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Friday, January 30, 2015

The Secrets To Success

The Secrets To Success

What are the secrets to success? I probably would not be classified by most people as “successful,” but failure has never kept me from expressing opinions.  Observation and common sense tells me there are several secrets to success.
The first and most obvious way to be successful is to set really low goals. 
I am a lousy golfer, but my goal was to break 110.  Success!
I am not a great bowler, but I set a goal to bowl 300…in a three game series.  Success!
See, it’s easy.
If you are not one to set low goals, here is another way to be successful.
I have a friend with a certain amphibious nick name who is very successful for one reason.  He never says he can’t do something.   He was a history teacher and someone asked him if he could do a public relations project.  He had never worked public relations, but he said “Sure, I can do that.” Then he read a book and ended up running his own public relations company.  When working public relations for his local police department he was asked if he was good with computers.  He said, “Sure, I know computers.”  Then he read a book and soon became a criminologist and expert in computer based crime prediction; all because he never said no.  Also he is pretty friggin smart.  That always helps.
Actually smart does not always lead to success.  My father always said, “Some of the most successful people are successful only because they were too stupid to know that what they wanted to do was impossible.  Then they went out and did it”
So in summary, to be successful in any endeavor you need to be really smart and never say you can’t do something; be just stupid enough to try to do something that no one else will try because they know it can’t be done…and then do it anyway, or set really low goals.
If I can just get ten people a day to read my posts and anyone to comment, I will consider myself to be a successful blogger.


  1. Success is coming your way so be ready for it.

  2. Ten comments would be Heaven. And maybe I could learn to square dance!

  3. loved your dad's outlook. and yours. :)

  4. I think you reached success as a blogger :) I love your attitude about success in other fields, in addition to the wisdom of your dad's. I considered myself a success at parenting in that both kids lived past 18 years of age :)


  5. Okay, I'm commenter #5. You've got 5 more and you'll be a successful blogger.

    Never say never has been my mantra. It has served me very well.

    Have a terrific day. ☺

  6. Well, you're over halfway there. I don't know that I agree that success is best achieved by setting the bar low, but I DO believe that's the best way to achieve happiness.

    1. If you define success as achieving happiness, then it may be theway to go. Actually I have surpassed my goal with the second comment, and eleventh visitor...I set my goals really low.


  7. Okay, I'm in. Anything for a fellow "world famous" blogger.


  8. I once interviewed for a job and discovered shorthand required. Sure, I can do that. Stopped at the library and perused the half a shelf of shorthand manuals. Thank god I found one called Hy-Speed shorthand. One night's practice and I was fairly proficient.No hieroglyphics, you just eliminate vowels. The fellow I worked for was a walking dictator, and one day he looked over my shoulder. "That's the way we did it in the Army!"

  9. I'm number 10! I'm also an underachiever, so I don't have to worry about success.

  10. I'm committed to reading your posts--does that mean I should be committed?

  11. Smart helps, but not giving up and believing you can helps more. Love the outlook on life in this post!

  12. You have all ready exceeded your goal for today and it is early yet. I am #12. Celebrate.
    My dad was like your friend. Once I suffered a ruptured appendix and had Dad just a little time to read up on the process, I am sure he could have successfully removed it. Smarts and moxie are a great combination for success. .

  13. I was hired as a cashier in a junk store because the bookkeeper who interviewed me said I looked clean. Thank goodness she had low expectations. I considered myself a success when she gave me a ten-cent raise after six weeks.

  14. Ha - parts of your post today remind me of the movie "Yes Man" (with Jim Carrey).

  15. "...he never said No.'
    Hah! No is my favourite word.
    Can you...? NO
    Would you..? NO
    Mum? NO
    Probably explains why I'm not a success.

  16. So true about low targets....I need to work on that!