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Tuesday, May 14, 2024




This cranky old man is temporarily stepping out of blog retirement because I just need to vent.


Most people believe that our rate of inflation, the price of goods and labor, is rising at an uncomfortable rate.  No one likes inflation, especially older citizen that make do on a fixed income.

What is the cause of this inflation and what should be done to reverse the trend?  

(Actually, the trend has reversed a bit, but reversed from really too GD high, to unpleasantly GD high.)

As one who graduated with a degree in economics over 50 years ago sporting a high C- average I admit to not having a clue to a solution.

I do have a good idea as to what will not work.

I recently saw an article where politicians are calling on an end to price gouging, particularly with the cost of groceries.  The claim I read was,

Notably, grocery prices have not fallen at the same rate as inflation. This is caused by excessive price gouging by food and grocery giants,"

Well that sounds reasonable, we just need to end price gouging by evil corporations.  Clearly if the rate of inflation falls then food prices should also fall, so there must be price gouging.

Nixon tried to stop price gouging way back with his Wage and Price freezes. 

Remember how well that worked. 

I do. 

Wages and prices were frozen and many items could not be purchased at all.  Seems many entrepreneurs were not willing to sell things at a price where they would lose money.  

Imagine that?

Funny how the law of supply and demand works so well until demand exceeds supply. Well, it still works, but no one likes it.

When the price of oil goes up, politicians blame Big Oil and price gouging.  I wonder why when oil prices drop drastically Big Oil doesn’t get a big thank you.

It’s because except in cases of monopolies or collusion, economic laws beat price gouging all day long.

By the way, that politician’s comment,

“Notably, grocery prices have not fallen at the same rate as inflation. This is caused by excessive price gouging by food and grocery giants,"

Even with a high C- in economics I know that if the rate of inflation falls from 10% to 5% it is unreasonable for prices to fall 5%.  It is reasonable to assume that prices will still rise 5%!


But politicians think we are stupid.

Come on smart people, find a solution to inflation.  But start by not blaming price gouging.

And, to the politician who said,

“Notably, grocery prices have not fallen at the same rate as inflation. This is caused by excessive price gouging by food and grocery giants,"

Thank you, I now understand the meaning of “Gas Lighting.”

End of vent, damn that feels good!



Wednesday, April 10, 2024




I used to post every day.  I posted stories from my past.  I posted opinions.  I posted about everyday happenings around the Cranky home.

I have run out of stories from my past.  Opinions no longer promote thought and discussion; they promote judgement and anger.  Happenings around the Cranky home have already been well documented. (And often treated as if I was looking for solutions to a problem…apparently, I suck at sarcasm.)

I have also noticed a significant difference in reader reactions to my posts and in general any media articles or news items.

I sometimes go back and read old posts from 2012 to around 2017.  Posts that many, if I do say so myself, are dang funny and occasionally almost inciteful.

Comments typically used to be, “Funny Cranky” or “LOL” or “ROFLMAO” or “I know you are joking, but much of this is spot on” or “Your wife is a hoot” or “I totally disagree, but still had to laugh at some of this crap.”

Comments today would be,

“I think you meant insightful, not inciteful, unless you wanted to start a riot!”

I read an article today about 6-year-old twins, and their reaction to a present of clothes and not toys.  I expected comments on the parenting style to what I thought was a bratty child reaction.  Instead, at least 40% of the comments were on the authors apparent grammatical flaw of referring to the Twins as a “Pair of twins.” I did not even notice this flaw as I am apparently also grammatically challenged.

For instance, I still refer to pants as a pair of pants, not a pair of pant.  Or glasses as a pair of glasses, or pliers as a pair of pliers, or even scissors as a pair of scissors. (Plus, it just took me four tries to spell scissors correctly).

I should not even be allowed to post!

I think I may have just slid slightly off topic.

Point is, it seems to me that these days people do not read anything to learn, discuss, laugh, or cry. Instead, there is a tendency to be insulted, indignant or judgmental. 

People are angry. 

In our current nationwide effort to be inclusive of different people, cultures, and ideas, we have become compartmentalized finger pointing virtue signalers.

This is of course a giant generalization, but the point is it is a clear direction that we are moving towards, and I do not like the direction one bit.


Wednesday, March 13, 2024

She Needs A Deerstalker Hat and A Meerschaum Pipe I Tell Ya!


She Needs A Deerstalker Hat and A Meerschaum Pipe I Tell Ya!


Mrs. C once again has demonstrated her Sherlockian talent of clue spotting.

Today while she was at work, I had to fill out an on-line form for an oral Surgery appointment… (Bad tooth, no biggie.) The site to fill out the form was sent to my phone, so I had to fill it out on my phone.  (Yes I probably could have forwarded it to my computer except I can’t).  Anyway

One of the questions was for the phone number of my emergency contact…Mrs. C of course.  Problem was, her number is on my contact list which is on my phone which I was using to fill out the form.  (No I don’t know her actual number, I call her by telling the phone to “Call Karen, Mobile!")

OK, that’s it, no more explanation’s in parenthesis.  

So, in order to find the number, I thought maybe it would be on our landline phone.  (Well, it used to be on the phone…ok now that is the last one.)  I picked up the phone and looked.  Apparently they don't put it on the receiver anymore.

I had to dig out the number from a list in my wallet.

Later this night, Mrs. C comes to bed and glances at the phone.

“Did you use the phone today?”


“Did you use the phone today?”


“Because the cord was moved.”

“Holy crap!  I picked it up to look for our number which is not there to fill out a dental form.  How does the cord get moved more than an iota or two from that?”

“Apparently it does, because I could tell.”

“So, I guess if I came home with lipstick on my collar you would spot it.”

“Yes, but I might not care!”

That’s Mrs. C.  She does not miss a trick and also can put me in my place without skipping a beat.

At least she didn’t call me a JERK! 

(She has been known to call me that from time to time)

(Oops, I forgot)

(Maybe I am a Jerk!)