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Tuesday, November 16, 2021

In The Bedroom, The Cranky Bedroom, Even Asleep We Have A Fight


In The Bedroom, The Cranky Bedroom, Even Asleep We Have A Fight


Mrs. C and I tend to fall asleep with the bedroom TV on. 

Don’t judge and get all “I haven’t watched TV since ‘The Ed Sullivan Show.’  We watch TV a lot.  Many people do.  Many people do and say they don’t.  We are not embarrassed, and even readily admit most of the stuff we watch is trash. 

We also don’t like ballet, operas, and have vowed to NEVER pay good money to watch “Hamilton” if for no other reason then everyone says, “You just have to see ‘Hamilton!’”

No, I do not.

Hmm I seem to have gotten off track and into a rant…Sorry!

So, we tend to fall asleep while the TV is on.  Mrs. C usually falls asleep first.  I often do not like the shows she decides to fall asleep to, and when she is sound asleep I will change to a show I can fall asleep to.

Unfortunately Mrs. C is a light sleeper.

“Why did you change the channel?”

“Because you were asleep and I hate ‘Sex and the City’.”

“I was sleeping, changing the channel woke me up.”

“So I have to watch your show when you are asleep?”


Sometimes if I turn the volume low and wait for a commercial, I can get away with falling asleep to one of my shows.

The other night I awoke at around 2AM and was unable to fall back to sleep, probably because ‘Sex and the City’ was on again.  I have already seen Carrie pound on Aiden’s chest and cry “You have to forgive me” about 15 times.  I hate that scene, and Carrie is still a cheating bitch!

Did I just go off track again?


So, since Mrs. C was into a gentle deep sleep breathing pattern, I stealthily switched the channel to “Gold Rush.”

After a few minutes I had to use the bathroom (It’s an old people thing).  Back in only a short time, I found the channel was changed to the Game Show network, and Mrs. C was fast asleep. 


In less than two minutes Mrs. C woke up, changed the channel and then fell asleep again. 

Who does that!

To make it worse, when I felt it was safe to change the channel again, I hit the ‘last’ button assuming it would go back to “Gold Rush.”  It did not.  It went to the “Sex and the City” channel which now had on a different show.

Mrs. C not only woke up from a deep sleep and changed the channel before falling asleep again in less that two minutes, she actually channel surfed in the process. Once again,

Who does that!

I know many couples fight over control of the TV remote, but I lose the battle even when she is asleep.

I did fall asleep before I found out if the Rubadoo family won the $20,000 on “Family Feud.”



  1. Same here. When we fall asleep the man reading the news taps on the TV screen and says, "Hey ... Am I talking to myself here?" Often, the TV changes channel automatically because someone has programmed a TV show on its memory. Very annoying when it changes at an interesting point you are watching.

    God bless.

  2. My son heads up the sleep clinic at the hospital. He would love to have you both in! Ha! That's a lot of energy during sleep time and I would be lying if I said we don't watch TV in our bedroom. Yep, we watch lots of stuff and very few of my programs are on speed dial for Jack!

  3. Totally off track and in a rant of my own, I notice far too many bloggers mixing up "then" "than" and "that"
    It's so annoying.
    Rant over.
    Have you tried two bedroom TVs?

    1. Are you saying "changed the channel and then fell asleep" should be "and than fell asleep"? I suck at grammar and spelling, but I must still disagree.

      Two TV's in the bedroom...what could go wrong with that?

    2. you edited. I reread and there isn't a single word wrong this time.

    3. I did not edit, you must have misread first time. If i edited, I would have admitted it. My spelling is horrible and my grammar is sometimes lacking, I admit it, but I am not ashamed and I will admit after I edit.

      That is why I did not understand your comment.

  4. Mrs. C wakes up like Cindy Lou Who! You need to have a rhyming explanation ready when she questions your motives, like the Grinch saying he was fixing the light that wouldn't light on one side.

  5. Neither one of you is getting much sleep. Separate bedrooms would solve the problem but not much fun. You might have to learn to go to sleep first.

  6. We watch a lot of TV but never in the bedroom. I need quiet to fall asleep and Jim can sleep anytime anywhere. So I win - no TV in the bedroom.

  7. Most of the serials are such a bore.

  8. Grandpa is always fussing about falling asleep to TV or any light on at all. He says it messes with your sleep.

    Our sleep fight was always about blankets. While i would have the bare edge of the blanket clutched to me like a shipwreck survivor clinging to a piece of floating wood, Sweetie would be yanking and fussing, "You have all the blankets!" At which point i'd have to get out of bed, go over to his side, and pull all of the blanket that was on the floor back up onto the bed. That got old fast, so we each have our own blanket now.

  9. I had a friend who was one of the actresses on Sex and the City but even I couldn't watch the whole thing.

  10. oh this is most surprising thing i learnt today dear Joe .

    we used to have tv in the bedroom when we had a long hall like huge room in previous house still i would turn off tv and cover it with an old towel thoughtlessly .since we have separate bedroom and we all sleep in one bedroom since we moved here ,it is rule that bedroom must have no tv and no mirror at all ,yes read somewhere it is not good to have these things in bedroom long long ago and i kept it in my mind and applied when got chance because i never waste useful knowledge :)
    when we enter in our bedroom we only say prayer and sleep ,talks are not allowed there ,only reminding our selves that we were blessed with another day to live so we thank for it and thank for everything we could do and have till today that is it :) oh yes you won't find more bore person than me lol