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Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Coming Soon to a Mall near you


Coming Soon to a Mall near you

I hope this isn’t considered political as I have sworn off political posts.

Of course, if you comment on anything in the news today, it is considered political.  As a matter of fact, that last sentence is probably political in nature.  It may somehow also be racist.

Why…who knows.

Anyway, here is my nonpolitical, but probably will be considered political/racist commentary…ok, rant.

Have you seen the smash and grab store thefts in California?  They seem scary to me.  A year ago, I mentioned to someone that these days, if I was a cop and during an arrest the person just ran away, I would do nothing.  There is no way to stop someone from resisting arrest without some action which might comeback to kick the officer in the butt.

If the perp is hurt, the officer is subject to a law suit, losing his job, losing income, losing his privacy, and maybe going to jail.

“Stop right there, you are under arrest!”


“What do you mean no?”

“I am going to leave, what are you going to do shoot me?”

“No, only if you have a gun and threaten me, even then, probably no.”

“Well then…bye bye!”

There is no need to defund the police, just make it so they have no real power, and if they do make an arrest, let the perp off with a promise to behave or at most pay a small fine.

The result of police without power or respect, and justice dismissed, is smash and grab robberies where 40-60 youngsters just rush into stores and take whatever they want. 

The police cannot do much; store workers are fired, and risk getting beaten up or worse if they try and interfere, so the thieves just get to take what they want and leave.

This is mostly happening now in California.  California is first in lots of things, but rest assured thieves in the rest of the country will figure it out and the smash and grab will be coming soon to a mall near you.

Eventually the malls and stores will just be forced to close and thieves will move on.  Maybe to your car, maybe to your homes.

What is the solution?  Not me, I’ve got nothing.  Any proposed solution will be deemed racist whether we know these thieves’ race or not.  I assume the ability to just take what you want without consequence is appealing to scum bags of all races.

Actually, I do have a solution.  Invest in Amazon stock and home security, lock your car and never leave your house.

End of non-political, yet, political, because everything is political, rant.


Sunday, November 28, 2021

Not a positive person but for once I’m glad to be negative


Not a positive person but for once I’m glad to be negative

 Well, Mrs. C just tested negative for Covid.  She was feeling poorly for about five days, mostly tired, slight fever and a headache.  At least that is what she claims. 

Mrs. C is not a complainer.  She used to have a headache almost every day but would never mention it unless I asked.

“You seem extra quiet; do you have another headache?”

“Maybe a little.”

I would tell her she should see a doctor about the headaches and she would ask,

“What is a doctor going to do, it is just a headache?”

Turned out she had blood pressure through the roof.  She now takes medication and has not had a headache since…until she caught the Covid.

Maybe seeing a doctor is a good idea.  Who knows, some of them might know stuff.

Anyway, it seems her symptoms were mild, at least by her standards, and I had no symptoms at all.

I got tested also since we have made no effort to avoid each other while she was positive.

I am negative as well.  I passed the test and didn’t even study.

It seems that for us at least, the vaccine worked to keep Mrs. C’s symptoms mild and the booster shot protected me from Mrs. C.

Hopefully this omicron variant will not be as virulent as other strains and the vaccine will still offer protection.

Speaking of the Omicron variant, they say the strains are named from the Greek alphabet.  How did we go from Delta to Omicron?  What the heck happened to epsilon, zeta, eta, theta, iota, kappa, lambda, mu, nu, and xi?  

Did I sleep through ten different variants?


Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Appreciation Generation


Appreciation Generation


On this Thanksgiving Eve, I’ve been a pondering.  Now the fact that I still ponder tells you I am from an older generation.  I don’t think anyone from generations since mine ponder; my generation also tends to wander while we ponder…anyway

While pondering all I have to be thankful for, including the fact that though Mrs. C is still Covid positive, she is feeling much better and is full of piss and vinegar (something that pondering people used to be full of) it occurred to me that I am from the luckiest generation ever.

Why is my generation so lucky?

We have had our difficult times, much as any generation.  A few wars, but none quite as difficult as the World War variety.  We’ve had the Carter economy, but nothing like the depression years.  We had 9-1-1, that was horrible.

We had polio, and now we have a pandemic almost the equal to the Spanish flu of 1919.

Nothing is easy, but we also have things previous generations did not.  TV, computers, I-phones, to name just a few.  Younger generations also have these things and more, so why is my generation the luckiest generation?

Stuff is just stuff.  Unless you have done without, you do not fully appreciate stuff.  My generation remembers when there was no TV, computers or I-phones.  We remember cutting our fingers opening cans, we remember spilling milk trying to gouge those stupid paper tabs out of the bottles.  We remember popping our own corn…OK, that was fun.  Anyway, we remember not having stuff, and the inconvenience of old stuff, and therefore we appreciate what we now have more than subsequent generations that take many things for granted.

We knew friends that suffered from polio and other diseases so we really appreciate vaccines.

Not only do we appreciate things that we once did not have, we had parents who really had it bad during the depression and several World Wars.  Anything which we may have taken for granted growing up, we were constantly reminded that these were things our parents did not have.

I never went without a meal. I also never ate without being told that food abundance was a luxury, and there were people in other countries that were starving.  When the air conditioner kicked in, I was reminded that “back in the day we just slept on the porch and sweated.”  When the heat came on, I was told how much better central heating was than huddling around a radiator.

So, my generation is the appreciation generation.  

No other generation has seen such growth in living standards.  No other generation has experienced the wonders of new technology with the same sense of awe as my generation. Because we can more fully appreciate all the bounty of our times, mine is the luckiest generation.

As you gather with friends and family, you older folks need to express this appreciation to the younger crowd.  Being thankful for what you have requires appreciation that comes from not having.  That includes stuff, it includes friends, it includes family, it includes health, it includes faith.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone, and as the kids say today, 

“I appreciate y’all.”


Friday, November 19, 2021

Let’s get Riled Up


Let’s get Riled Up


So much important stuff happening these days…much like all days from whenever; inflation, concerns at the border, drugs killing people, politics; just lots of stuff to worry about or rile you up.

There are two self-defense cases that have riled people up because they are racially sensitive.  As if anything these days is not racially insensitive.

One case involves a 17 year-old patriotic wan-a-bee poking his rifle armed nose where it probably shouldn’t have been.  He killed and shot at people who chased him down a street after threatening to kill him. 

None of this should have ever happened.  All involved were and or are on the short side of the intelligence scale, and have sketchy backgrounds. But, when someone chases after a person who is armed, they probably mean to hurt that person.

(WAIT!  This just in, the jury said not guilty.)

Still the kid should not have been where he was and armed with a rifle…then he is a kid.

The other case involves several armed self-appointed justice yahoos who, based on an old “Andy Griffith” episode thought it was OK to chase down a black jogger who they thought may have stolen some two-by-fours at a construction site and call  out "Citizens Arrest!  

That jury is not yet in.  Seems to me that it is hard to show self-defense when you have the gun and you are doing the running after…We will see.

So, with all this going on, what else do I see riling people up?

An unjust ruling on the “Wheel of Fortune” game show.

A contestant won lots of money by solving a word puzzle with the correct answer “QUALITY CRAFTSMANSHIP.” Apparently, the contestant did not pronounce the “S” in craftSmanship. 


This what set twitter on fire?  Keep in mind, “CRAFTSMANSHIP” was already complete on the puzzle, the solution was figuring out “QUALITY” from “__ALIT_”.

I’ve tried several times and I find it difficult to pronounce that damn “S”.  It just sounds wrong to me, but then I pronounce NUCLEAR the same way as George Bush, so I must be a dope.  Meanwhile I bet many of those on twitter that are all upset will be “going to their Mom house for Thanksgiving the same as they have went every year.”

Anyway, I have my own problems.  Tomorrow we were to have 22 guests for our traditional early family and friends Thanksgiving.  That is called off as fully vaccinated Mrs. C tested positive.  So far, her symptoms are mild so hopefully the vaccine is doing its job.  I got my booster 3 weeks ago, so we will see.

Anyway, you think someone not pronouncing an “S” in a stupid game show is a problem?  How about having 50 pounds of turkey, six quarts of Mrs. C’s special sausage stuffing, a pile of mashed potatoes, cooked carrots, Waldorf salad and several pies as dinner for two?






Tuesday, November 16, 2021

In The Bedroom, The Cranky Bedroom, Even Asleep We Have A Fight


In The Bedroom, The Cranky Bedroom, Even Asleep We Have A Fight


Mrs. C and I tend to fall asleep with the bedroom TV on. 

Don’t judge and get all “I haven’t watched TV since ‘The Ed Sullivan Show.’  We watch TV a lot.  Many people do.  Many people do and say they don’t.  We are not embarrassed, and even readily admit most of the stuff we watch is trash. 

We also don’t like ballet, operas, and have vowed to NEVER pay good money to watch “Hamilton” if for no other reason then everyone says, “You just have to see ‘Hamilton!’”

No, I do not.

Hmm I seem to have gotten off track and into a rant…Sorry!

So, we tend to fall asleep while the TV is on.  Mrs. C usually falls asleep first.  I often do not like the shows she decides to fall asleep to, and when she is sound asleep I will change to a show I can fall asleep to.

Unfortunately Mrs. C is a light sleeper.

“Why did you change the channel?”

“Because you were asleep and I hate ‘Sex and the City’.”

“I was sleeping, changing the channel woke me up.”

“So I have to watch your show when you are asleep?”


Sometimes if I turn the volume low and wait for a commercial, I can get away with falling asleep to one of my shows.

The other night I awoke at around 2AM and was unable to fall back to sleep, probably because ‘Sex and the City’ was on again.  I have already seen Carrie pound on Aiden’s chest and cry “You have to forgive me” about 15 times.  I hate that scene, and Carrie is still a cheating bitch!

Did I just go off track again?


So, since Mrs. C was into a gentle deep sleep breathing pattern, I stealthily switched the channel to “Gold Rush.”

After a few minutes I had to use the bathroom (It’s an old people thing).  Back in only a short time, I found the channel was changed to the Game Show network, and Mrs. C was fast asleep. 


In less than two minutes Mrs. C woke up, changed the channel and then fell asleep again. 

Who does that!

To make it worse, when I felt it was safe to change the channel again, I hit the ‘last’ button assuming it would go back to “Gold Rush.”  It did not.  It went to the “Sex and the City” channel which now had on a different show.

Mrs. C not only woke up from a deep sleep and changed the channel before falling asleep again in less that two minutes, she actually channel surfed in the process. Once again,

Who does that!

I know many couples fight over control of the TV remote, but I lose the battle even when she is asleep.

I did fall asleep before I found out if the Rubadoo family won the $20,000 on “Family Feud.”


Friday, November 12, 2021




We just got back from a brief vacation to Sanibel Island Fla.  There was great.  Getting there, not so much.

I have a complaint about air travel.  I’m not sure what the airlines should do about this complaint, and I’m pretty sure I will offend some people with my complaint. 

The complaint? “Large” people!

I don’t want to fat shame anyone, Lord knows I could shed a few pounds myself, and some people are just big…not their fault. 


Should “large” people pay more for either larger seats, or even an extra seat?  Does not sound fair, does it?

Well then, should a reasonably sized person get a discount when sitting next to a “large” person?

On the trip to Florida, I was comfortably settled into the middle seat next to Mrs. C who had the window.  All was well until the aisles side seat passenger arrived.  Is the old wrestler King Kong Bundy still alive?  Either he is, or I sat next to his doppelganger.

All six foot five 400 pounds of human flesh sat next to me, or more accurately sat next to me plus at least one third of my seat space.

King Kong Bundy was nice enough, friendly and polite, but he was partially in my seat.  Literally (see kids that is when literally is used correctly) in my seat.

I could not adjust my seat, KKB’s back fat covered the adjustment button.  I could not watch the movie or other TV shows that were available for all the other paying passengers, KKB’s arm enveloped the arm rest controls and the hole to plug in the headphones was somewhere under several pounds of KKB.

To make matters worse I was so scrunched over in my seat that I often accidentally changed Mrs. C’s TV control.  She kept smacking me on the arm in anger!

“I canth herphal id, I am sitton nerst to King Kong Bundy!”

“Wath? I canth unastnd you wif the damn face msk!”

“I saith…neverminth.”

Those friggin face masks make it impossible to carry on a conversation, especially if raising my voice meant possibly insulting a 400-pound man.

By the end of the three-hour flight my ass was asleep from my inability to even move a little.  I had to pee like a racehorse as the man mountain was asleep most of the flight.  I guess I could have nudged him awake, but I’m not sure I could fit back in my seat when I returned. I was cramped, tired and even a little cranky.

Is it fair to have “large” people pay extra for extra-large seats?

Is it fair for “reasonably” sized people to pay the same price for only two-thirds of a seat?

Life isn’t always fair.  Why should people with bad eyesight have to pay extra for glasses so they can see like other people?  Why should people with poor hearing have to pay extra for hearing aids?  Why should “large” people have to pay more to fly than other people?

Because life sometimes sucks, that’s why.

It sucks, but then it also sucks to have to share a seat with a “large” person.  I have nothing against “large” people, I just have an issue with having to pay for some of their seat. 

I paid for a full seat, not two-thirds of a seat.  King Kong Bundy paid for one seat and used one and a third seats!



Thursday, November 11, 2021

I'm Good!

 I just got an email from a fellow blogger wanting to know if I am ok as I have not posted in over 10 days.  I do appreciate his concern as I know i have had several blog-friends who have just disappeared without any final comments.  I suspect some have passed, most just were tired of posting.  I have not tired of posting, I just have not had much to say. 

So for anyone who is concerned for my wellbeing, thank you, I am fine, I will be back. 

For those who don't give a fig, you will "still have Cranky to kick around!"

Monday, November 1, 2021





Have I posted on Joe The Blind Guy before?  Probably, but if I don’t remember than no one else will either. 

Joe The Blind Guy was a person I met on the train virtually every day for a few years during my commuting to work era.  He got on the train the stop after mine and left several stops before my destination. 

He was an amazing person as I think of it.  He could not see a lick.  He found the door with his quick side to side cane work.  When he left the train he click-clacked his way to work without assistance. 

What he did I don’t know, how he got where he was going was amazing.

One has to admire and respect the incredible where-with-all of the disabled.

And yet, Joe The Blind Guy was a big pain in the ass.

I cherished my time on the train to either nap, or read the paper.  It was 40 minutes of ME time, that I did not have anywhere else.  Joe The Blind Guy spoiled this time every day.  As I was either reading or trying to catch a few winks I would suddenly hear the click-clack of Joe The Blind Guy’s cane.

Joe The Blind Guy would not just find a seat and wait for his stop, no, he would stop at EVERY seat, and greet every passenger.

“Hi, I’m Joe, what’s your name?” He would then ask that passenger where he was going, and then move up to the next seat.

Now ordinarily if you did not want to converse with another passenger you would bury your face in the paper or feign sleep.  That did not work with Joe The Blind Guy.  He could not see your face buried in the paper or your feigning sleep.  So you knew he would soon find your seat.  For two cars back you would  hear the click-clack of his cane followed by,

“Hi, I’m Joe, what’s your name?”

Eventually he would reach my seat, and my reading/ napping was already ruined, for the waiting.

“Hi, I’m Joe, what’s your name?”

“I’m Joe also, (knowing the next question) I’m going to Newark.”

“I think we’ve met before.”

“Yes (every flaming day) we have, how are you?”

“OK, bye now.”

And he was off to the next passenger. Damn how I hated Joe The Blind Guy.

You probably are thinking,

“He was looking for someone who got off at his stop to help him find his way.”

If he was, he NEVER found anyone, he always click-clacked off on his own…every morning.

The worst part of Joe The Blind Guy was not his disturbing my reading or sleep, the worst part was feeling like shit all day for hating this poor bastard who was just being friendly and was at the same time conquering more difficulty every day than I could ever imagine.

As I write this and remember back, I feel like shit once again. 

God bless you Joe The Blind Guy, my missed reading or nap was nothing next to your daily challenge.

Still, you were a pain in the ass!