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Tuesday, June 9, 2020

A Blog Break

A Blog Break

Be careful what you breath  
It’s not safe to be indoors  
Outside is no safer
What with the burning stores

Stay away from glass or metal
That’s where the virus’s stored
Do not touch your mouth or face
The experts have implored

Stay away from Twitter
Be careful what you say
If you have the wrong opinion
Some folks might keep away

It seems the world we live in
Has become an awful place
I just found out that it’s my fault
I was born to a privileged race

I should say I’m sorry
For the virus and the wars
For poverty and unfairness
The fault is mine not yours

Instead I’m going to slink away
Who wants to hear me spout
I’m just an old man
I’ll let others sort it out.

It is a bit too depressing these days, I'm going to quarantine my Blog.  I might be back if the world ever settles down.  


Tuesday, June 2, 2020

What Could Go Wrong?

What Could Go Wrong?

Stay at home, it isn’t safe.
The virus is very infectious, stay away from groups, especially indoors.  Practice social distancing and wear a mask.

There are no bars open.  Gyms are closed. Restaurants are closed.  Schools are closed.  You can’t even get a haircut.

Stay at home, it isn’t safe.

We have to avoid a second surge of the virus.

Young people are all staying home.  The very people who are less susceptible to the virus are staying home.  Hell, where would they go? They have to work from home or they are suddenly unemployed.  There is no school to go to.  Want to go on a date?  Where are you going to go?

So, young people, the very people not in very much danger from the virus, (yes, I know there have been exceptions, there are always exceptions and all you see on the news are the exceptions) are forced to stay at home.

No dating, nowhere to go. There is no baseball on TV, no NBA Basketball Finals, no Stanley Cup Hockey, no Masters Golf, not even boxing, or cage fighting.  Hell there isn’t even tennis or bowling.  There has been no outlet for boredom in 10 weeks.  Ten weeks!
What could go wrong?

A man is murdered by a bad cop.  By all accounts a good man and a very bad cop.  Millions of young people with no outlet for boredom, millions of young people with 10 weeks of pent up energy are suddenly filled with righteous indignation.

What could go wrong?

This virus is dangerous.  But social distancing does have unintentional consequences.
Young people with pent up energy protest police brutality; murder.  Protests last all night.  These young people don’t have to get up in the morning and go to work, or school.  They don’t have a date with a pretty young girl, there is no game to run home to and watch on TV.

What could go wrong?

It may be time to restart the country.  The virus is serious, but so are the unintended consequences of forced home confinement, especially for young people.

What could go wrong?