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Thursday, January 15, 2015


I watch a lot of TV.  I mostly watch with Mrs. Cranky.  If I want to watch a particularly good football game I am generally relegated to the basement.   More often than not I watch what Mrs. C watches.  This is not so bad because we both enjoy the same shows. 


Sometimes Mrs. Cranky watches a show for which I do not particularly care.

RT-Why can’t I say ‘that I don’t care for’? The other just sounds so pretentious. 

I don’t mind this because I am generally doing something on the computer at the same time anyway.  In fact she often castigates me for not paying attention, and then asking questions at a crucial point in the program.


I don’t mind watching Mrs. Cranky’s shows, except when she is not watching TV.  When Mrs. C is not watching TV, it seems to me that I should be able to watch whatever I want to watch.

It does not seem that way to Mrs. Cranky.

The other day I switched the channel from an old “Judging Amy” program to a real judging program, “The Peoples Court.” I changed channels because Mrs. C was taking a shower, drying her hair and needed to leave for work before “Judging Amy” was going to end, and why not?. 
What do I hear from my Sherlock Holmes wife, who somehow knew I changed the channel even though she was in the bathroom?
Horrible 1999-2004 Drama
“Why aren’t you watching “Judging Amy?”

“Because I prefer to watch “The Peoples Court;” besides I hate “Judging Amy.”  Those old shows are nothing but propaganda for an early 2000’s Liberal agenda. 

Oh look, even though the husband is a respected doctor, he is still an alcoholic and he beats his wife who claims she keeps running into door knobs because she is so embarrassed because of her bruises and she has nowhere to go and no one would believe her anyway.  Who knew that this was a problem in our male dominated consumerist society?”

“People’s Court” is lame!”
Hot "Peoples Court" Judge
“Maybe, but I like it; I hate “Judging Amy” and you’re in the bathroom drying your hair.  Why do you insist I watch your show when you are not even in the room to watch it and I hate it?”

“Because I saw the first five minutes, and I want to know how it ends.”

“But you’re leaving for work before the show ends.”

“That’s why I need you to watch so you can tell me how it ends.”

“I’m pretty sure Amy will see through the door knob excuse and the wife will break down and admit she is abused, her husband will break down, admit he is a wife beating alcoholic, and beg for mercy and treatment because he really loves his wife and it isn’t his fault it is the pressure by the capitalist hospital which makes him withhold treatment to the cute four year old who is allergic to cat litter that makes him a wife beating alcoholic.”

“You are a jerk.”

“Don’t worry; the dude and his wife will be on “Doctor Phil” tomorrow at 3:00!”

“Once again…JERK!”

I don’t get it.  


  1. Years ago I gave up all control to the remote to hubby. He pretty much chooses what we watch. I think that's why I blog, LOL :) I have snuck in a few shows I like, like American Idol, but mainly it is what he wants to watch. I welcome the few times he's gone in the evenings to have the remote to myself. I'm amazed at all the wonderful shows out there that don't seem to hold hubby's attention, but mine :)


  2. I have Netflixed a lot of stuff. I've watched Nurse Jackie, Big Love, some Breaking Bad, House...

    I like Big Bang on TV.

  3. You need another TV in the main room with headphones...wait, that won't work because are supposed to watch your wife's shows....!

  4. My husband and I usually don't mind watching the same shows. But neither of us would ask the other to watch when we weren't there -- other then a quick break. The thing that annoys me most is my husband putting on the mute button whenever there is a commercial for one -- and for another talking through who-done-its with comments about how the plot makes no sense or finding fault with the dialogue... but who's complaining?

  5. Hubby watches lots of shows that I don't watch. It's all good. I watch some that he doesn't watch. It works out.

    Your household is never boring.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  6. He will watch Kelly Ripa and Rachel Ray in the morning, so I watch Gunsmoke and Walker, Texas Ranger with him at noon. One day when I was gone, he watched all of Days of Our Lives and told me what happened. Works for me!
    I'm really enjoying your blogs, Cranky, and hope you never run out of ideas.

  7. The only TV judge I watch is an occasional Judge Judy. I'd pee my pants if I had to appear before her, but her judgements are always sound and usually entertaining.

  8. Sure am glad I am in complete control of the remote. Most often I use TV as white noise to drown out my ringing ears as I work on the computer. Mom and Big Bang are my can't miss to actually watch.

  9. We only had the one television when we first moved up here. It belonged to Frank. It was FULL of sports so I almost never watched TV. I finally got my own a few months ago. This TV has NO sports on it! And I watch whatever the hell I want, whenever I want.

    As for finding out how a show ends, that's what the Internet is for. ;)

  10. Another family member controls the TV. Cannot recall the last show I watched, outside the occasional evening news.

  11. "...Why can’t I say ‘that I don’t care for’? The other just sounds so pretentious."

    Doesn't everything that is correct but goes against convention seem pretentious?
    BTW - the proper way makes one seem more intelligent as well as pretentious.
    Probably makes us sound like jerks, too.

  12. When people ask me what I watch, I sometimes half-jokingly reply, "The computer monitor."

    I do like The Good Wife and Castle, but I never watch them live. We record those shows (sometimes I actually still say "tape"). And for background noise for while doing other stuff, most anything on HGTV will do.

  13. So Mrs. Cranky wears the pants, even while in the shower.

  14. This is why we have a DVR ... nuff said

  15. Why can't Mrs. Cranky record the show while you watch the other one? Or wait until next season when they will all be repeated repeated repeated

  16. Outside of sports, news, and House Hunters I don't watch much TV, therefore I have never heard of the shows you mentioned. So I'll defer to Mrs. C. ;)

  17. Oh Cranky, I think many a married man shares your pain...I know I do! What I REALLY hate is the few times I do get interested...and leave for a glass of iced tea and ask "What did I miss?"
    Mama Bear looks at me blankly and says "Huh?"
    "On the show, what just happened???"
    "Oh, I don't know...I guess I wasn't paying attention."
    "Why are you mad?"