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Monday, March 14, 2022




When I was a wee lad in school, there was always that one bully.

“Hey kid, can you lend me a quarter?”

You knew that you would not be “lending” him a quarter.  You also knew that every day you would be “lending” him a quarter.  You knew that eventually he would be “borrowing” more than a quarter…every day.

So, you either said “Sorry, I’m broke” and sauntered away confidently, or you ended up learning to hide extra lunch money in your sock.

A bully is the same at every level.

Bullies smell fear and they will take as much as they can until they run into some backbone.  Like any predator, they look for the easiest prey.  Facing a buck with antlers could result in a life ending infected wound, so the mountain lion will not risk winning a battle and losing his life; instead, he will ambush a fawn.

That is how bullies operate.  They take from the timid and the weak, and they avoid those with balls.

“Take what you want, but don’t hurt me” generally results in losing everything and maybe being hurt as well…just because.

Eventually all bullies must be faced.   Eventually you must tell them, “I don’t care anymore,  you may hurt me, but I will kick and I will scratch!”

Usually, the bully moves on to a new patsy.

Fear is a bully’s green light.

Is standing up to a bully risky?


Should you just lay back and take it…again and again and again?   


  1. I've always stood up to bullies. I'm old and I'm still standing up to bullies.

    Have a fabulous day and week, Joe. ☺

  2. Actually I married a man who admitted he was a bully in school and took lunch monies. Guess what, they don't usually grow into nice people.

  3. Stand up. It's not always easy, but it's always right.

  4. I've learned to stand up to bullies. It is never easy. One thing I know about bullies is they certainly can cry and lick their wounds when someone gets to them.

  5. Stand up to them and never let them see they are getting to you. When my nasty bullying upstairs tenant finally moved out he told me he admired me because I didn't let his comments and actions affect me.

  6. Ukraine is showing us how to stand up to a bully. Even if that bully is pure evil and the odds are stacked against them.

    1. Bingo!! And we should grow a pair and offer more help. At a minimum Putin should be told if he does not immediately stop targeting civilians, we will declare a no fly zone and yes we have nukes also.

  7. Always stand up to them. Always.

  8. thank you dear Joe it was interesting read as always

    i liked your phrase "until they get backbone ,you said it all :)

    If bully is one who attacked Ukraine i think he need a combine scold from all ,just scold no war please .

    I am thoroughly enjoying your book as well ,it was amazing to read when you had won boat racing at 13 wow !!!!!!!!!!