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Monday, January 3, 2022




OK, I’m starting the new year off with a sports post.  Wait ladies, don’t go away (not you AP, I know you’ll read anything sports) this sort of transcends sports.

There were two unusual events at this Sunday’s NFL games.  One demonstrated the wrong way to win and influence people (fans), the other the polar opposite.


Antonio Brown, a Hall of Fame caliber star receiver for Tampa Bay (he catches the ball) abruptly left his team and the field during the game.   

It is speculated that he was upset as he was not on track to meet specific goals to qualify for as much as $1,000,000 in performance bonuses.  This explanation probably does not cover the whole story.  Antonio has had a troubled past and clearly has some internal demons to excise. 

This simple action has him off the team and probably forever out of the league.  It will cost him a job worth lots of money, potential endorsements, prestige and more.  I do have sympathy for him as he clearly has issues he cannot shake and does need some help.



Jalen Hurts, the quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles (he throws the ball) almost had his career cut short in an off the field accident.

While heading to the locker room after he led his team to victory, raved Eagles Fans (who are raved like no other fans) pushed over a metal barrier trying to see and or touch the star QB.  Jalen just managed to avoid the crash.  Some stars in this situation might just side step the fan pileup and jog on into the locker room.  Jalen stopped, made sure the fans were not hurt, helped them up, and then posed for selfies with the fans until security ushered him away.  

Two extraordinary talented athletes, one with a him-against-the-world bad attitude, the other with an appreciation for the game, his talent, and the fans that allow him to play for money.

One will probably end up broke, spiritually and financially, throwing away his God given talent and a ton of hard work to develop that talent. 

The other will probably forever remain a fan favorite even if he does not bring his team a championship.

I know many people do not appreciate or understand sports, but the games do teach us all more about life than just winning and losing.   


  1. You gotta love Hurts (I got a chuckle out of "he throws the ball"). He is a class act. Now Brown, my first thought is prima donna whose impression of himself will never live up to reality. Or--there is a chance he has taken too many blows to his head and is suffering from CTE which can really alter a persons personality. I am hoping he is just a prima donna. You are so right though on the legacy.

  2. Very well said, Joe. I don't watch sports, but I did check out the link to the video. Brat.

    Have a fabulous day and week. ☺

  3. Exactly. If they all behaved like Mr. Hurts, i might go back to following the pros. (We only pay attention to high school and college sports.)

  4. I had missed the Hurts incident. (And he's not even a receiver!) But, yes, what a class act. Mr. Brown, on the other hand, definitely seems to have issues that he needs help in getting under control. But I suspect he has lost his career as a football player.

  5. He just walked off and left them??? Tsk Tsk. See the game through and then work out your issues.
    The other guy gets my vote for good sportsmanship.

  6. That's very sad about Antonio Brown. I suspect he will look back on those actions and have great regret. What a shame and what a waste of talent. I hope he comes out the other side okay - Jalen.. Now that is a class act and good on him. I think it speaks to the decent man he is. Happy New Year, Joe. Oh and I found a Wordpress theme with comments at the bottom. :) You're welcome. Oh, and Happy New Year to Mrs. C! :D