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Wednesday, March 8, 2017



Mrs. C complains that I yell a lot.  I say I just raise my voice to make a point, besides I have a lot of years of pent up voice raising to get out.  In a previous life voice raising was not allowed, well it was not allowed by me.  There is something therapeutic about…raising your voice.

Still, I deny that I raise my voice that much.

Since Mrs. C has complained about my voice raising, I have pointed out how often she yells…at me.  She claims that she only yells because I provoke her.

Now, whenever I raise my voice Mrs. C simply looks at me and says, “Yelling!”

Of course, I retaliate and when I catch her raising her voice I calmly point out, “Yelling.”

She generally responds with, “Provoking,” as she claims she only yells because I provoke her, this is often followed by a nipple twist which results in serious “Yelling!” by me.

“That’s not fair, that hurts, and you were yelling.”

“You’re making comments about how I arrange my pillows is PROVOKING!” (She does have a pillow routine which is a bit OCD.)

“That’s not provoking, that’s just a loving tease.”

“It’s provoking if I say it’s provoking.” 

“But you can’t twist my nipples, that hurts and you know I can’t hurt you back.”

“I can and I will.”

“But it really hurts!”

“Then stop provoking!”

“I’m not provoking!”


“Ouch, that hurts!”

I tell you it’s like wearing a shock collar.  I raise my voice, she says, “Yelling” and I get a nipple twist.

I don’t know why a Labrador Retriever can learn to stay inside an invisible fence, and I can’t learn to stop…raising my voice, but then she does so many things that deserve provoking, er, I mean a loving tease.


  1. If you whisper your comments can that be seen as provoking or yelling? Give it a try, see what she says. I bet she says muttering under your breath is provoking and deserves a nipple twist, which I happen to think is a particularly cruel punishment and shouldn't be allowed.

  2. I went through a particularly angry period many years ago (15 years ago) where lots of arguments were provoked and lots of yelling ensued. I'm thankful I readjusted my focus and became less angry; less fights and definitely less yelling. Can't really remember the last time I yelled :)


    1. Just to be clear, we may yell, but we are not angry.

  3. I yell when I am angry - I am a realist. I don't yell often, but I do from time to time. My first husband would absolutely not argue, he wouldn't even try to straighten any misunderstanding out. It was no way to live.

  4. I am seriously impressed by Mrs C's nipple finding ability. Men generally have such small nipples. Do you have BIG nipples Joe? (I really don't want you to answer that ;-) ). If I ever wanted to twist SD's nipples it would involve an awful lot of fumbling - I'll stick to yelling ...

  5. I miss being able to yell, or rather not having anything to yell at. No-one to do a nipple tease either, grins. Perhaps the cat.... no, I won't go there!

  6. There are a few people in my life whose voices only have two volumes, loud and louder, and it's not yelling because they don't even hear how loud they are. It's still annoying.

  7. Good thing you wrote that sweet, loving post a while back because today's post would make me think "abusive spouse." I never once heard Mike raise his voice, but he could pull a moue that could stop you in your tracks in an instant.

  8. I never used to raise my voice until I got married. Now I've had 43 years of yelling and frankly, I'm tired of it.

  9. Hubby and I don't yell at each other. I'm happy about that. We don't always agree, but yelling isn't part of the not agreeing. My former life I can't say that and neither can he.

    Have a fabulous day, Joe. ☺

  10. I only yell in the car .... Queenie takes every raised voice as an afront.

    Return the nipple twist, just once. I dare ya!!

  11. Laughing out loud at the shock collar image. I'm feeling a bit left out. I don't think I have ever yelled or been yelled at. Of course that could be selective memory.

  12. It takes a lot for me to get angry and raise my voice, and I don't do it very often. Sometimes I'll raise my voice just so Mrs. Chatterbox won't take my even temper for granted.

  13. I am not a yeller. I also try not to show my temper for every little thing but when I do, then it means I am MAD as hell, that I've been provoked beyond what is humanly allowed, and then I YELL, and cuss. (not much of a cusser, either) Sometimes, I even stomp and slam the door. WATCH OUT!

  14. Come know your 13-year-old self deserved that titty-twister!

  15. I rarely yell, but if I do it's definitely a sign that I'm extremely frustrated.

  16. We're a loud Italian family and most people think we're yelling all the time. :)


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