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Thursday, January 27, 2022





My step daughter has genuine artistic talent.  We have a number of her paintings hung through-out the house.  Many of her works are in a “pop-art” almost cartoony vein, with perhaps a touch of Andy Warhol.

She uses her talent today as a graphic designer.

The other day I was working out on our new treadmill (Christmas present to myself) and I noticed one of Cassie’s works on a basement wall.

It did not seem to be in her usual style. It was different, it was interesting.  It seemed to me, to be almost childlike, and yet there was something about it that I could not stop looking at it.

I would have to tell Cassie that this piece of art really had something, and she should explore this new style further.  Of course, what do I know?  This work could be pure crap and Cassie left it at our home because she was ashamed of it.

Still, for some reason I liked it, and you know what?  If someone likes a piece of art than it must be real art.  If it speaks to someone then it is art.  This painting spoke to me, even though I'm not sure what it was saying.

So yes, I would tell Cassie I really liked this painting.  Even if it was not realistic; I did find it interesting.

Different, but somehow quite good I thought.

When I was finished with my workout, I went over for a closer look to see if perhaps Cassie had named the work.

There was a signature, but it was not Cassie’s.

It was from someone named Vincent Van Gogh. 

It was a print from a recent museum trip that Mrs. C had gone to with Cassie.

Clearly, I do not know much about art to not be familiar with Vincent Van Gogh, his style or his works.

But at least I recognize fine art when I see it.



  1. Listen to Vincent by Don McLean, also known as Starry, Starry Night.

  2. Years ago I found that same print in my garage and commented that I liked it. I was then told it was hanging on the wall upside down. So much for my art knowledge.

    Did you know that Van Gogh was short-sighted? When he cut off his ear his glasses kept falling off.

    God bless.

  3. Your stepdaughter would be pleased you thought she painted like Van Gogh. I had never looked at it closely before and hadn't noticed the village beneath the starry night. Also thanks to Catalyst. I had not really listened to the lyrics of the song Starry, Starry Night before and didn't realize it was all about Van Gogh. Educational post for me, thanks. PS Congrats on using the treadmill.

  4. Last year I got The Pony a collection of masks that were Van Gogh prints. Starry, Starry Night was one of them. He's artsy-fartsy like that.

  5. When a piece speaks to you, you should listen.

  6. I envy those with artistic talent. When I saw your photo I thought, gee, that looks like a Van Gogh, but what do I know? More than I thought I did!

  7. Art is whatever you like to look at and everything else is not, although that may not be true in the eyes of others. It's a personal taste thing. I recognised the Van Gogh and thought she had copied it to see if she could.

  8. the painting strongly spoke to me either dear Joe and it was before i read the post ,it had such great appeal that i felt so compelled to look at it for long .if she copied it from the Van Gogh she did an excellent job i really appreciate her for her skills ,thank you so much for this wonderful post i just loved the art and all you felt about it !

  9. Van Gogh is one of my favorites and I like your opinion on art. It's such a personal thing.