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Thursday, March 12, 2015



I came home today from Pennsylvania babysitting, and the cable box was showing “No Data” when I hit the guide search function.  I know that when this happens, the cable box needs to be restarted.

The only way to restart the cable box is to unplug it.  The plug is behind a cumbersome TV cabinet.  To reach it you have to move a cabinet door, get on your knees and reach blind to find the plug.  I did this, waited ten seconds and put the plug back in.

The cable box still showed “No Data.” Apparently I found the wrong plug.  I pulled the box out to look at the back.  I could not find a plug in the back of the box, but the TV went to static.  I was now flipping out.  I went to another room with plans to swap out a cable box from the guest room.  When I started to do this I saw where the plug should be and realized I pulled the plug when I yanked the box out of the cabinet and that is why the TV went all wonky.

I went back to the bedroom, found the yanked out plug, reset it, and the cable went into restart mode.  In fifteen minutes, all was well in Cranky TV land.

Mrs. C came home two hours later and the first thing she sees when she walks into the room is that the TV cabinet door is eight inches further away from the wall than it usually is.

“What happened to the TV cabinet door?  Did you have to reset the cable box and move it so you could reach the plug?”

“Ah…yeah…how the hell did you know that?”

“Did you get the right plug; the cable box plug is the lowest one.”

“No, of course I couldn’t find the right plug, and how did you know I had to fix the box?”

“Because the power went out, and when it came back the cable box showed no data in search mode.  You should have waited for me to fix it.”

“If you knew it was out, why didn’t you fix it?”

“Because I knew what shows I wanted to watch…I didn’t need the search mode.  How did you fix it if you couldn’t find the wall plug, what did you do, pull it from the box itself?”

“You are either a freak, or where is the hidden camera?”

“No camera, you are just too predictable…and a jerk!”

It is not easy living with a woman who knows your every move even when she is at work.


  1. LOL; she's always keeping you on your toes!! I think I might get an extension cord or something and make that plug a little easier to fix when "No Data" comes again (and you know it will :)


    1. Our cable box has an on/off button on the FRONT!!

  2. Wouldn't it be easier to add an extension cord with an on/off switch so you don't have to go behind the cabinet every time?

  3. I got a visual of you doing this. Why? Because hubby does this sort of thing. It's most entertaining.

    Your wife has you pegged doesn't she. Yes she does. I love your tales about your married life. You're always the jerk and she's always Sherlock.

    Have a fabulous day Cranky. ☺

  4. Face it, we know. We always know. ;)

  5. I know this is meant to be humorous but I found it painful and too close to home. As a matter of fact my spouse can spot a single dog hair on our bed and establish an Inquisition....

  6. I'm very clueless about all things electrical.

  7. Sure glad I don't have cable. Think if I were you, I'd just wait for Mrs. C to fix it next time. Luckily for me, Direct TV has a reset on the front.

  8. If my husband dies before I do, I will have to live a television-less life. I don't even know what I need to do to get access to our Amazon TV. It's too complicated...

  9. You guys are so predictable.

  10. I don't know how to turn any of our TV equipment on. The remote is so complicated...half the time I get it in some kind of funk. I just stream Netflix on my laptop while I work!

  11. You should have pushed that cabinet back exactly to the right place!