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Friday, November 19, 2021

Let’s get Riled Up


Let’s get Riled Up


So much important stuff happening these days…much like all days from whenever; inflation, concerns at the border, drugs killing people, politics; just lots of stuff to worry about or rile you up.

There are two self-defense cases that have riled people up because they are racially sensitive.  As if anything these days is not racially insensitive.

One case involves a 17 year-old patriotic wan-a-bee poking his rifle armed nose where it probably shouldn’t have been.  He killed and shot at people who chased him down a street after threatening to kill him. 

None of this should have ever happened.  All involved were and or are on the short side of the intelligence scale, and have sketchy backgrounds. But, when someone chases after a person who is armed, they probably mean to hurt that person.

(WAIT!  This just in, the jury said not guilty.)

Still the kid should not have been where he was and armed with a rifle…then he is a kid.

The other case involves several armed self-appointed justice yahoos who, based on an old “Andy Griffith” episode thought it was OK to chase down a black jogger who they thought may have stolen some two-by-fours at a construction site and call  out "Citizens Arrest!  

That jury is not yet in.  Seems to me that it is hard to show self-defense when you have the gun and you are doing the running after…We will see.

So, with all this going on, what else do I see riling people up?

An unjust ruling on the “Wheel of Fortune” game show.

A contestant won lots of money by solving a word puzzle with the correct answer “QUALITY CRAFTSMANSHIP.” Apparently, the contestant did not pronounce the “S” in craftSmanship. 


This what set twitter on fire?  Keep in mind, “CRAFTSMANSHIP” was already complete on the puzzle, the solution was figuring out “QUALITY” from “__ALIT_”.

I’ve tried several times and I find it difficult to pronounce that damn “S”.  It just sounds wrong to me, but then I pronounce NUCLEAR the same way as George Bush, so I must be a dope.  Meanwhile I bet many of those on twitter that are all upset will be “going to their Mom house for Thanksgiving the same as they have went every year.”

Anyway, I have my own problems.  Tomorrow we were to have 22 guests for our traditional early family and friends Thanksgiving.  That is called off as fully vaccinated Mrs. C tested positive.  So far, her symptoms are mild so hopefully the vaccine is doing its job.  I got my booster 3 weeks ago, so we will see.

Anyway, you think someone not pronouncing an “S” in a stupid game show is a problem?  How about having 50 pounds of turkey, six quarts of Mrs. C’s special sausage stuffing, a pile of mashed potatoes, cooked carrots, Waldorf salad and several pies as dinner for two?







  1. I hope Mrs. C. doesn't get very ill. That's a lot of food though. Sorry your plans were sidetracked.

    Have a fabulous day and Thanksgiving, Joe. Remember to pronounce the 's'. ☺

  2. Hoping for the best for Mrs. C. can you farm the food out or is that not allowed under covid protocol. I've gotten lost in the dos and donts.

  3. Oh Joe, I am so sorry to hear about Mrs. C. Not fair at all and pray the symptoms stay mild. Hope you have a big freezer. Stay safe you two.

  4. Oh no! I'm so sorry Mrs. C! Please get well quick and can any of that dinner go in the freezer? As the main cook and bottle washer at our gathering I would be very upset to be stuck with all that food and all the work that goes along with it. I'd be crying in my gravy for sure. Dang Covid.

  5. Getting riled up is bad for my blood pressure, i'd rather just pray for everyone 'cause i think we're all a bit nuts and all in deep doodoo these days, no matter which side we're on.

    Also i am praying for Mrs. C, that her symptoms stay mild and that you have none. As for the food, have you thought of donating some of it to a homeless shelter or other place that could use it?

  6. Thanks all for the good wishes and prayers. At this point it seems the vaccine is doing its secondary job of keeping the covid symptoms mild.

    As to the food abundance, one 22 lb bird was not thawed and is back in the freezer, the second will be cooked and be meals and lunches for several days. Stuffing is in the freezer and will last until everyone can finally bet together.

  7. It is not at all hard to pronounce that S when the word is "Craftsmanship" as pictured, NOT 'Worksmanship' as stated in your post. I do think the contestant should have won though, since the word in question was "Quality" not Craftsmanship.
    I hope Mrs C is soon feeling much better and hope you don't become positive also.

    1. OK, you got me on that one, but not the (than/then) don't know where I got WORKSMANSHIP...I will edit that. I guess I could reread and edit my posts about a thousand times to make them perfect, but instead I'll just let you find the errors, I don't have that much time.

  8. I hope Mrs. C is on the mend, and that you repel any viral invaders that might pursue a second host. You might not want to eat off Mrs. C's fork for a few days... not that you would, but I learned that lesson this week.

    I am riled up by the Indiana-Jonesers who dart through a door without giving it a courtesy hold or the extra push for those who are RIGHT BEHIND THEM. Like me.

  9. I am praying for your wife and for you, JoeH.

    God bless.

  10. Your story is just one of many that I hear going around. Lots of breakthrough Covid going around. The sister of a friend of mine had to have her cancer surgery postponed for two weeks because of Covid. That's happening on Monday ~ what a great Thanksgiving it will be for her, although she has lots of family coming in for support.
    Leftovers aren't the end of the world (are they still called leftovers if no one ever sat down to them at dinner?). I'm sure it's a huge disappointment though.

  11. Oh no! I hope she feels better pronto. Maybe you can freeze it all except the Waldorf salad. And I agree that anyone showing up with a gun is asking for trouble.

  12. I'm sorry to hear about Mrs C down with the covid. I hope she gets through it without so much of a sniffle. You too, Joe. As you know, just being vaccinated doesn't clear us from getting it. Although you almost can't help it, living in the same house.

    That is a lot of food. Maybe you can donate some of. My refrigerator certainly could not hold that much food.