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Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Coming Soon to a Mall near you


Coming Soon to a Mall near you

I hope this isn’t considered political as I have sworn off political posts.

Of course, if you comment on anything in the news today, it is considered political.  As a matter of fact, that last sentence is probably political in nature.  It may somehow also be racist.

Why…who knows.

Anyway, here is my nonpolitical, but probably will be considered political/racist commentary…ok, rant.

Have you seen the smash and grab store thefts in California?  They seem scary to me.  A year ago, I mentioned to someone that these days, if I was a cop and during an arrest the person just ran away, I would do nothing.  There is no way to stop someone from resisting arrest without some action which might comeback to kick the officer in the butt.

If the perp is hurt, the officer is subject to a law suit, losing his job, losing income, losing his privacy, and maybe going to jail.

“Stop right there, you are under arrest!”


“What do you mean no?”

“I am going to leave, what are you going to do shoot me?”

“No, only if you have a gun and threaten me, even then, probably no.”

“Well then…bye bye!”

There is no need to defund the police, just make it so they have no real power, and if they do make an arrest, let the perp off with a promise to behave or at most pay a small fine.

The result of police without power or respect, and justice dismissed, is smash and grab robberies where 40-60 youngsters just rush into stores and take whatever they want. 

The police cannot do much; store workers are fired, and risk getting beaten up or worse if they try and interfere, so the thieves just get to take what they want and leave.

This is mostly happening now in California.  California is first in lots of things, but rest assured thieves in the rest of the country will figure it out and the smash and grab will be coming soon to a mall near you.

Eventually the malls and stores will just be forced to close and thieves will move on.  Maybe to your car, maybe to your homes.

What is the solution?  Not me, I’ve got nothing.  Any proposed solution will be deemed racist whether we know these thieves’ race or not.  I assume the ability to just take what you want without consequence is appealing to scum bags of all races.

Actually, I do have a solution.  Invest in Amazon stock and home security, lock your car and never leave your house.

End of non-political, yet, political, because everything is political, rant.



  1. It happens in Georgia. But it is a discount clothing store. The workers would see people stealing clothes but hey, who is going to risk their lives over a sweater. The store eventually closed due to the thefts.

    I don't know how the errant actions of a few LEOs makes us such an idiot nation and not know we need the law. And I am your liberal friend, eh.

  2. I think I understand why this disgust I feel for the world today happens in one's 60's. It makes aging and dying easier.

  3. We need to go back to the days when crime did not pay.

  4. The Smash'n'Grab crews are here too, in all states. It's how they get Christmas Gifts for their family and friends, since they don't have jobs and can't afford to buy. During the rest of the year, they operate to get stuff to sell, to make money for food, drink, smokes, drugs.
    I agree defunding your police is a bad idea.

  5. I live in California and this is a disgraceful mess, caused by our local governments being weak about protecting people and enforcing laws. Sometimes I stand in line to pay and realize many people just smash and grab. Now organized gangs are found to have millions of dollars of smash and grab goods in warehouses.

  6. Only sneak-thieves for now at Hick's Storage Unit Store. I hope they don't watch the news and get any ideas!

  7. It is disgusting and along with the increasing occurrences of active shooters, it makes an old gal like me rely on Amazon and pick up. Sadly the news coverage only encourages the smash and grabbers which is apparently a no-consequence activity. I just hope Amazon is vetting its sellers carefully and I am not eventually buying what was previously stolen. Sigh.

  8. I live in the cesspool called California. I used to be so proud of this state, but the idiots that have been running it has ran it into the ground. I know how to fix this, but it won't happen. Not here.

    Have a fabulous day, Joe. ☺

  9. My very liberal wife was appalled at the smash-and-grabs going on all over the country (not just in California). The other night, in her peacenik way, she said they need to shoot a few dozen of those creeps and then maybe it would stop. Is that political?

  10. Life is getting more difficult every day. Where is hope?

    God bless.

  11. My niece is a Chicago police/ detective. She's counting the days to retirement. She's only 44. We pray she makes it. I wish I knew what happened to common decency...since replaced with entitlement.

  12. this is frightening indeed dear Joe even reading it makes me scared .America and Europe are considered far more civilized countries than Middle east or Asian countries so learning about such scary situation in there lessens my hope more to have peace here in Pakistan ,some years back whole country was suffering with same crisis but gradually things seem to get little better though vehicle snitch motor bikes specially are common in cities like Karachi .
    i agree theft and robbery has nothing to do with race

  13. I live in a village in rural UK so, mercifully, everything plods on very much as before. However, reading the news it's obvious that some parts of the world (and the UK) are becoming more lawless. It's depressing.
    Around My Kitchen Table

  14. Hey Cranky! Haven't heard a thing from you in awhile, are you OK?