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Thursday, October 29, 2020

Good Night Gracie


Good Night Gracie

 Mrs. C and I are often on the same page, brain wave wise.  Many times we will both make a strange comment or observation at exactly the same time.

Then there are other times.

Mrs. C is a very intelligent woman.  She has remarkable observation and deductive powers.  Like many intelligent people her mind is not always in the same place where someone in a normal conversation’s mind might be.

For instance.

Yesterday we were contemplating dinner.  Often we just fend for ourselves for dinner.

“What are you going to do for dinner?”

“Something simple tonight, I’m thinking grilled cheese.”

“We have seeded rye bread.  I know you like grilled cheese on seeded rye bread.”

“Where did we get seeded rye bread?  You only buy unseeded because you don’t like seeded.”

“I had lunch with Elaine yesterday at Harrold’s (local deli famous for giant sandwiches).  They gave me several extra pieces of seeded rye and I brought them home.”

“Great, where is it.”

“You know where it is, Raritan Center.”

Good night Gracie!

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

No Dump Sump Pump


No Dump Sump Pump

The water table in our Townhome is a bit high.  We have a sump pump that kicks off several times a day even without rainy weather.  

Just this week, the association has spent money to improve the drainage in our back yard.   They have dug a deep trench, laid pipe on gravel, graded down to a large retaining and drainage system.  They are doing a nice job.  Personally I am not sure it will alleviate my need for a basement sump pump, but the association determines how our dues are spent, sort of a mini-government thing probably complete with studies and kickbacks…

The trench showed that under about 8 inches of soil is solid clay as deep as can be seen.  Wonder why we have drainage issues.

Anyway, it can’t hurt and should be some improvement.

They were mostly finished by Sunday.  Out of curiosity, I manually kicked off my sump pump.  It drained the 8 gallon tank quickly.  I wanted to see how fast it would refill.   Hours later the tank was half full, I kicked the pump off again.  It whirred and whirred, but it was not drawing water out of the tank.


Coincidence?, or did it have something to do with the outside drainage work?

Now, late at night, I had to manually bail out the tank so the thing would not overflow, and I went to bed flustered just a bit.  Actually I was PISSED with a capital PISSED!

“Why can’t people just leave well enough alone?”

“Relax, check it in the morning” as Mrs. C sent an email to the association people.

“They blocked the underground pipe from the sump…has to be.”

“Check it in the morning.”


“Check it in the morning.”

In the morning after about 15 minutes of restless PISSED OFF sleep, Mrs. C woke me up.

“I just checked, the outside pipe from the sump is off kilter, must have been hit during all that work.  The drainage people are outside.”

I went outside to check the pipe.  It was moved maybe an inch from the pipe to the underground drain.  I moved it into place.  Went down into the basement, plugged in the pump and it kicked off like a charm.

The workers confirmed that water went all the way to the catch basin.

Great, but WTF?

Apparently the offset pipe to the outside was at an angle and partially blocked, this caused an air bubble thing that is the same as plugging the pipe. 

This air bubble thing is just one reason why plumbers need a license.  If you do not allow air release in the right place your entire system will be a mess.  Plumbers are more than  guys with a wrench and an exposed crack, these guys know stuff.

A little Google research and I learned that my pipe between the pump and the check valve should have a quarter inch “weep” hole to also prevent an air bubble problem.


What idiot installed the pump without this recommended weep hole…oh wait, I did.

The pump now works, the weep hole is drilled and I am going back to bed.

Sunday, October 25, 2020

People are Strange


People are Strange

Football Coaches are all Buttheads

I was going to name this post “Another reason Why Facebook Sucks” but I know my older readers will immediately jump in and tell me why they hate anything social media…anyway, I hate Facebook but it does allow me to keep up with children and grandchildren.  People who post political stuff I just unfollow.

So, outside of politics and other things, here is another reason why Facebook sucks. 

Facebook commentors. 

Facebook commentors often suck.  Oh, they mean well, but…ok, here is an example:

My son posted a video of my 12-year-old grandson making a nice tackle in a  Pop Warner football game.

I commented “WOW, nice play.”

Several people commented “Yea Cole, you go!”

One apparently ex-football coach (almost all football coaches are buttheads…often really good guys, but buttheads nonetheless) and peripheral friend of my son commented:

Tell him to never step inside when he has the edge. Always work outside shoulder to the sideline. Turn everything in. Great recovery though and nice finish!!

I was a head high school football coach for 20. Years. Retired last season. Our team and coaching staff compiled a 105-5 record over the last 11 seasons.


My son was a bit riffed about this critique; he is like me and can not just let stuff go.  He responded basically saying he played 12 years and coached High School for six years and thought his son played everything correctly.

I would have replied

“I played linebacker for 12 years and coached for 6 and I have no idea what you are talking about and pretty sure neither would my son, but thanks for the advice.”

This also got me thinking about my football days and the fact that football coaches are never happy or satisfied with their players until, maybe the end of the season.

We once won a game (it was Jr. High) 40 – 0 and on the bus home we started to celebrate.  The coach stood up and told us,

“I don’t know what you are all happy about, that team was terrible and you all were too.  You should have scored at least twice more!”

That guy was actually a good guy and a good coach, but like I say,

“Football coaches are all buttheads!” 

Hmmm…maybe that should be the title of this post.