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Wednesday, January 5, 2022

No Words Needed



No Words Needed

There are very specific divisions of household labor in the Cranky home.  There is no particular rhyme or reason for most chores, although the rules do seem to be dictated by Mrs. Cranky. 

A simple example is the garbage detail.  It is my job to take out the garbage.  This means both the outside bin to the street on pickup day, and filling that bin from inside containers.  It is Mrs. C’s job to load the kitchen bin with a new plastic bag while I dispose the old bag in the outside container. 

It is my job to then place the kitchen bin-top back on the newly loaded container.  Why Mrs. C will not do this simple task I don’t know and have learned not to ask such things.

Another example:

Mrs. C always makes sure the coffee can and powdered creamer container are full.  This might be because when I fill them there may be some spillage…possibly.

Anyway, there is always coffee and creamer waiting for me when I need it.  Mrs. C does not even drink coffee, but she keeps the containers full.  I often make a joke about this.

“You know, I could have sworn that last night the coffee can was almost empty, yet this morning it was full to the brim.”

“Imagine that.”

“Yes, it is sort of a coffee miracle.”

Sometimes when the can is low I will move it to the other side of the coffee maker and not say anything.  It is always noticed and filled the next day.

The other night I made a big scene of banging the creamer container upside down by the coffee maker.  Mrs. C took notice but said nothing.

Later that night I went downstairs for a glass of water and I noticed the creamer was still near empty. 

Mrs. C was one eye lid away from sleep when I alluded to the creamer  not being refilled.

“I guess I’ll have to have my coffee in the morning without creamer.”

“Oh crap, I’m sorry…I forgot.”

“That’s ok, I’ll give you a pass…this time.”

Mrs. C went to sleep, and after a while I nodded off to the drone of an old situation comedy TV rerun.

In the morning I went downstairs to make my breakfast and brew my coffee.  The creamer container was full to the brim.

When and how I am not sure.

In a previous relationship my partner insisted that we say to each other “I love you” several times a day.  Looking back, these words were used even when one of us, not me, was intimately also using them with someone else.  

Sometimes words are just words.

Mrs. C and I seldom say those words to each other.


  1. Yes, the coffee miracle happens here too, the only difference is it is Tea miracle as we are more the Tea drinking type.

  2. It's funny how simple things become part of our lives. I do the mowing. Jack does car repair or house repair. He does laundry. I clean. He makes sure all the bathrooms (4) have toilet paper. I cook. He does the trash. I've always believed that actions speaks louder than words. Although an "I love you" is good to hear now and then, when I realize there's toilet paper ready at the need..well, that's love.

  3. Mrs. C is your powdered creamer mate.

  4. I have printed the words "I LOVE YOU" on a laminated piece of cardboard the size of a credit card. She can read it for reassurance whenever she likes!

    God bless.

  5. Aww, this was very sweet and a definite love letter. Both of you keep doing what you are doing. It is obviously working.

  6. I fell in love with Jim because he rolled up my car windows when he saw it was going to rain. Kindness and thoughtfulness win me over every time. He tells me I'm easy.

  7. It really is the little things. Mrs. C is the best. :)

  8. For some people, words of affirmation are most important. For others, it's the deeds. You two are doing love right.

  9. I seldom say those same words to other people, I just feel uncomfortable saying them and don't know why.
    I do believe that actions count for the same thing as saying the words, just by keeping the coffee and creamer cans full Mrs C is saying she loves you.

  10. Actions speak louder than words. My partner is not strong on the "I love yous" but is endlessly supportive which is much more important.