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Thursday, January 27, 2022





My step daughter has genuine artistic talent.  We have a number of her paintings hung through-out the house.  Many of her works are in a “pop-art” almost cartoony vein, with perhaps a touch of Andy Warhol.

She uses her talent today as a graphic designer.

The other day I was working out on our new treadmill (Christmas present to myself) and I noticed one of Cassie’s works on a basement wall.

It did not seem to be in her usual style. It was different, it was interesting.  It seemed to me, to be almost childlike, and yet there was something about it that I could not stop looking at it.

I would have to tell Cassie that this piece of art really had something, and she should explore this new style further.  Of course, what do I know?  This work could be pure crap and Cassie left it at our home because she was ashamed of it.

Still, for some reason I liked it, and you know what?  If someone likes a piece of art than it must be real art.  If it speaks to someone then it is art.  This painting spoke to me, even though I'm not sure what it was saying.

So yes, I would tell Cassie I really liked this painting.  Even if it was not realistic; I did find it interesting.

Different, but somehow quite good I thought.

When I was finished with my workout, I went over for a closer look to see if perhaps Cassie had named the work.

There was a signature, but it was not Cassie’s.

It was from someone named Vincent Van Gogh. 

It was a print from a recent museum trip that Mrs. C had gone to with Cassie.

Clearly, I do not know much about art to not be familiar with Vincent Van Gogh, his style or his works.

But at least I recognize fine art when I see it.


Monday, January 24, 2022



A “Fishing with Frog” LEGEND

Outdoorsman Catfish let me know that Yesterday was National Fox Squirrel  Day
In honor of Fox Squirrel Day I submit this two part rerun from 2012

This year’s annual “Fishing with Frog” (see trip is scheduled for early June.  I am looking forward to the fishing, and the comradery (I don’t care Webster; I insist it is a word.)  I am not looking forward to the annual BOS (bag of shit) about my infamous sighting of the mysterious “Fox Squirrel.”

Five years ago while fishing the West Virginia side of the upper Potomac; I spotted a huge squirrel like animal.  I shouted out to Frog and Catfish:

“Holy Shit!  Did you guys see that?”

“See what?”

“It was like a big squirrel only it was hopping through the woods on the other side of the river.  It looked like a small deer with a huge squirrel body.”

Catfish who is the expert on all things that breathe with lungs or gills replied nonchalantly, 
“Didn't see it, but it sounds like a Fox Squirrel.”

“Fox squirrel?  I never heard of a fox squirrel.”

“They are very common in this area.  They are very large squirrels.”

“Large!”  Three foot large?”

“It was a fox squirrel.”


I am not an expert on animal life like the Catfish, but I am pretty sure I would have heard somewhere about a three foot high squirrel. 

“Are you sure?…This thing was BIG!” 

“A fox squirrel is a big squirrel.”

I let it be for the rest of the trip.  We did meet some locals and I questioned them about really large squirrels in this area.  They immediately responded, “Oh yeah, sounds like a fox squirrel.  We see them in our yard all the time.”

When I returned home, the first thing I did was get on the internet and search for “fox squirrel.”  I found that there is in fact such an animal.  It is the largest of all squirrels growing to almost three pounds.  The pictures I found looked exactly like every squirrel I have ever seen except…maybe…a little bigger than most. 

The creature I saw was not just three pounds.

The next year I told Catfish this thing I saw was no fox squirrel.  It was not three pounds; it was more like 40 pounds.

The Catfish laughed.  Frog laughed.  It was a big joke; a forty pound squirrel!  It is a big joke every year.

“Hey Hagy, watch out for the killer fox squirrel!”

“Did you bring your elephant rifle?  Its fox squirrel season you know.”

I say very freaking funny.  Go ahead guys, make a joke.  I know what I saw.  Now I know how people feel when their spotting of a UFO or Bigfoot is put-down with derisive laughter.

I don’t care if Catfish, Frog or anyone else chooses to make fun of me.

Somewhere on the Maryland side of the upper Potomac River is an animal with a very large squirrel-like body, a squirrel-like fluffy tail, and the legs of a Great Dane.  It hops like a rabbit....I seem to remember large fangs. 

It is NOT a Fox Squirrel!


Last week I posted the story of my sighting of a mythical beast while fly- fishing on the upper Potomac River with old College friends and fraternity brothers Frog and Catfish.  Catfish assured me that the creature I spotted from the West Virginia side of the river to the Maryland side, over 200 yards was simply a Fox Squirrel.

The Fox Squirrel is a large (2-3 pounds) squirrel common to the area.  The creature I saw was well over 30 pounds and fierce looking.  I have been chided by Frog and Catfish ever since, the country rube getting excited about spotting a “fierce” squirrel.

Keep in mind that I was fishing with tri-focal lenses and I have a cataract in my right eye which makes everything a bit cloudy.  I don’t believe that a three pound squirrel from over two-hundred yards across the river would have caught my attention.  Nevertheless Frog and Catfish insist it had to be a Fox Squirrel.  Frog is an avid outdoorsman; Catfish was a big shot with the Delaware Fish and Game Department.  I never even stuck it out with the cub scouts.  Who am I to argue?

Since my post, the blog community has sought to identify the mysterious creature that I saw on the Maryland side of the river:

Irene from "Irene’s world Travels"  insists the creature sounds like the mythical Bulgarian “Wolpertinger.” I did some research on this and it seems unlikely a Wolpertinger would find its way from Europe to the woods of Western Maryland.

"The Broad" from "A Broad with a View"   suggests the animal was a “Wild Easter Bunny.”  I think The Broad is siding with Frog and Catfish in making fun of me.

Lou from "Sunny Side" (long since retired from posting)   Suspects that I saw the elusive Chupacabra or the Mexican goat sucker.  Lou is still a little Google-eyed over her recent marriage and as a UK transplant has trouble finding her way from the freeway to the airport.  I really cannot give her much credibility.  Besides everyone knows the Chupacabra are not found north of Texas.

JohnD, the Aussie outdoorsman from "Tok Tok" place (sadly passed away)   Says it sounds like the Australian tourist killer the “Drop Bear.”  Research shows that apparently the most poisonous snakes, spiders and toads in the world along with killer stingrays, crocodiles and great white sharks are not enough to scare the bejesus out of tourists; the Aussies have invented the killer “Drop Bear.”  Nice try John, I’m not buying it.

Finally, my old College friend and fraternity brother, Fast Freddy the Dentist, alerted me to the possibility the creature is a Fisher Cat. 

The Fisher Cat is a fierce 30 pound cat-like weasel which once roamed the north eastern United States until it was almost trapped into extinction for its pelt.  The Fisher Cat is so fierce it is the only animal which is able to kill and eat a porcupine.  The Fisher Cat is making an ecological comeback.

Now I ask you, whom should I believe?

The retired bigwig with the Delaware Fish and Game Department:
Fox Squirrel

                                             A Rhode Island Dentist:

Fisher Cat 
  I’m going with the Dentist!    

Saturday, January 22, 2022

The Hidden Cost of Masking Up


The Hidden Cost of Masking Up

It seems to me that people are way less friendly than they used to be.  Airlines have seen a huge increase in belligerent passengers.  It has got to be the masks.

I have noticed that waitstaff at restaurants seem less friendly, and they rely on tips!  It has got to be the masks.

My son just told me about a pizza parlor owner busting his chops because he took a packet of hot peppers before his slices were ready for take-out.  It has got to be the masks.

In many States, and NJ is one, masks are required for all indoor venues.  There are several problems with these rules. 

First of all, it seems that unless you have the super protective N95 masks, they really don’t offer much protection.  That assertion is born out by the fact that people keep getting infected even though they are wearing masks.  Of course, most mask wearers don’t wear them correctly, often leaving their primary breather, the nose, uncovered…or they get in your face when talking and pull down the mask because no one can understand the mask-covered mumble.

So, wear a mask, no big deal, except some people just refuse.  What is a proprietor at a store, or an airline attendant to do when someone refuses to follow the rule?  Ignore it? Then they risk a fine or losing their job.  I imagine workers get pretty cranky having to police mask hating customers.  They probably develop an attitude after a while and do not police politely.  Fights often in sue.

So, wear a mask, no big deal, except there is always some asshole telling you that you are a sheep and masks do no good, or if you do not wear one there is the other asshole telling you that you are killing their grandmother!  Fights often in sue.

There are other problems with the mask.  Wear it for a long time and your breath stinks.  I found this out after a plane trip with Mrs. C.  When we landed she told me I need a piece of gum.  I said I didn’t want any gum. She said,

“You don’t understand, YOU NEED A PIECE OF GUM!”

We have to wear a mask in our bowling league, unless you are actively bowling, or eating, or drinking, so, only half the time.  While wearing the mask it is not a good idea to make conversation with the other team.  With a mask, facial expressions are hidden. I did not know how much facial expressions play a part in friendly conversation.

“Nice shot!” With a mask covered expression, can mean that was a nice shot, or that was a lucky shot, or that was actually a crappy shot.  Better to just say nothing.

Our bowling matches are less amicable than before the mask.

Look, the mask thing was a good idea, especially when we thought you could catch this thing if you just walked through a Covid exhalation cloud wafting in the air from the person less than 6 feet from you.  Maybe if we all had the correct masks, and we all wore them correctly and we wore them ALL the time, maybe they would be effective; but we don’t, we don’t know how, and we won’t…so.

Enough with the masks.  Wear them if you want.  Just like wearing a hat in the cold won’t protect you from a cold, and not cracking your knuckles has nothing to do with arthritis, and standing back from the TV won’t save you eyesight, it won’t hurt. 

Just don’t make it a law.  Especially a law that is almost impossible to enforce.

Whatever benefits there may be from wearing a mask (and the science is leaning towards very limited) in most situations, it is not worth the loss of civility those communication hindering, breath stinking, political dissention creating contraptions are causing.

At least they are nice outside in the winter when the wind chill is 15 degrees.



Wednesday, January 19, 2022

The Games Continue


The Games Continue

The gamesmanship in the Cranky house is getting out of hand.

The other day Mrs. C brought home three pretzel bites left over from a Little Annie’s take out, and a box of four large icing covered cinnamon buns.

“The left over pretzel bites are for you, and we get two cinnamon buns each.”

The next morning I ate one bun.  It was delicious, but way too big, I should have only had a half.

“I can’t believe you ate one whole bun.”

“I know, I couldn’t help myself, I’m going to eat the other one in halves only.”

“You shouldn’t have either until you finish the pretzel bites.”

“I’m not eating left over pretzel bites when there are delicious cinnamon buns still to be had.”

Yesterday I had one half of a bun with my coffee at breakfast and the other half with coffee after dinner.

“You are supposed to eat the pretzel bites first.”

“What do you mean eat the pretzel bites first?  Like there is a dessert rule?”


“Well I am saving the pretzel bites for breakfast tomorrow now that I had my buns.”

Mrs. C had a half bun after her dinner and then she also took and ate the three pretzel bites.

“What the heck?  I was going to eat them in the morning.”

“They’ve been here for two days, it’s too late, I ate them before they went stale.”

“Fine, then I’m having a half cinnamon bun in the morning.”

“Oh no you are not!”

This morning after breakfast I looked for the buns to have one half with my coffee.  They were nowhere to be found.  I checked under every towel and all the other usual hiding spots…NOTHING!

I ran upstairs,

“I hate you, I can’t believe you hid the buns, especially after you ate my pretzel bites!”

“I didn’t hide them, I ate them.”

“You what?”

“I ate them because I knew you were going to have some this morning.”

This was a new one to me.  Mrs. C can be sneaky, she can be playful, she can be greedy, but she has never before been spiteful.

“I can’t believe you, those buns were huge, you could get sick eating both especially after eating my pretzel bites!”

“You had your chance with the pretzel bites.”

“I hate you!”

I then went down stairs just a little miffed.  OK, I stomped downstairs.

About ten minutes later Mrs. C called me back upstairs.

“Yeah, what do you want?”

“We need to talk.”

Oh shit, the four most dreaded words to a husband in every marriage ever!


“I didn’t eat the last buns, I hid them so we could share them after dinner tonight.”

“Oh, thank God! I didn’t mind that you hid them, but eating them? First of all that could have made you sick, and second of all that was just spiteful.  You’ve never been spiteful before.”

“I know, I wanted to surprise you tonight, but I felt bad because you had that hurt puppy dog look on you face.”

“Where did you hide them, I looked all over.”

“I know, I hid them good.”


“Do you think I’m stupid?”

I’ve never thought Mrs. C was stupid, then I never thought she was spiteful either.  Fortunately she is neither.

Oh yeah, she did call me a jerk.


Saturday, January 15, 2022





The following opinion may be stupid, it may be based on bad ideas, false facts, or fake news, but it deserves to be reflected on and discarded, accepted or at least given a short “Hmmm.” That is the Democracy of ideas.


I often hear these days about the threat to Democracy.  It seems to be the new mantra of any argument against divergent opinions,

“That is a threat to Democracy itself.”

It does sound scary.  Apparently, these days, if you do not agree with a popular opinion, idea or science fact (a fact is something that has not yet been disproven) then you are a “Threat to Democracy.”

The idea, I suppose, is that Democracy can not survive bad ideas, false facts, fake news, cock-eyed opinions…in general, Democracy cannot survive stupidity.

I disagree.  I believe that Democracy can not survive without bad ideas, false facts, fake news, and cock-eyed opinions.

“What in the heck are you talking about Cranky, that is just stupid.”

Perhaps, but “here” as some leaders like to say “is the deal.”

If Democracy cannot survive bad ideas, false facts, fake news, and cock-eyed opinions, then someone, or some people have to decide which ideas are bad, which facts are false, which news is fake, and which opinions are cock-eyed, and make sure those ideas, facts, news and opinions are suppressed to preserve the Democracy.   

Who are these people?

Can they be challenged?

How can you challenge the ideas, facts, news and opinions of the idea-fact-news-and-opinion deciders?  You cannot.

Democracy without bad ideas, false facts, fake news, and cock-eyed opinions is not Democracy, it is an authoritarian regime.  At some point you can not vote out the authoritarian regime, because a vote against the regime would be considered based on bad ideas, false facts, fake news, and cock-eyed opinion.  Any opinion against the “Regime” is automatically dismissed or even litigated against because it is determined to be wrong…or dare I say “Stupid.”

A true Democracy needs bad ideas, false facts, fake news, and cock-eyed opinions.  A true Democracy can then debate and decide and vote on the badness, falseness, fakeness and cock-eyedness of all ideas and opinions.

A true Democracy will sort out bad ideas, false facts, fake news, cock-eyed opinions and it will survive.  A true Democracy is not afraid of bad ideas, false facts, fake news, and cock-eyed opinions, a true Democracy welcomes all ideas, facts, news and opinions.  A true Democracy will decide on validity, soundness and effectiveness of all ideas, facts and opinions.

A true Democracy will make some mistakes.  Some bad ideas may be temporarily agreed on, false facts accepted, news believed, and dumb opinions accepted…but not for very long.

A system that will not allow bad ideas, false facts, fake news, and cock-eyed opinions, will end up with nothing but bad ideas, false facts, fake news, and cock-eyed opinions and they will be accepted...or else!











Thursday, January 13, 2022

Trap Set, Me Waitin, Because She’s Nice, Bait Not Taken


Trap Set, Me Waitin, Because She’s Nice, Bait Not Taken

 Mrs. C made beef stew last night.  She also made some crescent rolls for gravy sopping.  There is stew for at least three days, rolls for only two.

“There are 8 rolls, four for you and four for me.”

That meant for me anyway, two rolls a night, with one night to go roll-less.

After dinner, I noted,

“There are still five rolls left, I guess I get the extra for night three?”

“Don’t even try it, I only had one tonight, three left are for me and I know how to count.”

It was worth a try.

Tonight I finished my helping of stew with two rolls.  As I cleaned up my plate, I noticed there were still two rolls left and Mrs. C had not yet eaten her stew.  (We do not always eat on the same schedule) Apparently, she had one roll with her lunch.

While she was not looking, I moved the rolls to another counter and covered them with a towel, an act of deception she often does to me with deserts.

Now, I knew she would eventually find the rolls when she was ready for dinner, but I might have enough time to claim I forgot and already ate them.  I love to get a rise out of Mrs. C.

In my head:

“Where are the rolls, I had two left for my stew tonight?”

“Rolls? You mean the two that were on the counter?”

“Yes, you know, the two that I told you last night were MINE!”

“Those were for you?  I just ate them, the stew needed extra rolls for sopping.”

“YOU WHAT!  Wait a minute, even you couldn’t be that big a jerk, where did you hide them, under a towel?”

“You got me, but I did get a rise out of you for a second there.”

In Reality:

As I was finishing my coffee and desert, Mrs. C sat down with her stew sans rolls.

I was ready; any second now she would ask about the rolls.

“I know you really like those crescent rolls; you can have the last two with dinner tomorrow.”

“OMG, I don’t believe you!”

“What, it’s OK, you can have them.”

“No, I don’t believe that the one time you decide to give up something is the time I hid the damn things under a towel!”

“Heah! Like I wouldn’t have found them anyway.”

“Not without first throwing a fit!”

“Once again, you are a jerk!”

And she remains undefeated, untied and unscored upon.


Tuesday, January 11, 2022

TRAP SET, She’s A waitin, because I’m Old, Bait not Taken


TRAP SET, She’s A waitin, because I’m Old, Bait not Taken*

I almost always know where my cell phone is.  There are two  exceptions. One is when the phone is being charged.  I will pat every pocket and look in every place I have recently been, looking for the damn thing.

Mrs. C has to prod me.

“Did you look in the charging area?”

“Oh Yeah, thanks.”

The other place is at the bowling lanes.  For some reason, perhaps I’m too upset at not hitting a ten pin spare, I often forget my phone which is always in view on the table.

In past years, bowling team partner, Sue, volunteered to remind me about my phone after the match was over.

“Ahem…forget something?”

“Oh crap, my phone, thanks.”

This year Mrs. C joined the team and it is her job to remind me to take my cell phone at the end of the night.

Mrs. C is not as nice about it as Sue.

The other night, as usual, I forgot my phone.  Did Mrs. C remind me?  No she did not.

Instead she put it in her pocket, thereby setting a wife like trap.

She was just waiting for me to suddenly remember my phone.  She would watch me panic.  She would hear me curse.  Finally she would hear me complain that she didn’t remember to remind me to take my phone.

In her head:

“Oh crap, I left my phone at the alleys!”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, it is not on me and I always forget the damn thing after bowling…you know that!  Why didn’t you remember to remind me? Sue always did!”

“So did I you big jerk, I have the phone right here, now apologize!”

In reality:

All the way home just talk about the bowling.  At home just talk about snacks and what is on TV.  In bed watching TV.  Finally starting to fall asleep.

“Aren’t you missing something?”

“I am? What?”

“Your cell phone you jerk!  You forgot it at the lanes again, I had to remember it, put it in my pocket and bring it home and you didn’t even miss it! HERE!!”

“Oh yeah.  Thanks.”

“You’re no fun at all, you are too oblivious to even remember you did not remember your phone.”

“Well you shouldn’t try and set me up to be a jerk.”

“Doesn’t matter, you’re a jerk for not being a jerk!”

If marriage was a game, Mrs. C would be undefeated.


*No valedictorian was consulted in this title.


Monday, January 10, 2022

Successful People


Successful People

As a relatively unsuccessful person, I have become an observational expert of successful people.  Successful people come in three categories.

The experts:

Eminently qualified for a job,  these people by sheer intellect, drive and absolute devotion to their area of expertise become successful in their chosen field.  Not highly successful, but they reach a moderate level of success by virtue of their competence and productivity. 

These people are useful tools for the truly successful people:

The CEO’s:

The most successful people in any area are the CEO’s.  These people learn just enough about any issue to recognize the true experts and direct that expertise in the most productive way.

For instance, an expert invented paper with an adhesive back, a CEO turned that into “Sticky notes.”  The expert was rewarded with a high salary, the CEO was rewarded with stock options worth multi-millions.

The third category is the

Middle Manager:

These people have no expertise in an area, but learn just enough to take credit from the experts when things go well, and place blame on the same experts when things do not go well.  They can be identified by their constant use of questions like:

“Didn’t anyone test that first?”

or excuses:

“No one could have ever predicted that.”

They protect themselves of future mistakes by voicing comments as:

“I am concerned that this may not work.”

The middle manager has enough expertise to be dangerous, and enough political skill to hide his lack of expertise.

He does look good in a suit. 

Some Middle Managers are so good at being Middle Managers that they become ineffective CEO’s.  We see this often in politics.

Recently there was a traffic jam on route I-95, the busiest highway on the east coast, during a snow/ice storm.

Apparently it was no ones fault. 

“No one could have forecast such a storm.” (except the weather experts who did forecast the storm with dead on accuracy).

“Salting roads would not work as the rain would wash it away.” (except the rain hit the ice-cold road and instantly turned to ICE!)

Finally the jam which left hundreds stranded for over 24 hours in the cold without food, water or restroom facilities was blamed on:

“The idiots that thought they could go out and drive during a major snow storm!”

The idiots were mostly truck drivers bringing goods and produce to our homes and the empty shelves in our supermarkets.  Oh, and a Senator who almost became Vice President of the United States.

There is similar blame for Covid-19 deaths.  When faced with failure, blame the victims.

“Almost all covid deaths are the unvaccinated.”

That may be true, but it begs the obvious that you just can not convince 100% of any population to stick stuff in their body.  Many people avoid the shot because they do not trust government based on past medical experimental programs.  Some are just ignorant.  Some feel they are immune due to already suffering the disease.  Lots of reasons, some even valid.  (BTW I am double vaccinated and boosted.)

So the pandemic has hit us hard because:

“No one could have predicted the new variants.” (Except the experts who have been saying it for two years) and it is

“People’s own fault for not getting vaccinated.” (Those people are even responsible for the new variant and for giving Covid to the vaccinated!)

“Nothing we could do, not our fault,” claim the in charge non-experts.

Except the experts have developed therapeutics such an Remdesivir and Monoclonal Antibodies while middle managers make excuses and the CEO’s sleep.  These therapeutics are very effective and have been around for over a year. Why is there a shortage?

“Not my fault” “No one could have predicted the need” and “It is the anti-vacs fault!”

Six months ago experts said they had therapeutics in pill form that were potential “game changers” in the Covid battle.  It took months to test these pills to determine they were safe and effective.  Now in the middle of the Omicron surge these pills are proven effective and could save thousands of lives…except they are not available. 

Middle managers waited until they passed all tests.  Now they will not be available until summer when the virus seems to be the least contagious.   

Why did we not demand early full production of these therapeutics in anticipation of their potential effectiveness and safety?

I have not heard that question asked.  I assume the answer would be,

“No one could have anticipated the need.” Or “Not my fault.” Or “If everyone was vaccinated we would not need therapeutics in the first place.”

There is no shortage of experts in the country, our problem is we have an overabundance of Middle Managers, and too few effective CEO’s.    


Wednesday, January 5, 2022

No Words Needed



No Words Needed

There are very specific divisions of household labor in the Cranky home.  There is no particular rhyme or reason for most chores, although the rules do seem to be dictated by Mrs. Cranky. 

A simple example is the garbage detail.  It is my job to take out the garbage.  This means both the outside bin to the street on pickup day, and filling that bin from inside containers.  It is Mrs. C’s job to load the kitchen bin with a new plastic bag while I dispose the old bag in the outside container. 

It is my job to then place the kitchen bin-top back on the newly loaded container.  Why Mrs. C will not do this simple task I don’t know and have learned not to ask such things.

Another example:

Mrs. C always makes sure the coffee can and powdered creamer container are full.  This might be because when I fill them there may be some spillage…possibly.

Anyway, there is always coffee and creamer waiting for me when I need it.  Mrs. C does not even drink coffee, but she keeps the containers full.  I often make a joke about this.

“You know, I could have sworn that last night the coffee can was almost empty, yet this morning it was full to the brim.”

“Imagine that.”

“Yes, it is sort of a coffee miracle.”

Sometimes when the can is low I will move it to the other side of the coffee maker and not say anything.  It is always noticed and filled the next day.

The other night I made a big scene of banging the creamer container upside down by the coffee maker.  Mrs. C took notice but said nothing.

Later that night I went downstairs for a glass of water and I noticed the creamer was still near empty. 

Mrs. C was one eye lid away from sleep when I alluded to the creamer  not being refilled.

“I guess I’ll have to have my coffee in the morning without creamer.”

“Oh crap, I’m sorry…I forgot.”

“That’s ok, I’ll give you a pass…this time.”

Mrs. C went to sleep, and after a while I nodded off to the drone of an old situation comedy TV rerun.

In the morning I went downstairs to make my breakfast and brew my coffee.  The creamer container was full to the brim.

When and how I am not sure.

In a previous relationship my partner insisted that we say to each other “I love you” several times a day.  Looking back, these words were used even when one of us, not me, was intimately also using them with someone else.  

Sometimes words are just words.

Mrs. C and I seldom say those words to each other.

Monday, January 3, 2022




OK, I’m starting the new year off with a sports post.  Wait ladies, don’t go away (not you AP, I know you’ll read anything sports) this sort of transcends sports.

There were two unusual events at this Sunday’s NFL games.  One demonstrated the wrong way to win and influence people (fans), the other the polar opposite.


Antonio Brown, a Hall of Fame caliber star receiver for Tampa Bay (he catches the ball) abruptly left his team and the field during the game.   

It is speculated that he was upset as he was not on track to meet specific goals to qualify for as much as $1,000,000 in performance bonuses.  This explanation probably does not cover the whole story.  Antonio has had a troubled past and clearly has some internal demons to excise. 

This simple action has him off the team and probably forever out of the league.  It will cost him a job worth lots of money, potential endorsements, prestige and more.  I do have sympathy for him as he clearly has issues he cannot shake and does need some help.



Jalen Hurts, the quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles (he throws the ball) almost had his career cut short in an off the field accident.

While heading to the locker room after he led his team to victory, raved Eagles Fans (who are raved like no other fans) pushed over a metal barrier trying to see and or touch the star QB.  Jalen just managed to avoid the crash.  Some stars in this situation might just side step the fan pileup and jog on into the locker room.  Jalen stopped, made sure the fans were not hurt, helped them up, and then posed for selfies with the fans until security ushered him away.  

Two extraordinary talented athletes, one with a him-against-the-world bad attitude, the other with an appreciation for the game, his talent, and the fans that allow him to play for money.

One will probably end up broke, spiritually and financially, throwing away his God given talent and a ton of hard work to develop that talent. 

The other will probably forever remain a fan favorite even if he does not bring his team a championship.

I know many people do not appreciate or understand sports, but the games do teach us all more about life than just winning and losing.