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Sunday, March 1, 2015



It is time again for


This week’s stupid headlines and my stupider, sometimes sophomoric comments.

One headline may be fake.  Guess the fake and win a mention and a WHOOP-TEE-DOO.  None of the above may be a correct answer.

Group protesting Washington police shooting blocked traffic at bridge – I don’t care what the police might have done; shooting blocked traffic is not a legitimate protest!

Saudi men reportedly detained for dancing at birthday party – If they dance anything like I do, this is all very understandable.

Children have fewer allergies when families do dishes by hand - Very interesting, I guess we need to stop using the dishwasher.

Study finds higher mortality rate for children where families do dishes by hand OK, maybe we should keep using the dishwasher, apparently kids susceptible to allergies die from hand washed dishes. (Alright, this is fake…doesn’t count.)

Crews free 19 manatees trapped in Florida drainage pipe – How many times must people be told, “Do not put manatees down the drain?”

Michelle Obama Threatens To Shoot Comedian And he thought bombing with the audience was bad.

Cornell researchers find safest place to hide from zombies – Researchers suggest moving into an accounting office and blending.

Man Who Tried To Have Sex With Mailbox Found Dead – That’s what happens when you fool around with another man’s mailbox!

High school basketball teams instructed to lose – “Take a deep breath, pick out your target, feel the ball on your fingers, aim…and miss.  Now you try it.”

Climate Change may make Farts visible – So instead of “He who smelt it dealt it” we will have “If you surveyed it you must have laid it.”

Canadian Politician Blames Tight Underpants For Missing Vote – A tighty whitey? He can’t be a Liberal because everyone knows, “Lefty loosey, Righty tighty.”

Condom maker surges after South Korea legalizes adultery Is it too late to invest in Motel yuk/ (6)?


Last week’s fake was:


And the winners are:

I've got nothing. The one I had decided upon got nixed having just received a friend's email with a link to that very story.

“I’ve got nothing” equals None of the Above.  In am a little disappointed that her answer has no pun.  I keep looking, but no pun!

Visit Hilary!  Photos, stuff, and usually… excellent puns!

A lot of weird ones, but I'll say none of the above!!

You can find Fran here @ funny stuff unless you are a cranky old fart…even then, funny stuff.

I will go with none of the stories being fake this week. That is a scary thought especially if I am right.

Good old NC mountain logic figures it out…for more of the same and to just enjoy a chat with a good guy visit Dan @

Wisconsin roads being thawed with cheese is my pick.

Sandee does it again.  One of these days I will trip her…WAIT!

Do NOT visit Sandee, even though there are always good jokes and stuff @

Special note to Val the Victorian… @ Stop over analyzing!! Hick could spot the fake in a minute.

Visit all the winners…not Sandee or Val, and come back next week for more



  1. Climate change and farts....fake.

  2. I think it's a double bluff and this week's are all true too!

  3. well, geez. i'm gonna fail miserably this week, i can feel it. so i'll just go with seeing is believing farts.

  4. Well I know exactly which one it is.. and where it came from.. and why you've included it. So I can't participate and I can't even make a pun about it because that would give the answer away. I'm feeling quite sullen about that.

  5. Well, you have given up referring people to my site. Bwahahahahahaha. You slay me.

    I'll be back later to chose or perhaps I'll take this week off.

    I linked you to Silly Sunday because I want folks to visit you.

    Have a terrific Silly Sunday and Stupid Headline Sunday. ☺

  6. My high school basketball team didn't need instructions on how to lose. In fact, they went on to become the original Washington Generals. :)

  7. I'm afraid I have to recuse myself from this one. I somehow managed to see every one of the real headlines this week! Oh, well.

  8. Oh please be the mailbox story! If that one's true, I just can't take anymore!

  9. I hope it's not Climate Change may make Farts visible--some houses would look like they left their Christmas decorations up all year!!

  10. I'm going with the Cornell researchers. For some reason, I'm thinking they are too serious a bunch to be bothered with zombies.

    Of course, with my track record...

  11. Cornell researchers find safest place to hide from zombies –

    This must be fake because it makes too much sense.

  12. I think it is about Cornell Researchers. I would think that hey have real facts to research about.

  13. Fake - Man Who Tried To Have Sex With Mailbox Found Dead – Postiality is disgusting. It's time to elect Hillary Clinton so we can change the whole system to femail.

  14. I am going with "Climate Change may make Farts visible" this week. It is fake even if it was in the news.

  15. The one about farts, now where have i read that before? (Cough, cough, someone named Sullivan, cough, ahem.) It's a fake, though, i'm sure of it!

  16. I can't help myself! If I have to think like Hick, I'm going with Visible Farts as the fake. The whities can never be too tight.