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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Women Talk

Wopomopen Topalk
Women’s ability to communicate better than men’s is well known.  Not necessarily with everyone, but certainly women to women.  Their communication is often complicated and undecipherable by men.  Women can speak volumes with a raised eyebrow, a voice tone change, shoulder shrugs and body posture.  Men often miss non-verbal communication. Men just use words.

I remember in school the girls could all read lips.  The boys would get in trouble talking is class while the girls would carry on conversations across the classroom without making a sound.  Perhaps this is why women love soap operas where the characters all whisper; women don’t need to hear dialog, they can see it.

Sometimes women even invent their own language.  They did this when I was in junior high school and they would talk circles around the boys. The girls would be giggling and making faces while we, the boys, had no idea what they were chattering about.

I’m pretty sure it was women who invented “Pig Latin.”  Pig Latin was not too hard to figure out and the boys soon caught on. 

Then the girls invented “OP.”

Even with knowing how OP worked, the girls spoke it so fast; the boys had no idea what they were saying.

In “OP,” you put an “op” before every vowel.  My name, Joe, became Jopo-ope.  I did learn my own name pretty quickly.  If they were talking about Jopo-ope Hopagopy I earned to tune in, but the rest of any conversation was "OP" to me.  If the girls even thought you might be catching on they switched to "EK" which was pretty much the same as "OP" only with EK.  

Sometimes they would mix the two and that was ridiculous.  I could not even recognize Jeko-ope Hopageky.

Mrs. C would say "Yop-o-eku opareke opa jekerk!"

There is a movie out about an indecipherable code the Nazis used in World War II.  The code of nonsense letters was turned into words with   a machine, the “Enigma” machine.  I plan to go to this movie with Mrs. Cranky.  I wonder if she will be able to figure out what the Nazis were saying before the geniuses in the movie crack the code.

OpI Wopo-opuld nopot bopet opagopaopinst opit.
                              (I would not bet against it.)


  1. I must not be the average woman. I don't remember talking in code, LOL, during high school and I can't read lips (though wouldn't it be great if I could?) I do know that I tend to talk more than hubby, but I do think that is definitely a woman thing :)


  2. In elementary school, my friend taught me EAZ Pig Latin.. adding EAZ to each syllabel. (Your post title would be Weazomeazen Teazalk) I can still speak and understand it with complete ease. It gave us many private conversations in front of our parents, siblings, teachers and school mates. It just took so long to say anything. But four times as many syllables were distracting enough that it prevented most people from understanding us. Mrs. Cranky and I could chat. ;)

  3. SOME women are good at communicating. I do know some men who communicate very well with their bodies.

  4. And have you noticed that a woman walking to another woman rarely finishes a sentence yet is completely understood?

    1. Do you mean like this?
      "That girl, you know the one?"
      She is so, you know."
      "Yes, I know."

  5. I just knew jerk was going to appear at some point and I wasn't disappointed. Bwahahahahahahaha.

    Yes, Mrs. Cranky will crack the code first.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  6. SD talks to me in code all the time, it usually features words like, propshaft, tyre and suspension lift - NO idea WHAT he's talking about ...

  7. Ha! I was a Pig Latin pro! (And I still use it now and then to keep my grandsons from understanding a few things.) But OP? Never heard of it...and am now determined to master it.

  8. If you knew our secret, you were ahead of the curve. Suprising how many women feel the same about men.

  9. I don't recall these languages, but my sisters and I invented such exotic nicknames for everyone we knew and mixed them in with the "broken Lithuanian" we picked up from grandma that we could talk freely right in front of the victim and they never had a clue it was about them...guys, especially!

  10. Remember the Name Game song? (Larry, Larry, Bo-barry, banana bana fo farry, fe fi mo marry, Larry)

  11. The one i learned was ubbi-dubbi, which was popularized by the TV show Zoom. You simply put "ub" in front of each vowel, and stress the first syllable of every word.

  12. I used to talk backwards, eoj ygah. haha

  13. Oh dear. I have zero affinity for language. I never mastered pig Latin or even the Name Game so I am pretty sure I would have suffered greatly if the OP had hit my generation.
    "Southern" can confuse me.

  14. No need for a special language here, women talk too fast and change or interleave unrelated subjects so skillfully that it's just as good as another language of its own. Queenie is particularly adept at having 3-4 conversations at once with someone.

    Now I have a headache.

  15. Funny. There was a tribe of Indians who used their language during WW2 to send messages because no one could decode it. Mrs. Cranky and her gals could have done the job too. lol

  16. Holy moley! I would love to hear that live!


  17. I notice how often women talk to each other in "abbreviated speak" and seldom use transition devises to change the subject. It's often baffling.

  18. Wow! Those girls were amazing. I don't remember anything like that. Just stuff like "get lost, creep."

  19. I feel better now. I never realized "go away" was code. I guess I was really popular.

  20. Omg.. I learned to speak from my dad so I never knew those girly languages existed. It was brief and to the point, name, rank n' serial number, sir, yes sir. ;) I'm going to see that movie as well. :D

  21. I've never understood girl talk or women's conversations. I'd be no good at all with the coded ones.
    Not sure if being raised by my dad who didn't talk much at all had anything to do with it. Even in school, I didn't understand what the other girls were on about. They nattered all day and then on the phone after school or at each other's homes after school. What do they talk about all day long?

  22. Nope, I can't understand OP. 'Course, I have a hard time listening to 6 ladies speaking plain English at the same time, too. :)

  23. It seems to me Sarah Palin speaks that language, too!