children not going to school in the dark…of course I remember coming home from school in the dark due to after school activities.  Seems like 6 of one a half dozen of the other to me.

I have also heard it has something with saving fuel or electricity or something…that never made any sense to me.  Of course, there are many things that make no sense to me.

Anyway, in the last few years I have heard nothing except complaints that the clock changing thing was ridiculous and should be stopped.  I have not heard a single objection to this.  It seemed almost unanimous that we should stop the springing and falling every year.

Recently congress passed a law eliminating Day Light Savings time starting in 2023.  Might be the only thing Congress will agree on this year.

Immediately after Congress passed the law, I began seeing news articles that this would be a catastrophe. 

Where have all these catastrophe predicting people been.  Why do I now hear their arguments?  Somehow, I now hear that without adjusting the clocks children will be killed, crops will be left un-harvested, energy will be wasted and Republicans elected.

Oh, the humanity!

Personally, I liked the practice of changing the clocks.  It is a ritual for Mrs. C and I to toast the changing of the clocks.  At 2 am on clock changing days we  watch the TV clock suddenly jump from 1:59 to 3:00 or 1:59 to 1:00.  With a glass of champagne we shout “Happy Clock Change”, share a clock change kiss and turn in for the night. 

Another tradition kicked to the curb.

Still, I have a problem with any objections to the clock changing.  If it so dang important that you start the day in day light, change your hours, not the clock. 

“Starting this Monday March 14, school will open at 8:30, not 7:30.”

Is that so friggin difficult?

Mrs. C has a solution.  Just one time this fall move all clocks back one-half hour, and never change them again.  Compromise; it is the Democratic thing to do.


Why is everything so dang difficult and controversial?  How are we supposed to figure out personal pronouns, resolve racial issues, end inflation, or stop a pandemic, when we can’t even make a simple decision about telling time?

If I were King, I would go with the Mrs. C suggestion. 

As a matter of fact, while I’m at it, I will lengthen every minute by one sixteenth of a second, and eliminate that stupid leap year thing.*

End of another problem.

*whatever it takes to eliminate one day every four years...I'd hire a math wiz to figure it out.


Saturday, March 19, 2022

Man Vs. Woman


Man Vs. Woman

A popular theme in many a movie, sitcom and especially commercials these days, is a woman defeating a dude in events that men would be assumed to be superior. 

The theme; woman can do anything a man can do.

It is funny to see the woman surprise the man with her unsuspected superior ability.  Men think it is funny.  Woman think,

“See there isn’t anything we can’t do as well or better than a man.”

Women can do most things as well as any man.  Often as not they can do almost anything better than a man.  However, if it involves strength, sorry, I know this is politically incorrect, but men are stronger.

Not just a little stronger, but a whole heck of a lot stronger.  Men are stronger and faster than women.  The science is settled.

Yes, there are a very few extraordinarily gifted women that can hold their own athletically with men, not at a professional level, but certainly at an amateur level.

The late great Andy Kaufman, a comedian with a strange sense of humor, had a successful act where he challenged women in his audience to a wrestling match.  Andy was not an imposing physical specimen.  He was just an ordinary dad-bod dude.  He egged on and insulted his audience until finally a woman would accept his challenge.

A woman with real muscles would take on his challenge, and Andy always won.  He not only won; he would humiliate the challenger.  The strongest woman in the audience was no match for this ordinary man.

Hell, I am 76 years old and I very much doubt there are many women of any age who could beat me in a fight…not that I would ever fight a woman.  OK, there a few like Ronda Rousey that would kick my sorry butt in seconds, but still…

Currently the woman’s sports world is in a quandary over a male swimmer turned female who is winning all the races.  This person was a good swimmer on the men’s team, good not great.  As a woman this average collegiate athlete is dominating the pool.

Young women who have worked hard to be the best at their sport are angry about losing to this six-foot+ used to be a man.

The woke world doesn’t know what to do.  If they protest her participation, then they are admitting there are some things where dagnabit, men are superior.  Then if they protest, they are also offending the LGBTQ community.

Interestingly enough, who is the loudest voice protesting this man turned woman competing against women always been women?

Kaitlin (formerly Bruce) Jenner.  The one-time world’s greatest athlete when she was a he believes a her used to be a he has too much of an advantage and should not be allowed to compete with an always been a she.

Where should a man now a woman compete?  If she can’t compete against women, what should she do.  Compete with the men?  After the operation and hormone treatment she would probably be disadvantaged.

In my opinion, if anyone is going to be disadvantaged, I think it should be a her who used to be a him. 

Choice has consequences.  




Monday, March 14, 2022




When I was a wee lad in school, there was always that one bully.

“Hey kid, can you lend me a quarter?”

You knew that you would not be “lending” him a quarter.  You also knew that every day you would be “lending” him a quarter.  You knew that eventually he would be “borrowing” more than a quarter…every day.

So, you either said “Sorry, I’m broke” and sauntered away confidently, or you ended up learning to hide extra lunch money in your sock.

A bully is the same at every level.

Bullies smell fear and they will take as much as they can until they run into some backbone.  Like any predator, they look for the easiest prey.  Facing a buck with antlers could result in a life ending infected wound, so the mountain lion will not risk winning a battle and losing his life; instead, he will ambush a fawn.

That is how bullies operate.  They take from the timid and the weak, and they avoid those with balls.

“Take what you want, but don’t hurt me” generally results in losing everything and maybe being hurt as well…just because.

Eventually all bullies must be faced.   Eventually you must tell them, “I don’t care anymore,  you may hurt me, but I will kick and I will scratch!”

Usually, the bully moves on to a new patsy.

Fear is a bully’s green light.

Is standing up to a bully risky?


Should you just lay back and take it…again and again and again?