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Saturday, January 17, 2015



A cranky opinion for


The following is the opinion of a cranky old man with very little knowledge on the subject opined.  Opposing opinions are welcome.  They will be ignored, but they are welcome.  And please, as always, no name calling.  That means you, you big fat idiot!

I really don’t like to comment on religious issues, but I just have a problem finding the murder of French cartoonists in the name of Allah to be an act in the name of religion.  

I am also tired of hearing that these are the acts of a small minority and that the vast majority of Muslims are peace loving people.

Yes they are.  The vast majority of Muslims are peace loving and peaceful…quietly peaceful.  Much like the peaceful but quiet Germans when millions of Jews were sent to death camps.  Much like peaceful but quiet Russians when Stalin and Lenin murdered millions of Russian citizens;   much like many peaceful but quiet people throughout the ages.  I get it.  I would probably be a coward as well, in the face of brutal executions and beheadings.

What I don’t get is the constant reminder that the majority of Muslims are peaceful and that Islam is the religion of peace.   Sorry, but while people are being brutally murdered for NOT being a member of the Religion of Peace or for drawing a cartoon that you don’t like, then the  peaceful majority is irrelevant.   Don’t speak out against the radicals…I understand, but stop trying to balance their brutality with your demand that we concentrate on the peace loving non-radicals.

Then there is the comparison to fundamentalist Christians who picket abortion clinics.  I disagree with their position, but I understand it is a legitimate religious position that they feel morally obligated to act upon.  You could say the same for radical Islam.   The mocking cartoons are offensive to them.  It is important for them to voice their disapproval.  However, except for a rare abortion doctor murder (loudly condemned by Christians) fundamentalist Christians find peaceful if sometimes irritating methods to voice their disapproval.  They are hardly the equivalent of Isis and Al Quida.

Then there is the issue of these cartoons.  The ones I see are of stereotype Arabs with head wrapping that represent Muslims. 


Probably, but I don’t see them as representing THE PROPHIT Mohammed.  Sometimes they even refer to the characters as “Mohammed.”   I’m guessing that if you browsed through a phone book in Yemen you would find more than a few “Mohammeds.”

When a white lunatic climbs a tower and starts firing on innocent pedestrians, we don’t see newspapers reminding us that the vast majority of Post Office workers are peace loving people.  When a disturbed kid takes a gun to school and indiscriminately guns down his fellow students, we don’t see newspapers reminding us that the vast majority of school children do not gun down their fellow students.

I think it is fair, proper and the obligation of the media to point out that a whole lot of Muslims are hell bent on killing anyone who does not follow what they believe,  that a whole lot of Muslims like their misogynistic culture, rejoice in beheadings and murder, and take pride in violence in the name of their God.  A whole lot of Muslims want to take over the world and establish their own state which allows only their thoughts and their beliefs.

Most Muslims do not want what a whole lot of Muslims want, but we need to address the “Whole lot of Muslims.”  The vast majority of Muslims are irrelevant.  They are peace loving, fine people, but for now, they are irrelevant.

Je suis Charlie!
For an intelligent rant on this subject (Yes I, stole some material from this lady):

The preceding was the opinion of a cranky old man, and not necessarily that of management…Mrs. Cranky.


  1. I agree completely Cranky. A major difference I see between radical Christianity and radical Islam is Christians by-and-large don't gun down/behead those who disagree with them. And when a nut case steps over the line and kills an abortion doctor as you point out in your example they are gone after with a vengeance. You don't hear your "average" Christian say, "Well, that was wrong, BUT I certainly understand his frustration. In fact, I think I'll name my next child after him."

    "With that many rotten apples, there just might be something wrong with the orchard."

  2. Ditto. Too few are speaking out against their own kind. Cue the chirping crickets.

  3. Disagree about Muslims not speaking out. Many, many, Islamic leaders do speak out even when not covered as fully by the media...more than policeman who condemn racism in their ranks more often than Priests who condemn pedophilia, more often than Republicans that disagree with the Tea Party?

    1. I don't hear them, and that is not the point, why after every atrocity in the name of Islam do we rush to defend the Good Muslims, it distracts from the real genuine threat from the fanatical Muslims intent on converting the world.

      I do hear the majority of Police condemn racism, and Catholics who deplore pedophilia, and yes Republicans do disagree with many of the Tea Party ideas, as much at least as Democrats voice disapproval of their parties radical positions.

      I guess sometimes we only hear what we want to hear.

  4. I don't rush to defend any Muslims Cranky. They have been telling us for years what they intend to do and they are doing just that. You can look at country after country that have large Muslim populations and they are all the same. They are living in a time long, long ago and expect us to do the same. I will not submit.

    Have a fabulous day Cranky. :)

  5. i fear retaliation attacks against any 'group' that can be singled out by dress, looks, skin color, place of worship, etc. i'm guessing that's why the media reminds humans to not make broadstroke assumptions.

  6. It's irrelevant to the violent acts but it's not irrelevant in the aftermath when this upstanding peaceful vast majority is being victimized by those who fearfully can't tell the difference between a radical idiot and the mom next door. That doesn't happen to the upstanding post office workers and students but it does indeed happen to upstanding Muslims. I think the reminder is inadequate.. as is education.

    1. I would agree if in fact saw the vast majority of peaceful Muslims becoming victims, but I have not seen that issue in our country, maybe it is being buried by the press, I do see peaceful Muslims being murdered and beheaded in their countries by the fanatics that deserve the attention, and that scares me and makes me sad.

    2. There's damage to mosques, general mistrust, conclusion-jumping, and attitudes like the one below.

    3. I don't want to quibble about Muslim backlash, where it exists it is wrong and those responsible should be prosecuted just as are the many violators of churches and synagogues. My point is that there are Muslim terrorists, there a lot of them and they make more noise than peace loving Muslims. They cause damage and mayhem to other Muslims more than non-Muslims and we need to recognize and call it what it is...terrorism in the name of their religion. The peaceful Muslims are only an issue if there is a backlash against them and I do not see it as a significant problem any more than anti-antisemitism and racism. Our eye should be on the terrorists. And yes many people are nervous around Muslims, that is part of what their terrorism aim to achieve.

      Apparently some people interpret this post as anti-Muslim, that is not my intent. The vast majority of Muslims are peaceful and productive. If that is always a requirement to state before addressing the problem of Islamic terrorists, I stated it in this comment. I don't really think our positions are very different, just a difference in perspective.

  7. The "upstanding peaceful vast majority is being victimized"? With assault weapons? With hijacked planes? With aggressive airport frisking on their way to Disney World? With beheading? If it's so bad here, just go home! Your people started it. Tell them to stop it.

  8. Until recently, I was among those who wondered why Muslim leaders weren't speaking out about these atrocities in the name of Islam. I recently saw a list of Islamic leaders who HAVE spoken out against these crimes and the perversion of Islam, and I was surprised by the size of the list. I now think it possible the West isn't listening. Just recently, the murder of these cartoonists was deemed an atrocity by the most influential imam in Cairo, the largest city in the Arab world. Still, I do believe there is an issue with violence in Islam that needs to be addressed, and far more energetically than it is today.

  9. I guess sometimes we only hear what we want to hear. <-- I agree! And I also believe that sometimes we only read what we want to read.

    I personally don't know any Americans who regularly read foreign newspapers. I have to admit that - other than my local paper - I only read a German newspaper, and not all that regularly. Maybe if we read Arab newspapers, we would know what our media don't report...

    1. I read bbc and Speigle (sp?) on line, plus The Economist (UK). The rights afforded them by their host countries enable them to recruit and spew hate. To stop them woud require a reexamination of all our liberties. It's quite a conundrum.

    2. Ha! I was thinking of you, because I suspected that you are one of the few Americans who does read foreign news. So I added the "personally" to my statement. (Must be the Internet has smarter people in it than my "real" life...:-p)

      And I do realize that the well-informed, fair-minded, let's-not-put-hasty-labels-on-people citizens of Western countries struggle with this - why doesn't the peace-loving majority of Muslims condemn those barbaric acts more vocally and loudly and more often?

  10. The way SOME Muslims act & believe scares the hell out of me!!

  11. I looked at your title again.
    Maybe it should read, A WHOLE LOT OF BAD PEOPLE ARE MUSLIMS?
    Don't take that as a condemnation of anyone but those who perpetrate the atrocities.
    I won't make excuses for anyone unless I know them personally and that they're truly innocent.
    I will, however, give them the benefit of making a first impression.

  12. I agree with what you said; couldn't have said it better myself.


  13. Hi Cranky,

    This is a controversial post - I'm sure you intended it that way. "A Whole Lot of Muslims are Bad People" is kind of sensationalist; if I had written it, I would have said "A Whole Lot of Muslims are Good People".

    Maybe they don't speak out in America, but they do in Europe - and even in Muslim countries.

    The problem is that in the west, certain media types don't focus on everything. It doesn't suit their purpose. It's also difficult for a Muslim to stand there on, say, a British news programme, condemning what happened in Paris, when confronted by an angry non-Muslim bent on attacking his religion because of a handful of psychos.

    History is exploding at the seams with murdering psychopaths who have committed atrocities in the name of religion and political ideals, having bastardised the basic principles for their own needs.

    Islam is suffering from this disease - and probably has for decades.

    Yes, there are nutters who will kill in the name of Islam. But equally, you will probably find that there are other nutters who will kill in the name of another cause but just haven't found an excuse to do so.

    I have seen senior Muslims speak out against the Paris atrocity, and also the people who have then hurled vitriol at them purely for being Muslim, claiming that they are guilty by association - just because they are Muslim.

    When these people do speak out, they are a target for extreme right wing nutters and, probably worse, extreme Muslim nutters.