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Friday, January 23, 2015


and a bonus, unsolicited rant.
OK all you nay Sayers, the Cranky Old Man successfully predicted last week’s winners…ha! 

Of course even my friend Marty “Mr. Loser jr.” also picked the correct winners and the Packers totally outplayed the Seahawks for 58 minutes, still…

Last week’s predictions             Last week’s results

Seahawks 35 Packers 24                    Seahawks 28 Packers 22

Patriots 38 Colts 31                              Patriots 45 Colts 7

Even most football haters love the Super Bowl parties so I know you are all waiting for my Super Bowl Predictions, here they are:

1.     The first question at least half the women at your party will ask will be, “Where are they playing?

2.     The next question at least half the women at your party will ask will be, “Who’s playing?

3.    The third question at least half the women at your party will ask will be, “Which team is wearing the pretty blue uniforms?

4.    The announcers will tell us that turn-overs will be very important.

5.    All talking will cease for each commercial, followed by critiques of each commercial when play resumes.

6.    Half-time will take over one hour.

7.    Thirty-second half-time interviews with the coaches will reveal nothing other than “We just have to execute better.”

8.     The winning team will drop at least three passes that the color man will say, “You just gotta make that catch.”  Maybe you don’t gotta, they still won.

9.    Bill Belichick will wear an ugly gray hoodie, and will not smile even once.

10.                       Seattle Seahawks 28 New England Patriots 13

Unsolicited Rant

 I'm tired of this deflated ball bull shit.  If it was such a big deal, if it was so obvious, then the opposing players should have noticed and said something.  The refs touch the ball before every play, they should have noticed.  They did not because it is not a big deal.  They throw baseballs out of play all the time when the pitcher scuffs them or grinds them in dirt.  The refs never noticed a difference because it is not a big deal.  They won 45-7 for crap sake, that had more to do with NE being the better team then a deflated ball.

It is all a stupid smoke screen...And I HATE New England and Belichick.  I hate Belichick because I wish he stayed and coached the Jets. 


  1. I love your predictions. Son lives in Phoenix real close to the stadium, I thought just for fun, let's see what a ticket for the game is going for. LOL, we won't be going this year (or ever I think unless we win the lottery). Seats way up high in the stadium $2800 EACH. Seats I would consider sitting in (because if you are going to the Super Bowl, I want to be able to see something without binoculars) were $3300 each.

    I hope Seatte trounces New England. I'm just not fond of Tom Brady and that was before the "controversy" over the football.

    I am disappointed the Packers couldn't hold their impressive playing for just a few more minutes, but I guess that is the way the cookie crumbles.


  2. rant away, cranky. :) everyone watches the superbowl for the commercials. i don't even do that anymore - i catch 'the best' on msn the next day. :)

  3. I only go for the chili.
    OK, maybe this year, since I'm in the NFL pool, I might show a little more interest. At least I *know* who is playing.
    Actually, and this is gonna blow your mind, my WIFE even knows who is playing. OMG!

  4. I promise I won't ask any of those questions because I don't care anything about the Super Bowl. Not one thing.

    Have a fabulous day and make sure your balls are inflated. ☺

  5. Whether or not I watch depends entirely upon the weather.
    It's gonna have to be really crappy for me to sit down to watch.

  6. They show the final over here but it's on SO late. You obviously have the gift sir......hmmm,

  7. I'm with you on the balls controversy, Joe. As for the game, I wish they could both lose. I can't stand Pete Carroll or Bill Belichek.

  8. From your keyboard to God's ear. Do not like the Patriots and never have since the snow plow game in 82. Hope the Hawks whip them.

  9. Thanks for providing me with that list of all-important questions to ask at the Super Bowl party I'll be attending.

  10. Love the post and the rant. Except for #10, you are quite accurate. There are some who believe NE will lose, which explains where the extra air went.

  11. Serve 'em up a big slice o' pumpkin. Those Patriots are cheaters!

    Not that I care.