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Thursday, January 13, 2022

Trap Set, Me Waitin, Because She’s Nice, Bait Not Taken


Trap Set, Me Waitin, Because She’s Nice, Bait Not Taken

 Mrs. C made beef stew last night.  She also made some crescent rolls for gravy sopping.  There is stew for at least three days, rolls for only two.

“There are 8 rolls, four for you and four for me.”

That meant for me anyway, two rolls a night, with one night to go roll-less.

After dinner, I noted,

“There are still five rolls left, I guess I get the extra for night three?”

“Don’t even try it, I only had one tonight, three left are for me and I know how to count.”

It was worth a try.

Tonight I finished my helping of stew with two rolls.  As I cleaned up my plate, I noticed there were still two rolls left and Mrs. C had not yet eaten her stew.  (We do not always eat on the same schedule) Apparently, she had one roll with her lunch.

While she was not looking, I moved the rolls to another counter and covered them with a towel, an act of deception she often does to me with deserts.

Now, I knew she would eventually find the rolls when she was ready for dinner, but I might have enough time to claim I forgot and already ate them.  I love to get a rise out of Mrs. C.

In my head:

“Where are the rolls, I had two left for my stew tonight?”

“Rolls? You mean the two that were on the counter?”

“Yes, you know, the two that I told you last night were MINE!”

“Those were for you?  I just ate them, the stew needed extra rolls for sopping.”

“YOU WHAT!  Wait a minute, even you couldn’t be that big a jerk, where did you hide them, under a towel?”

“You got me, but I did get a rise out of you for a second there.”

In Reality:

As I was finishing my coffee and desert, Mrs. C sat down with her stew sans rolls.

I was ready; any second now she would ask about the rolls.

“I know you really like those crescent rolls; you can have the last two with dinner tomorrow.”

“OMG, I don’t believe you!”

“What, it’s OK, you can have them.”

“No, I don’t believe that the one time you decide to give up something is the time I hid the damn things under a towel!”

“Heah! Like I wouldn’t have found them anyway.”

“Not without first throwing a fit!”

“Once again, you are a jerk!”

And she remains undefeated, untied and unscored upon.



  1. OH MY GOSH! Mrs C is so many steps ahead of you, she's coming up behind! Not only did she hand you those coveted crescent rolls, she handed you your rumpus on a platter!

  2. You two should be on a TV comedy series.

    God bless.

  3. Ha ha, give up joeh, she has your number. Just be grateful she doesn't have a violent streak:)

  4. I agree with Victor - you guys need to be on a TV comedy series.

  5. I think Mrs. C just likes fucking with you. Hahahahahaha!