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Friday, February 16, 2024

Random Observations


Random Observations


Shopping with Mrs. Cranky after a painful visit with our tax accountant and I made several random observations.


We bought a bathtub mat and some Gorilla Glue at Lowes.  We paid via self-check-out.  I hate self-check-out.  I understand at the supermarket when all 4 to 6 check-outs are busy, but…

At Lowes on a week day at 11:30 the whole giant store had about 5 shoppers.  At the self-check-out there was only Mrs. C and myself, and a Lowes employee to make sure we didn’t steal anything.  Of course, as it always seems to me, we also had to ask said Lowes employee a question about the process. 

It was nice she was there to assist, but when it is so slow, why not just have a cash register for the employee to do an old fashion check out instead of standing there watching?


Later we passed a green gas station, “Fuel 4.”

“What the hell is a Fuel 4 gas station?”

“Why, who cares?”

“Just is that a national brand? Is it individually owned? Whose gas is it?  I mean all the big oil stations advertise their gas is the best.  Does Fuel 4 have special cleaning stuff, what is the octane, where does it come from?”

“What do you care, you don’t know the difference anyway?”

“I don’t know, it is just weird, I never heard of “Fuel 4.”

“You’re weird…and a jerk.


Here is an observation, why are parking lot spaces so important?  Mrs. C made about three laps around the lot looking for the closest space.

“What the hell, just pick a space, you’ve passed up three spaces already!”

“It’s windy, I want to get closer.”

“You have got to be kidding…windy? Have you seen the price of gas? Time is money, gas is money, pick a damn space!”

“Just shutty! Jerk.”


In the supermarket some people still are wearing a face mask…well two people.  I don’t think those things ever worked for Covid, but I wore them so as to not be accused of killing Grandma.  Maybe those two were on chemo or had a reason to be extra careful, no skin off my teeth.  However, one person still did not have the mask over their nose!  Might as well tattoo “I am really stupid” across your forehead!


Also, this had me remembering, as my final random observation, when the supermarkets had arrows in the lanes directing only one way shopping.  At the time I thought that was stupid and said so.  I was severely chastised for that opinion and told that the arrows assured the 6-foot Covid rule.  Seemed to me that  pushing through floating Covid death breath from behind someone would be not less dangerous than crossing through it in a two-way traffic lane.  I let it go back during the Covid scare.  One-way two-way…stupid but what could it hurt.

I will now, several years later, finally get it out of my system,

Those one-way supermarket shopping lanes were really freaking STUPID!!  (Boy that felt good.)

That’s all the observations I’ve got for now.  I think I’d best just listen to Mrs. C and Shutty.




  1. The one way shopping lanes were annoying but if it meant I had a lane to myself now and again I was happy about that. What REALLY anooyed me were those people who would wear a mask correctly, but then they would pull it down to be able to speak to people!

  2. If I wanted to go down an aisle, I did! Forget about going around to the end to come in the "right" way of the arrows. I just pulled my cart backwards so it looked like I was going the right direction.

    How about those freakin' CATTLE CHUTES that Walmart put up to funnel you into the store??? So handicapped people (not me at the time) would have to take a big detour from their parking spaces near the door, to enter the end of the metal gates set up. AND they'd have to come out the door at the other end of the store, and walk or drive their beeper carts back to their car.

  3. I think we'll look back and realize that most of how the Covid issue was handled was dumb. Not saying that folks didn't die from brother in law did...but we did such a disservice to our elderly and kids in school. They just redid the Covid isolation rule again. Hopefully this kind of thing won't happen again or we'll be smarter as to how to respond to it. As far as the self checkout goes I think I'm one of few who likes it. I can buy those "unmentionables" know, the chocolate, or icecream without the judgement look from the cashier. Hey, the slim fast is in isle 9 look.

  4. i agree with you about pick the space because gas price is rising higher just like everything else here either
    self check can be annoying so true specially when one have to wait for long
    like all other things huge shopping store have good and bad

  5. Go ahead and rant on your own blog.

    As for the parking space thing, walking further is better for your health, and you can often park where no one else will dent your door.