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Tuesday, February 3, 2015



I arrived at my son’s house last Tuesday at around 7:00 PM in order to be ready for my toddler sitting duty on Wednesday.  My son was in the basement playing with the Crankettes and my DIL was in the family room asleep on the couch.  I did not announce my arrival. 

I let sleeping mommies lie.  
Apparently others do not.
Within a few minutes the littlest toddler came upstairs.  I could see him heading right for DIL.  I tried to head him off.
“Connor, what do you want?  Maybe I can help.  Don’t wake your mother.”
“I need mommy, it’s impotat.”
I left him alone.  Maybe it was something where only a mommy would do; otherwise he would have just asked his father downstairs.  It might be something he is embarrassed about, like a poopie, or a peepee problem that only a mommy could help.
The littlest toddler tugged DIL awake.
“Mommy, can I have a pwetzl?”
“CONNOR!  I can get you a pretzel; you don’t have to wake your mother.”
DIL stirred slightly,
“Grandpa Joe will get you a pretzel.  Thank you Grandpa Joe.”
She was back asleep.  Connor got his pretzel.
Minutes later, little foot steps are heard climbing out of the basement.
“Cole, what do you want?  Don’t wake your mother.”
“It’s important!”
“What is it?”
He runs to DIL and shakes her awake. 
“Mommy, can I have a pretzel too?”
“COLE!! I’ll get the pretzel for you, let your mommy sleep.”
“Thank you Grandpa Joe.”
Moments later I hear more clomping up the stairs.  It is my son.  Before he sees me or his sleeping wife,
“Devon!  Do you know where the popcorn bowl is?”
“Matt!  She’s sleeping!”
“Oh hi dad didn’t know you were here yet.  Sorry Dev.”
“It’s ok; I’ll get the popcorn bowl.  I can sleep tomorrow.”
I doubt it.


  1. You're a good father-in-law/babysitter, Joe!!

  2. I don't recall having this "tired" problem, I'm a lot more tired these days than I ever was back then. I remember napping when the babies did, but that only worked for the first two, after that the older ones got my attention when the latest baby napped, none of them napped after they were about 18 months old though.
    I read everywhere about mums being constantly tired and wish wholeheartedly they could all have the easy going kids that I had.

  3. Many times I have been the Mommy, but so very rarely has anyone been there to take over and let me sleep during those times. I was a zombie those years.

  4. That is neat you are involved like this in your grands life; I'm sure they look forward to seeing you and having you to themselves for the day!

    Too cute with the little ones. Only mommy can "make it work" sometimes, no matter what. I think it takes years for them (if ever) to realize mommy has a life and it doesn't always revolve around meeting their needs :)


  5. oh, i'm exhausted just thinking about it. :) my pups are bad enough.

  6. Hate to admit to it, but to me there are not too many things that are more annoying than just drifting off to sleep and being snatched back from the precipice by the sound thumping little feet. It's been a long time.
    The "important" threshold has to be understood. "Are you bleeding?" "No?" "Should you be?" But of course, kids don't reason until about the age of five. (they've done studies) Good luck with the baby sitting duties. *shudder*

  7. Where were you when I needed you!

  8. Your post so takes me back... So horrible....

  9. Well at least you tried Joe...
    Gotta feel for mothers of toddlers!

  10. I remember those days. Always tired. Would have giving up most anything for 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep. Okay, make that 12 hours of uninterrupted sleep. You're a good grandpa for knowing that.

    Have a fabulous day Cranky. ☺

  11. Such a good father-in-law you are. You didn't succeed but it wasn't for not trying.

  12. You gave it your best shot. This does bring back memories.

  13. River, I think you were an exception to the rule. Lucky! :)

    My kids sometimes wore on me physically, but the mental exhaustion is what I find challenging - it's still going on in their teens. They (3 of them) approach me for "everything," not realizing that they have a daddy. With her cell phone, my collge kid still checks in. People are different though. Some mothers love that dependence on them.

    Anyway Joe... good for you - and them - that you help out as much as you can!

    1. Before anyone tells me that I should be glad that my kids feel close to me and that they talk to me ... I am.

  14. A good grandparent can be mommy's hero! My parents would take them for the weekend, and it saved my life.

    1. True, my son's MIL is the hero in their parenting life.

  15. Grandparents who take over babysitting duties are a Godsend during those early years! I remember the unrelenting, intense fatigue from having to be "on" all the time.

  16. You deserve one of those Everyone's A Winner trophies. Except that you actually earned yours.

    I've been so tired I stepped into the shower with my socks on. And didn't care enough to take them off until I got out.

  17. Both my kids swear up and down they are not having any children. Now my son is just 19 and my daughter is 12 so I don't hold too much weight in either of their statements. That being the case I must admit I'm kind of torn, part of me would like grandkids but another part is looking forward to living outside the United States once my kids have established their own adult lives.

  18. Suddenly everybody takes a liking for pretzel !!