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Saturday, February 28, 2015



A cranky opinion for


The following is the opinion of an ignorant narrow-minded cranky old man with absolutely no expertise on the topic opined.  Opposing opinions are expected and will be ignored as I have no patience for anyone who disagrees with my backward thinking ass.  Still, please, no name calling…it is just not becoming or productive…and that means you, you big stupid-head!

I was not going to offer a cranky opinion this  Saturday.  I had nothing.  Then I read something about Climate Change and Climate Change Deniers.  Now I have an opinion.  Most of you can stop reading right now.  Just write me off as a Neanderthal, ignorant, non-thinking conservative jerk-weed and move on.

First off, I am not a Climate Change Denier, I am skeptical of many aspects of the Global Warming Debate.  Yes I am going to call it Global Warming, that way every time there is a tornado, a rain storm or a blizzard that causes any destruction around the world we do not blame it on “Climate Change.” The oldest written histories of the world all mention floods, storms, droughts, and other disasters, I’m pretty sure they came before the combustion engine.

Does Global Warming exist? By a great majority, most scientists say “yes.”  Some say “I’m not sure.” A small minority say “No.” Few of these scientists are experts in this particular science.  They are nothing more than really smart people called scientists.  Climatologists are the real experts.  Do our best and brightest scientists become Climatologists, or do they become doctors or chemists or physicists?  When we listen to Climatologists, are we listening to the equivalent of podiatrists* of the doctor world?

The Global Warming Theory does make sense, even to a backward Neanderthal jerk like myself.  I know empirically that when stuff is burned, stuff around the combustion gets warmer.  We burn a lot of stuff in this world; probably it will make the climate warmer. 

I know that when I am in a forest, it seems cooler than when I am in an open area.  My guess is the trees offer shade and provide cooling moisture and oxygen.  We cut down a lot of trees; it cannot help but make the planet warmer.

Makes sense, the planet is probably getting warmer.  Am I skeptical about the statistics?  Why yes I am.  Who collects the data, where did it come from one hundred years ago; before computers, telecommunications, accurate instruments and people that even gave a shit?

OK, global warming probably exists to some degree and if not a direct cataclysmic threat, it will certainly change our environment, I don’t like that idea, but it is not a new concept to this planet.  The climate seems to change a lot even without our influence. 

What should we do about it? Stop burning stuff? Oil, coal? Where do we get power, because we are NOT going to give up power, and even if we do other countries will not. 

How about power from wind?  Fine with me, but lots of rich people don’t like how it ruins their view, plus some people don’t like how birds, particularly endangered raptors tend to fly into those giant propeller things and get chopped in half.

OK then, Solar Power, that is fine with me as well.  But then there is that bird thing again.  Giant solar farms seem to be generating so much heat that they incinerate birds that fly overhead.

You know what; screw the birds, screw the view, and do whatever it takes in this country to stop burning stuff.  Let’s have our cars get 100 MPG, run stuff with electric or atomic power (scientists tell us nuclear power is completely safe and we believe all scientists, except maybe those from Chernobyl or Three Mile Island) let’s have a carbon tax (That should be easy to enforce and not too subject to fraud), let’s do everything the scientists and politicians who know what is best for us tell us to do.


Hear that… “Plop!” That is the drop of water that just fell into a giant bucket of water.

I am not a denier! I am a skeptic.  I am skeptical of an issue of science that has become primarily a political issue.  It is an issue that is used to scare us into decisions that may not be practical or in our best interests; a political position that offers no solution, only pompous posturing in order to win elections and fill the pockets of special interests.

If burning stuff is reducing oxygen and polluting us with warming carbon dioxide, then let’s fix the problem.  Conservation is not going to do more than postpone the coming destruction of the planet the experts claim is on its way.

Band-aid solutions are a joke.

Let’s really put the scientists to work.  Let’s put our energy and capitol into develop technologies that take the carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere and make oxygen and water out of it.  Let our smart people invent stuff to solve the problem.  Hell, can’t we invent a process to do what a tree does?  Can only God create photosynthesis? Many scientists don’t believe in God. They believe that  science can create anything that some people think comes only from God.  Go ahead then, solve the problem intellectually, use science to solve the problem.

I think that if there is a Global Warming problem it can be solved by new scientific advances.

If you disagree, are you a skeptic of our ability to have scientific advances, or are you a Scientific Advance Denier?

Now excuse me while I drag my stupid, un-thinking, conservative, cranky old ass back into my cave before you all beat me up.

The preceding is the opinion of a cranky old man and not necessarily that of management…Mrs. Cranky.

*Calm down foot people, but please, who goes to med school and chooses as his first choice Podiatrist? 


  1. "...who goes to med school and chooses as his first choice Podiatrist..."


  2. Global Warming is a reality. If it were not factual, Obama would not have spent $121 Billion on the problem. He and Al Gore know they had the same debate on Venus 10 billion years ago, and look what happened there.

  3. well, as a person who has been using her wood-burning fireplace/stove like crazy this winter, i feel i cannot add to the discussion without admitting i'm adding to the problem. :)

  4. "...who goes to med school and chooses as his first choice Podiatrist..."

    The one who put a big needle in my foot was a sadist. Worst pain ever.

  5. Remember in the 80s when the earth was going to freeze. Scared the stuffing right out of me. They even made movies about it.

    Follow the money. I don't know who got rich in the 80s, but we know who did in the 2000.

    The weather is cyclical. It always has been and it always will be.

    You are right about the scientists. Some say yes, some say no and some say they don't know. Follow the grant money.

    That being said we still need to be kind to mother earth.

    Have a fabulous day Cranky. ☺

  6. You should have used Proctologist! Lol
    The climate is cyclical, unless you're a hard core creationist it is generally accepted that the whole planet was subtropical. So warm it supported giant cold blooded reptiles. Then it got cold, how cold?
    Well they didn't call it the "Ice Age" for nothing bunky! Guess what, it started getting warm again...
    Will it get as warm as in the days of the dinosaurs?
    Who knows. Is it possible we are helping the process along? Sure.
    All I know is we'll all be dead by the time it makes any difference...

  7. I agree with several sentences in this post.

  8. fact - scientists who deny global warming get few grants.
    fact - water vapour is a more powerful greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide and there's a lot more of it too.
    fact - at various times in the earth's history there has been a lot more carbon dioxide in the air but animal life survived.
    fact - London, Venice, the Ganges delta & many other areas in danger of flooding are subsiding
    I think I'm skeptical too.

    1. Sources on the fact that water level in Venice is subsiding? And the Ganges delta (monsoon caused usually, they are decreasing also?). Just curious.

    2. With a quick Google and skim reading I find nothing that says Venice is NOT in danger of sinking, I see nothing about London GW Flooding, and the Ganges Delta is probably losing ground, but not nearly as serious as some GW theorists claim.

      This is from a five minutes of research, so I may well have missed and or misread the available information.

  9. I am leaning toward your mad scientists coming up with a perfect solution for we are moving too slowly to really make a dent in the --yes--Global Warming via regulations.

  10. Does the climate change? Of course, if it didn't, why did we have an ice age all those thousands of years ago?
    Is it going to stop changing and stay just the way it is simply because people are now here to record it? Of course not.
    Should we be working to make sure we take as good care of this planet as we possibly can, in every way? Of course, it's the only one we have right now. We don't have to agree that there is climate change or global warming or anything else to do that.

  11. I hear ya, Cranky. I don't think it was the carbon fuels and cow farts that melted the glaciers and brought an end to the previous four or five ice ages.

    Did you even notice that the biggest doom criers of global warming continue to stomp their giant carbon footprints all over the world? They fire up their private jets to go give speeches about how we should collect methane from cows' anuses with strap-on plastic bags so they don't warm the atmosphere.

  12. Working with feet would not be my chosen speciality, nor working in the colon either, LOL, but there are plenty of both type of doctors around.....

    I absolutely do not know enough about global warming or not global warming to render an opinion. I'm just currently glad I live some place that is more warm than cold :)


  13. Doesn't really matter which theory a person believes in, the world is changing anyway. It's been changing since day one and will continue changing long after we're gone. What we need to do is help our Earth survive us. We need to stop killing things like rain forests and waterways. This is where the scientists come in. They need to get busy, like you said, and find alternative ways for us to do things that will give the same or similar results we've become used to. Without that, those who have become TOO used to their ways and don't see any need for change, will kick up an almighty stink.

  14. The world has too many people, all wanting a better life, ie: food, electricity, transportation. Kill off half the world's population and at least the man-made part of "global warming" will take care of itself.

  15. The scarier issue is all the heat that is being absorbed in the oceans...the Pacific right now is getting warmer and that is what is creating storms that rush up to the arctic cicle and then bring us all our cold snow. The hot ocean while contributing to the killing all the precious corals now also creates hurricanes.