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Friday, March 10, 2017



A cranky opinion for


For the following cranky opinion, I am going out on a limb and address a political issue.  My opinion is not intended to drift to a specific pro or con position, and it is anchored on no particular political expertise.  To be upfront, politically I go both ways, but I tend to lean right more often than I lean left, and yes, I did support President Trump (please do not stone me.)  Opposing opinions are welcome, but they are wrong.  As always, please, no name calling, and that means you, you big stupid- head. *   

First let’s make an assumption.  Russia hacked into the Democrats email, and fed damaging information to the WikiLeaks dude.  Someone did, and our intelligence says it was Russia.  Why would our intelligence lie?  So, let’s accept it was Russia.  I'm sure Russia is hacking whatever information they can much the same as our own FBI, CIA, NSA is doing, and it is not as if the Democrats were difficult to hack.  I believe they simply clicked a bogus site off a bogus email...might as well as given up their passwords on a silver platter.

Why would Russia want information damaging to the Democrats made public?  To have Donald Trump defeat Hillary?  Hmmm.

Trump is either a very smart very tough negotiator, a loose cannon who might be capable of anything, or a traitorous demigod who would sell his soul to the Russians if it would win him the Presidency.

Why would Russia want a tough negotiator to be President of the US?

Why Would Russia want a loose cannon who might be capable of anything, to be President?  Wouldn’t that be scary to anyone or any country?

Why would Russia want a traitorous demigod as President of the US?  Who could trust a traitor?

Russia did not want Trump to win the election. They assumed like all the media, all the pundits, and about 98% of the world, that Hillary was going to win regardless of releasing the damaging information that they captured through hacking.  The Russians hacked the information and had it released so it would weaken the expected Clinton Presidency.  It is the only thing that makes any sense.  Weaken Hillary and keep her eyes on allegations of illegal email handling while a good portion of her constituency and support would be pissed off at her because of information the Russians had released.  Clearly it worked in regards to former Sanders supporters.

So, everyone was wrong, the tea leaves were misread, and Trumps support between the coastal states was strong enough for him to win the electoral college votes.  Did that mean Russia’s strategy was a failure?  It should have, except now the Democrats are using the Russian hack scandle and giving Russia just what they wanted, a weakened Presidency.

The Democrats lost a recount try.  They lost an attempt to turn electoral voters, and they have resorted to fighting the new administration like has never been done before.  They have taken to the streets to weaken the office, and they are on the verge of declaring the election invalid due to Russian interference. 

Yes, Russia and Putin are laughing.  They wanted to weaken a Hillary Clinton Presidency, and instead, have planted the seed that the Democrats are watering, weeding and feeding in hopes of weakening and ultimately impeaching Trump.  A better outcome, Putin could not have expected in his wildest imagination.

In the words of the great cartoon Pogo, “We have met the enemy and he is us.”

The preceding was the opinion of a cranky old man and not necessarily that of management…Mrs. Cranky.

*Comments that involve name calling or mean-spiritedness may be subject to deletion.  Special consideration of this rule may be given to certain regular commenters.


  1. Its hard being the first commenter. Its good to read what others might think and temper my comment based on other's opinions, but heck its Friday night and we had a good dinner out and a glass of wine or two (darn that wine, it always gets me into trouble) so I'll take a stab at being the first commenter. I don't follow the news. I catch a glimpse of it here and there and rely on hubby to fill me in on details of things. He has a 60-90 minute commute so he listens to lots of news as he is listening to traffic reports so he keeps me up to date on things I'm interested in (not much). I should be interested, but I'm not.

    So in saying that, I know a little (tiny) bit of what's been said about the Russians and the election, etc., etc., etc. Those who are sad that Ms. Clinton didn't get elected will pull at any straws to try to justify why she didn't, but the sad fact is she read the election wrong. She didn't didn't do her homework and she didn't visit those areas she should have visited, assuming things were locked in her favor. People need to move on and accept Donald Trump is president for the next roughly 4 years. I did the same with the "winner" in 2008 and 2012 and lived through it just fine.


  2. I supported Trump too. I know nothing about what the Russians have or have not done. I just want to move along and see what happens next. Frankly, I really just want to comment on your previous post. Alaska is wonderful and I enjoyed every second we were there..(11 days..only spent 3 on the ship) Have fun! We went in August and it was sunny and 85de. Not sure how May will be. Have fun anyway!

  3. "Loose cannon" seems to be the description that best fits Trump. All of the other derogatory adjectives that have been applied: narcissist, misogynist, ego-maniacal, etc. also seem appropriate.What part the Russians played in putting this madman in the oval will be subject to speculation for a long time, but irregardless, the damage has been done.

  4. i think excepting what is before you and living it with you best is the basic need of today

  5. I can't comment because I know damn-all, but it is noticeable how UK news broadcasts have become more interesting.

  6. Perhaps Khrushchev was right, they can topple our government without firing a shot. (If i'm remembering correctly, if it was another Soviet leader, let me know.)

  7. Hi Cranky,

    Absolutely no comment either. You know what I think of the orange oompa loompa!




  8. Yes, we were attacked by Russia and the Russians won. They've threatened our Democracy by making Americans distrust their government and their institutions. If we don't get to the bottom of this and straighten things out we're doomed as a nation and out days of glory and influence will be over.

  9. I think the proof will be the result of his policy, procedure and appointments at the next bi-election, when we will see if meanness actually is this country's core belief.

  10. Mean spirited, name-calling, etc, etc.....

  11. I think you might be right. But I trace the animosity in our government back to the attempt by the Republicans to impeach Bill Clinton. I said then they were starting a trend they would rue.
    I didn't vote for Trump, but he occasionally amuses me.

  12. It took and Obama and a Clinton to get a Trump. I did vote for Trump, because I can't stand Hillary and what she stands for. Pay for play. She's all about the power and the money. Our country needs change and we just may have a chance for that change now.

    Russia wasn't a problem until Hillary lost. Remember that? Me too.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  13. I'm standing on the other side of the border here...a little too removed from the action to have a useful opinion. I will say this......When I see Putin on TV words come to mind....."by the pricking of my thumbs something wicked this way comes"....same thing happens when I see Trump. They both give me the chills.

  14. The "why" matters little now. Seventeen U.S. intelligence and security agencies have said conclusively that the Russians hacked and influenced our election. Those who say "just move on" are inviting it to happen again.

  15. Hmmm...I'm beginning to think that "No Comment" is in fact a comment. This is perhaps a step forward in polite discourse.

  16. Hillary lost because plain and simple, not enough people liked her, for her to get the needed elector votes. Yes, Russia hacked, but they didn't hake fake emails. What was revealed in those emails, people didn't like.

    I don't believe Trump was involved with the Russians. From what I know, he has not done anything impeachable. I wasn't a Hillary supporter or a Trump supporter. However, I am very open, to live in peace with whoever is in office, because I respect the office. I did it for 8 years, so I support President Trump. I just hope, he can withstand all the negativity and doesn't go off.

    It's the strangest situation, I've ever seen.

  17. 1) Democrats learned all about obstructionism from years under a Republican Congress...give them credit. 2) Russia could care less who is in office as long as they can continue to eat away at Eastern Europe which Trump seems to be sympathetic to. 3) I am mad as hell that 3 million voters lost their vote because of some stupid structure called the electoral college. Someone in Montana gets 6 times the power of a voter in California? AND 7 million liberal voters also lost votes in local elections due to rigged voting districts. I will not call you names. Some of my best friends are conservatives.

  18. I think the Russians saw Trump as the lesser evil (regarding their interests), but never thought he would win. They were probably happy to just stir our political pot in a major way, and they hit a home run. Here it is 4 months after the election and our internal rancor is showing no sign of abating. The more we're looking inward instead of looking at what they're doing, the better off they are. And now they're taking the lessons they learned here and applying it to this year's upcoming elections in France, Germany, Italy, etc. Putin has played us all, and WON!

  19. A fitting quote by Pogo!

    My only comment is that people who get so worked up about politics must lead very blessed lives. Others of us have real life issues!

  20. The only comment I want to make is that we sold all of our government savings bonds. I have no idea what of all the things that Donald Trump says he really means, but I'm not taking any chances on the "I wouldn't have any trouble on defaulting on America's debts." After all, he had no trouble before.

  21. I have a rule that I follow to not talk politics unless I'm sitting down with someone eye to eye and then not before we've had a few beers. I will share that I am not a fan of Trump.

  22. Well, the most amusing part of the whole Russia question is that Hillary and her cronies also met with Russian representatives during the campaign. And Obama had contact with 'em before HE was elected and had post-election strategy talks with 'em when he was looking to get re-elected. But no one made a fuss back then and no one is fussing about Hilarious because .... who knows? I guess it's a matter of one's taste in whine.

  23. I absolutely agree. Divide and conquer.. And the United States is definitely being divided. People need to to just accept that Trump is our President and if they can't support him at least support the office of the presidency. Support our country!


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