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Monday, February 26, 2024




My 2017 Honda HRV (Harvey) is possessed!  Not repossessed, it is paid for, but possessed by some unknown force.

How is it possessed?  I have no idea.  I am the only owner, so it is not as if some previous Nere-do-well left it with some bad karma, or someone died a horrible death and the soul has not left Harvey. 

But possessed it is.


Last month I left for a 4-mile drive to out local recycle center, Fort Grumpy.  (Yes, Mrs. C thinks I should get a job there too) I recycle once a week, carefully separating glass, plastic and cans, cardboard boxes, and paper into separate containers.  I’m pretty sure all this stuff ends up in the same land fill (several engineering experts in the field have confirmed this) but I still feel like I am doing something good for the environment once a week.

On the way to Ft. G. I pulled out my driver’s license and stuck it up under my sun visor.  

Our Ft. G. Grumps demand proof of residency to drop off recyclables, they are very thorough in ensuring some non-town resident cannot drop their stuff off on our center, so proof of residency is demanded.  I put it in my visor ahead of time to be “soup-nazi” prepared for the Grumps…they will yell!

Half way to the center I glanced up at my visor and the license was not there. 

What the Hell!

I pulled over and looked on the floor, the seats and even under the front seats.  Nothing!  How does a plastic license slip out of the visor and disappear without my even noticing?

I looked all over and nothing.  I drove back home for a more thorough search.  After tearing everything in the front seat apart without finding the license I turned to the back…as if a piece of plastic could slip out of a visor, fly out over the front seat and land on the floor in the back without my noticing a thing.

I found it on the floor almost under the back seat and slightly buried under assorted trash.  Impossible, and yet there it was.

Still hard to find...partially buried

Today I left for Fort Grumpy and once again stuck my ID firmly in the visor.  Once again half way to the center I looked up at the visor and …WTF!  Gone.

I Pulled over to check quickly and once again nothing.  I Drove home and checked all through the front driver and passenger side and again nothing.  I checked the back seats and there was the license.  Directly behind me.

So, without any moving of the visor, without hitting any bumps, the license somehow flew out of the visor, over my shoulder, and landed  behind the driver seat and I did not feel or see a thing.

The car is possessed I tell you!



  1. That’s freaky. Yeah I’d have to agree with you.

  2. I believe in the paranormal or weird and unexplained happenings. Whenever I say something is paranormal Jack always chimes in with: "yeah, that would be my first guess". So I do think something is possessed here but I don't think it's the car. I think it's the driver's license. Now, if you really feel it's the car just get a sage smudge stick and light it and wave it in the car and tell all the negative energy to leave. But the easier way to solve this might be to just keep the driver's license in your wallet and pull it out when you get to the recycle place. Then just repeat: "I ain't afraid of no ghosts"!

    1. Pretty much the same advise Mrs. Cranky gave me.

  3. I suggest putting your licence in your shirt pocket instead. Your car is telling you the visor is not the right place for it.

  4. Perhaps one of those visor clips meant to hold things up there would help.

  5. Check the sticker from when you bought the car. It's probably in Mrs C's storage unit. You must have gotten the factory upgrade that allows you to shoot a driver's license from the visor to the floor of the back seat. Probably cost about $2000. Or else your car is possessed.

  6. sounds creepy lol
    i had some doubts on negative energy two plus decade back but then i watched series on Geographic "i should have not been alive" in which people lost in amazon jungle or deserts or stuck in caves for days survived without experiencing any such thing at all ,it changed my mind forever because caves or jungle is enough for such thing to be appeared to single person stuck there if not means it is only trick of our mind so eat carefully and keep license in wallet

  7. Whaat??? OMG. Some things we can't explain, huh?

  8. It definitely sounds like it's possessed!