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Wednesday, March 1, 2017



Do you know anyone with quirks?  I was going to say strange quirks, but I think strange must be part of the quirk definition.  We all have a few quirks.  If you have no quirks, that in itself is a quirk.  The thing about quirks is most are harmless, they can be an inconvenience, but they are harmless.  Quirks are often a good source of entertainment.  Entertaining to others, not the quirkee.

I have a few quirks, but it is my blog so I don’t have to divulge them.  I’ll give you just one.  I hate the phone.  I hate talking on the phone.  Long phone conversations make me want to put a bullet through my head.  I hate calling others on the phone.  I talk on the phone, I make calls, but I hate doing it…that makes it a quirk.  If I could not use a phone at all that would be a phobia.

I know someone, I will not identify, who has lots of quirks.

This person cannot throw things away.   Her inability to toss things is a quirk that borders on phobia.

She does not like to walk on a sidewalk.  If she has a choice, she will walk in the street rather than the sidewalk.  She will not wear a hat…ever.  She will use a hood from a jacket, but will not wear a hat.  Not so strange?

Wait, it gets better.

She does not like to use the windshield wipers on the car…does not want to wear them out I guess.  She will not throw out even the smallest swallow of water, but anything a day past the “best used by” date gets tossed.

I’m just warming up here.

The porch light (I’m told) cannot go out until after 11:00pm at the earliest, which means when she comes home from work at 10:15 the light stays on and her husband (I’m told) has to go downstairs at 11:00 to turn it out.

She has about 12 pillows for reading in bed.  When she turns in, it takes about ten minutes arranging the pillows around the bed in just the right places (so I’m told).

This quirky lady will not wear glasses.  OK, she does not need them yet, but she will not wear sunglasses.  I did not realize this quirk until I saw her at a three D movie holding the glasses by her eyes but above the bridge of her nose. 

“What the?”

“I don’t like things on my nose.”

“What are you going to do when you need glasses to see?”

“I don’t intend to ever let that happen.”

I am very fond of this lady, quirks and all.  She does have one quirk that works for me. 

She likes older cranky men, even if their behavior sometime rhymes with quirk.


  1. Hope Mrs. Cranky doesn't read your blog :) I too hate talking on the phone. I'm kind of glad there is texting, that takes a lot of phone conversations I would normally have away; I like it.


  2. If you haven't figured out some of my quirks yet, I am not going to advertise. *~*

  3. I qualify in the quirk stakes, and I shall spend the rest of the day itemising every one. Not throwing stuff away is probably at the top of the list but it remains to be seen if I can find another qualifier.

  4. I know someone with a few quirks, I'll bet you know who it is (clue: it's not ME!) ;-)

  5. This mystery lady sounds as though she's sailed right past quirky and into idiosyncratic.

  6. My granddaughter has quirks galore. I find it amusing.

  7. Ha! One of my biggest quirks is the direct opposite of the mystery lady you mentioned. I HATE clutter. A nearly empty water bottle doesn't have a chance around me. I open the mail, and it's either something that needs keeping IN THE PROPER PLACE, or more than likely, it's tossed immediately. I probably go as much overboard in my direction as your lady, does in her direction. ;)

  8. I hate telephone calls too, with a passion, I always say e-mail me or text me.

  9. Sounds like a match made in heaven. I have a problem with the phone as well. After being in a job for 20 years with the phone permanently attached to my ear I think I have the right to dislike phone calls.

  10. About halfway through this post I know you were talking about your wife. I have quirks too, but I'll not share them here. I think it's fun to have some weirdness in my life.

    Have a fabulous day, Joe. ☺

  11. When my grandson was done with kindergarten the K teach told my daughter that she had already informed the first grade teacher about all his "quirks." Daughter has not gotten over that offense yet.

  12. I don't mind talking on the phone, but I hate calling someone! This was not a good thing when I worked for the division of employment security, and had to call employers and people they'd fired, in order to get both statements and determine benefits. Especially when they were unavailable, and I had to call them back. After the third time and 24 hours, we could proceed without them, since they'd been sent a card saying when we'd call. Maybe some of them just hated talking on the phone...

  13. Loved this and you stole my main thought with your last sentence.
    My phone quirk is that I will never call anyone, hate to hear it ring but once I answer, I will talk as long as they want--usually over an hour.

  14. An interesting question. Yes, I have a few quirks. I won't divulge all of them but I have difficulty removing tags and labels. Dozens of items in our home still have tags on them.

  15. That 11pm light has me mystified. Why that particular time and why the heck not turn it off as she comes in at 10.45? What difference can fifteen minutes make?
    I have my own quirks, I'm sure of that, but trying to identify them might take a while. It might be easier to ask other people what my quirks are. My sister's most well known quirk is she has to write her full name on every single thing she owns, both sides if possible, which renders her impressive collection of Beatles records worthless.

  16. If you ask my Sweetie, he'd probably say i have too many quirks to count!

  17. Gee, I wonder who you were talking about!!

  18. Quirky is a loving way of saying weird. My biggest quirk is that I hate anything frilly or useless on me. I don't wear jewelry (other than my FitBit), can't stand frilly, lacy, fluffy clothes, anything in my hair, and had the toughest time getting used to needing glasses. Sometimes I worry about this, because it seems to get worse as I get older. A few years ago I stopped wearing my wedding ring, and I've noticed that long sleeves are starting to bother me. I might be the ideal person to rob a bank...I look so plain, that nobody would remember me. LOL.

    Not using windshield wipers? You couldn't get away with that during the daily torrential summer thunderstorms in Florida!


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