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Friday, February 9, 2024

CONTACT - Seance with the famous


CONTACT - Seance with the famous



This is a post from 2011, perhaps read by 7 people.  I still think it is funny, although in these days of people seeking to be offended, it might be inappropriate.

But then I’m old and I don’t care.


I recently attended a séance with a local psychic.  I was skeptical at the start, but it must have been real, no one could have made this stuff up.  This psychic specialized in contacting famous people.  She talked to several icons, here is a sample:

 “George Washington, is that you George?”

“Yes it’s me, would I lie?”

“George, why did you chop down that tree?”

“Actually my old man did it, Mom was pissed.  He gave me a buck and I took the rap for him.”

“What?  So you lied?”



 “Damn, hey, it’s Steve Irwin.  He’s mumbling, I’m not sure what he is saying, what’s that Steve, speak up.”

“A sting ray? Crikey, a fucking sting ray?”


“FDR, FDR over here.  Any words for the living?”

“Yes! Jonas, what took you so freaking long?”*


“Wow, I have Abe Lincoln, any questions for the Abe?”

“Ask him did he have any regrets.”

“Abe, any regrets?”

“Yes, I think I should have just said 87 years.  That and honestly, I should have skipped the show.”


“Marco Polo, is it you?”

“Yes it’s me.  Damn I explored Asia for 24 years, practically invented the modern map, and what am I famous for?  That annoying flipping kids swimming pool game!”


“JFK! Mr. President is there anything the USA could have done for you?”

“Don’t ask!”

“What is JFK junior so angry about?”

“Oh, he’s pissed at Sinatra.  Every time he sees him, Sinatra starts singing ‘Come Fly with Me’

 Frank; Frank it’s not that funny!”

“Oh my Lord, it’s Jesus Christ! Jesus, Jesus, are you planning a comeback?”

“Yes, and this time things will be different.  Warn everyone, when I come back don’t cross me!”


*(The vaccine guy…took me a while, and I wrote it.)




  1. Thanks for clarifying the polio guy. I was stumped.

  2. Yup, funny, and something to offend everyone. Well done. Sully.

  3. True about Marco Polo. Today’s young people think it’s a game you play at the pool. Steve Irwin - wow I’d forgotten about that. Poor guy.

  4. Heeheehee! You're right, it is funny.

  5. I would have liked to talk to John Denver. Country Road, Take Me Home...just don't forget to gas up.

  6. i enjoyed it a lot and it's your post so what can stop it to be funny :)