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Sunday, November 28, 2021

Not a positive person but for once I’m glad to be negative


Not a positive person but for once I’m glad to be negative

 Well, Mrs. C just tested negative for Covid.  She was feeling poorly for about five days, mostly tired, slight fever and a headache.  At least that is what she claims. 

Mrs. C is not a complainer.  She used to have a headache almost every day but would never mention it unless I asked.

“You seem extra quiet; do you have another headache?”

“Maybe a little.”

I would tell her she should see a doctor about the headaches and she would ask,

“What is a doctor going to do, it is just a headache?”

Turned out she had blood pressure through the roof.  She now takes medication and has not had a headache since…until she caught the Covid.

Maybe seeing a doctor is a good idea.  Who knows, some of them might know stuff.

Anyway, it seems her symptoms were mild, at least by her standards, and I had no symptoms at all.

I got tested also since we have made no effort to avoid each other while she was positive.

I am negative as well.  I passed the test and didn’t even study.

It seems that for us at least, the vaccine worked to keep Mrs. C’s symptoms mild and the booster shot protected me from Mrs. C.

Hopefully this omicron variant will not be as virulent as other strains and the vaccine will still offer protection.

Speaking of the Omicron variant, they say the strains are named from the Greek alphabet.  How did we go from Delta to Omicron?  What the heck happened to epsilon, zeta, eta, theta, iota, kappa, lambda, mu, nu, and xi?  

Did I sleep through ten different variants?



  1. They skipped a couple of names for the variants, "Nu" because it is too much like new, and Xi because it is a common Asian family name. Two of the less serious strains were labelled Lambda and Mu, while six other strains were labelled but are no longer listed (according to my morning newspaper). Omicron joins Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Delta as "variants of concern"
    Glad both of you are now negative again and it's true a headache is not always "just a headache". With blood pressure through the roof, Mrs C is lucky to have not had a stroke.

    1. I knew about the nu and xi, made sense to me. Yeah, you are right about a stroke thing, Mrs. C's cousin had a BP machine and when she tested he told her to see a doctor "Like yesterday!" She wouldn't listen to me, sometimes it takes a second opinion.

  2. Congratulations to you and Mrs. C on being so negative! I will think of this post as "Cranky's Theory of Negativity."

  3. So thankful your wife is better and you are OK. Still praying for you.

    God bless.

  4. My husband and I both thought we had Covid but tests proved negative - thank goodness. However, we had both succumbed to "the cold from hell" which, mercifully, only lasted a week. We have both been double-jabbed and had the booster so we hope that will go some way to protecting us. Glad you and the missus are now both well.
    Around My Kitchen Table

  5. Wonderful news Joeh. Mrs C dodged the big bullet and Covid missed you all together. Also great that she found the cause for those headaches. Non complainers like Mrs C are easy to live with but it can get scary. Keep that cousin handy.

  6. Hooray for negative tests! May you both stay healthy and covid free from here on.

  7. So glad Mrs. C is better and you're nice and negative! I hope you can enjoy the holiday season.

  8. what a relief that vaccination kept the symptoms of disease mild and you were safe completely by the grace of Lord!

    variant sounds weird to me either ,sounds less like a disease ,surly the right for naming the diseases are reserved by scientists otherwise okay enough :)