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Wednesday, February 2, 2022

She Needs Me


She Needs Me

There is only one entrance to our townhome.  Our garage is attached, but unlike most of the units, there is no entry from the garage.  We have a sliding glass door off the rear deck, but a baseball bat blocks the slider because like most sliding glass doors, it does not take much to defeat the locking system…so, no entry from the back.

The front door is the only entry point.

In past winters, the dead bolt has been a little difficult to open.  On very cold days the metal of the bolt and the metal of the bolt plate seem to shrink in differing amounts causing the bolt to be a bit sticky.

I have been meaning to make an adjustment to the plate to fix this, but it has not been a problem, only a nuisance.  This winter it is a big problem.  The system is so tight that Mrs. C does not have enough strength to open the lock.

I can open it only as I have enough weight to push on the door to relieve some bolt/plate friction and enough wrist strength to force it open.

If Mrs. C is out, she will send me a text before she is home so I will undo the bolt for her.  When we go out together, I am the only one who can engage the bolt when we leave or open it with a key when we get home.

I think a slight plate adjustment would fix the problem. 

I am not going to fix it.

It is good to be needed.

I have spouse security until spring.


  1. I think you should fix it. What if there is a day when she needs to come home and you aren't there?

    1. I guess she would muster up some muscle or freeze.

  2. Good idea. Job security is sometimes hard to come by.

  3. Job security is terrific. Curious though, would a bit of graphite help. I use it when my locks get difficult.

  4. You had better hope she doesn't read your blog. :)

  5. I didn't know you lived in my house! Our front door does the same thing. Our slider has a big stick stopping it from opening. Oh, wait. Our garage has a door into our mudroom. If you recall it's the one that hit me from behind and sent me flying onto the garage floor. Not sure which door I hate more!

  6. Hahahaha! "Spouse security until spring." Nice... How will you keep your spouse security thru the spring???

  7. Spouse security! So that is how you men, work it? lol

  8. that sounds "cute of you" dear Joe if you really want to be needed by her :)