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Monday, February 21, 2022

I Do Not Understand The News Anymore


I Do Not Understand The News Anymore

I remember when reading the news was simple.  These days I only get confused.  

In an all out effort to not offend any person.  The news omits offensive words and fills them in with ____.

This does spare me from being the “O” word, but also leaves me wondering what the “F” word was the word they are protecting me from seeing?

I do know the “N” word.  I know it is not nice.  But when I see n____r, the actual word registers in my head, so I am still offended.   

What is accomplished buy leaving out the middle letters?

Often I see words represented by just letters and I have no idea what the word is. 

Is a_____e, an ass hole, or is it an arm mole?

If someone is a B word, is he/she/they/them a bitch, or a brat?

(Don’t get me started on pronouns)

What is a c___ s___er? A corn shucker? A crab shaker?

If we all know what a “the N-word” stands for, then why is saying “the N-word” any less offensive than saying…you know?

If we know what MFer stands for, then why not just say…you know?

Who is being protected from the offensive words?

What do you tell children when they ask,

“Daddy, what is a MFer?”

“It’s a bad word.”

“What is it?”

“I can’t tell you.”

You just know eventually that child is going to call someone a MFer.  Won’t it still be offensive? And the child will not know why!

Reading the news used to be simple.  Now I have to figure out what offensive word a letter and blanks stands for.  

Here is one that bugs me.  As many times as I look up the current meaning of binary person or non-binary person, I always forget.  Is the N-word code for Non-binary person? Is the “B” word for a binary person? Is either one bad?

This pronoun stuff also has me confused.  (OK. I got me started)

I am sorry, but when I read an article that refers to “they” and it is just one person, I am confused.

When does Q mean the Q-word (you know!) and when does it mean a nutjob that believes conspiracies of something so bad that the news will not explain them (the conspiracies not a person or persons of unknown gender)? 

Are Q people G, or L, or B? 

Or are he/she/they/them the “R” word?

Where is George Carlin when we really need him?




  1. George would have no lack of topics these days, right? He was a very clever chap, and even though we didn’t agree on everything (he was a staunch atheist), I do miss his sense of humor.

  2. Oops, now you are sending me to Google. Binary? New to me. Keeping up is hard.

  3. Sometimes i think there is no keeping up, so i just muddle through and avoid words that would get my mouth washed out with soap.

  4. They, when referring to a single person is because they can't say whether the person is male or female, either because they don't know or are protecting the identity of that person. I think. As for all the others, I haven't noticed any of that in our newspapers here. Mostly I just read headlines and first paragraphs anyway and no more unless that first paragraph reels me in. I spend more time on the puzzles and comics page.

    1. No one will ever convince me that the "They/Them pronoun crap is not absurd and stupid!!!!

  5. I did a post when I was working about the educational article we were mandated to read about all the new names for all the new folks who are now other folks. I read it..twice. I still cannot remember what to call who..or is it whom? what. What? Anyway, I just found out what LOL means.

    1. For years I thought it meant "Lots of Luck," boy did that lead to some embarrassing replies!

  6. I hope my use of 'What in the Not-Heaven' is not offensive! Actually, I don't give a flying EFF if it offends anybody.

  7. MFer is Me Firster.
    You know, the EmEffer who just HAS get into the lane you’re traveling in ahead of you as they merge onto the road.

  8. use of such incomplete words seems to be increase here either and reading this makes me feel less embarrassed as i can't get what they meant
    thank you for interesting and encouraging post dear Joe

  9. "Are Q people G, or L, or B?" We can call them Rainbow People or Alphabet People. Whatever letters are not yet used will be used in the future as creative people will find creative ways to describe why they need to be treated differently than other human beings.

    Pronoun crap indeed.