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Sunday, January 4, 2015

STUPID HEADLINES 122814/010415

STUPID HEADLINES 122814/010415
After a week off

It is time again for
I'm guessing he was shopping in a liquor store!
Thanks for this one Frog. 


This week’s stupid headlines and my stupider sophomoric and sometimes offensive comments.

One headline may be completely made up, guess the fake and win a mention and a Whoop-tee-doo. 'None of the above' may be the correct answer.


Newly freed Cuban spy's wife pregnant, with a little help from US – Hey, don’t blame me, it’s a big country.

German police hunting for stolen pigeon worth $184,000 – Come on thieves, give police the bird.

Feds spend $33G to find out if same-sex couples live close to tobacco shops – Come on Feds, you are born gay or straight, it has nothing to do with living near tobacco shops.

Circus busted for trying to pass dogs off as pandas – They’d a've got away with it if the Chihuahua would have just learned to eat bamboo shoots.

Scientists pull a reverse; Pluto is officially a planet after all – It’s a planet, it’s a cartoon dog, it’s a planet…make up your damn mind!

NIH spending $400G to find out what kids think of fat characters in movies – How did this cost 367 G’s more than finding out if same sex couples live close to tobacco shops?

Soldiers relocate Hawaii wedding so Obama can play golf – Look, he is The President, so it is entirely understandable, but did they have to relocate the wedding to Bagdad?

NJ police investigate shots fired into church that dates back to the Revolution – Dang, talk about a slow response time.  Quick, dial IX-I-I.

Feds gave $450,000 for defunct women's cricket league in Afghanistan – That’s a lot of frickin crickets!

New laws for 2015 ban ‘tiger selfies’ – Another stupid law, just don’t give tigers a cell phone for crispy sake!

Play-Doh will exchange phallic-shaped toy – What did people expect when they bought a “Dill-Doh.”

Florida Man Arrested for Stuffing Beef Tongue in Pants at Wal-Mart – He paid for it, but Florida statute 7.16.55R clearly states “It is a misdemeanor to be tongued in a Wal-Mart.”


Last week’s fake headline was:

Rare Richard Nixon Pez Dispenser sells for $220,000 – The buyer thought it was a Pres Dispenser.

Lots of winners…too easy:

Prez pez is fake.

Pez dispenser of Nixon ? I don't think so.

I am going for...Rare Richard Nixon Pez Dispenser

Nixon's Pez dispenser gets my vote.

Fishducky sez prez Pez!!

Hey Joe, I'm going with the Nixon Pez dispenser this week, just can't see one going for that price but yet stranger things have happened.

The Pez container please!

I'm going with 'Rare Richard Nixon Pez Dispenser sells for $220,000'.

Click on the names of our winners and congratulate them…even if it was an easy one.




  1. A $184,000 bird? What's it look like? I've got a parakeet and a can of spray paint, and I could some pocket money...

  2.'ve used that before, I think.

  3. I'll be back later, but I did link you to Silly Sunday.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  4. Put me down for "none" please!

  5. alright, i'm going for play-doh today.

  6. I think I'm gonna go for Circus busted for trying to pass dogs off as pandas LOL

    Have a pandatastic week :-)

  7. It's Mickey Mouse's dog, Jupiter--I mean Pluto!!

  8. Pluto. Or if Play Doh gets hold of it, Pludoh. As always, your comments are brilliant.

  9. I actually saw or heard about a few of these--must have been a slow news week. Gonna say Pluto.

  10. It's the Gay smokers research for me. Unbelievable. But then.....

  11. Gotta go with Pluto. If this is true, somebody dropped the ball, because I didn't get the memo, and I teach Earth and Space Science! Maybe I need to sign up for one of those instant text thingies.

  12. Pluto has been reinstated as a planet. Earth has been disqualified.

  13. I haven't listened or watched much news lately...traveling and just busy. So I'm going - eenie, meenie, miney, moe - the pregnancy of the Cuban spy's wife.

  14. Newly freed Cuban spy's wife pregnant, with a little help from US – Hey, don’t blame me, it’s a big country.

    It's an elaborate conspiracy infiltrate spies into Cuba. Or, the other possibility I'm sure a certain "news" channel will explore is that Obama is somehow involved.

  15. My pick this week is "Scientists pull a reverse; Pluto is officially a planet after all."

    Have a fabulous day. ☺