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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The Way Things Are II

The Way Things Are II
Last week I posted ten corollaries to Murphy’s Law.  As I expected, many of my readers had some suggestions that had not crossed my mind.  Here along with a few new corollaries of my own is an additional list:
1.     From Fraternity Brother Buddy:
If you reach in the closet for a hangar, it will snag another hangar, and whatever was on that hangar will fall on the floor.
2.    Catalyst/Taylor  @  
Here's one for you. The new snow will stick to your satellite dish just enough to break up the signal just before your team begins its first football game in the playoffs in years. You will spend the next hour on various ladders with various long handled tools trying to brush the snow off the dish. You will finally succeed but your team will lose anyway. 
3.     lowandslow  @ 
If it jams, force it. If it breaks, it needed replacing anyway.

4.    From old friend, and 1964 all Union County Guard, Charley:
Widmer's Law: Things that have a 1000 to1 chance or greater of working happen on the 1st try... (Personally I’m not sure I understand this one, but he has always been smarter than me.)
5.    Pixel Peeper  @
If you run out of salt and go to the grocery store, you will come out $60 later and arrive at home without the salt.
6.    Power failures only happen after dark. 
7.    When your wife tells you there is five minutes until dinner, there will be six minutes left in the game you’ve been watching for four hours.
8.    From Betty The one thing you want from a box you are unpacking is at the bottom of the box. 

9.    From my Brother
The 50/50 90 rule: If you have to make a decision where you have a 50/50 chance of being correct, you will be wrong 90 % of the time.
10.                       Sarah  @
When you're lying on the floor hugging an 8ft Christmas tree and your neighbours pass by the window - When you in the back of a van straddling a very angry sheep and you pull up at the lights next to a car full of people - when you accidentally grab the bottom of your tee shirt along with the towel you are trying to hang on the line and pull it up just as your neighbour looks out of the window ... Oh yes, I know ALL about that bloody Murphy!

Well, that should be about all of them now.


  1. Ha, those are great! How about - if you're leaving for work a little bit early, you WILL hit a big traffic jam that will make you a half hour late, anyway.

  2. Thanks for the shout out :) I enjoyed reading the other's Murphy's too :) Maybe we all need to colloborate on a book about them.


  3. I know all about that "6 minutes left in the game". Unfortunately the last 6 minutes always takes 20 minutes in American time. :(

  4. We do not live in a lawless land.

  5. you hang with some fun and interesting folks. :)

  6. Why is it that battery-dead smoke detectors only beeeeep at night, never when you're at work or on vacation? This could be a regular feature for you.

  7. Murphy is a bad, bad thing. We've all had to deal with Murphy. These are all good.

    Have a fabulous day Cranky. ☺

  8. There are two switches inside my front door, one for the porch light and one for the living room light. I always get the wrong one.

  9. Here's one I relate to:
    Within 10 minutes of clicking "publish" on your weekly choice for Cranky's "Stupid Headlines" you will happen upon it in the news, discovering that everyone in the world besides you was aware of its veracity for days!

  10. Read part I and now this. Still laughing.

    Number 5 - the grocery store run got me the most. And the hanger thing... Why do I leave a certain wide necked sweater on the same hanger that is too small for it. For YEARS now, at least twice a week, I have to pick it up from the floor and re-hang it.

  11. I have mastered # 5 and my store is a 20 mile round trip. Grrr.

  12. I'm with Stephen - this should be a recurring feature!

  13. A job-related Murphy: a new student always enrolls the day after you have printed out updated rosters and seating charts for your substitute folder.