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Sunday, March 22, 2015



It is time once again for
Please! Next they'll want to take the 'Fuck' out of 'Fuck You'

This week’s stupid headlines and my stupider, sometimes sophomoric comments.

One headline may be fake.  Guess the fake and win a mention and a WHOOP-TEE-DOO.  None of the above may be a correct answer.

Comment moderation is one for one day.

Melting snow-statue of “Mt. Rushmore” on Vermont mans front yard now resembles ObamaIt is for sale on E-bay, but you have to get your bid in quick.

Cop killer bids for release because he plays the flute – I don’t think anything he has to do in prison should be cause for parole.

Thirty-three African lions headed for Colorado – One more reason not to legalize marijuana.

New Mexico man arrested for killing spider- If you are in New Mexico, you’d better watch your step.

Lawmaker calls for a rebellion against EPA pollution emissions for backyard barbecues – If they want to eliminate pork, our backyards are not the place to look!

Baby onesie says 'I hate my thighs,' prompts debates, 'baby fat-shaming' – Is it at all possible to say anything in this country that does not piss off someone?  Damn I miss Joan Rivers!!

Obama floats making voting mandatory – It seems to work pretty well in Cuba.
Extended breastfeeding linked to higher IQ and income in study – I have my doubts, I cannot imagine how feeding on extended breasts could make anyone smarter.

Dog Walks A Mile On Hind Legs Dressed As School Girl – Some of these mutts will do anything to avoid getting “fixed!”

Darth Vader Robs North Carolina Bank At Gunpoint – What, his light saber was on the fritz?

Top violator of women's rights around the world? It's Israel says UN – This is not the fake, yet it may be the stupidest headline ever, excuse me, but I just have to say, “Hey UN… are you fucking kidding me?”

Kevin Bacon is the new spokesman for the American Egg Board – Their first choice was Eggelbert Humperdinck


Last week’s fake was:

Montana four year old finds dinosaur bone in sand box – All my kids ever found in the sand box was cat poop.

This did not fool very many people…DAMN I hate that!

The winners are:

I'm gonna go with the dinosaur in the sandbox

Uncle Skip is on a hot streak stop in @

I think I'll go with the dinosaur bone in the sandbox as the fake. The guy calling to report his wife stole his cocaine has got to be real!

Beginners luck! Find Lara @ check out her books as well!

Wait! I won? Me? OMG! I'm so happy and blessed. I want to thank the academy, Uncle Leo and everyone else who made this possible.

This week I'm going with "Montana four year old finds dinosaur bone in sand box" because even in Montana, Dinosaurs and more than 4 years old.

Either Tim is being sarcastic or he needs a life! Pretty sure it is the former, he is a funny guy go to if you don’t believe me.

Please tell me it's Montana four year old finds dinosaur bone in sand box--I'd hate to be wrong 2 weeks in a row!!

I knew I couldn’t fool Fran with this one say hello @ always funny...she is called fishducky, what do you expect?

Some of these I've heard, but not the Dino bone in the sandbox. Of course it could have been a really old sandbox!

Lucky Guess! Mr. Chatterbox is found here @ He is a professional artist and a damn good writer as well.

I am going with the "Montana four year old finds dinosaur bone in sand box" this time. Everyone else is going with it. I will hate if it is the Mentos and Coke one.

Dan is starting to rival fishducky and Sandee @ Say hello and browse his used book store.

I'm going with Montana four year old finds dinosaur bone in sand box. There's no logic to this at all. Not even possible.

Curses I’ll foil her yet! Funny stuff @ comedyplus!

ONLY 5 people guessed wrong!

Come back next week for more



  1. I wish it was the Israel one, but I'll go for melting snow-statue of “Mt. Rushmore”!!

  2. "Lawmaker calls for a rebellion against EPA pollution emissions for backyard barbecues"

    So it's against the law to barbecue in your back yard? Ha! I knew it....underneath my mild exterior lurks a BAD BOY! You'll never take me alive, copper!

  3. Geez, wrong again! And totally kicking myself for not having been smart enough to guess last week that Kim K having, like, sex, like, 500x a day with, like, Kanye was, like, sooo true!
    So I am going to play it safe this week and say that all the craziness above is soooo, like, true!

  4. I'm going with the one that says Obama is thinking of making voting mandatory. Everybody who was forced to vote would vote against the guy who made that become law. Only the stupidest politician in the world would consider that.

    Oh, wait...

  5. I'll be back later to guess. I linked you to Silly Sunday. You're Stupid Headlines is way better than any post I do on Sunday.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  6. I'm gonna go for lions headed for Colorado
    New here, looks like fun.

  7. Just a note on the mandatory voting addition to Cuba, there are 34 other countries where it is mandatory, 13 of them enforce it....among them Australia and Luxembourg.
    I rather like the idea, mainly because it scares the GOP so much....and not because it's a strike against our 'freedom' either.

  8. After winning two weeks in a row, it has become old hat now. I'm going for the Hattrick by picking "New Mexico man arrested for killing spider" because I believe Spiders are a large part of a balanced diet in New Mexico.

  9. Melting Obama is fake.

  10. The dog walking on hind legs dressed as a schoolgirl sounds farfetched.

  11. I had to flip a coin between the melting snow sculpture of Mt Rushmore resembling Obama and the New Mexico man getting arrested for killing a spider.

    The coin fell between the cushions on the couch.

  12. I knew it, I knew it, I knew it!!! I'm special! I'm one of the only five who managed to guess wrong. This should be a marketable skill. I could tell people which lottery numbers to not pick. Heck, I already tell people which checkout line not to pick - the one I am in!

    OK, serious now. I'm going with the onesie. Everybody loves chubby baby thighs!

  13. I will go with none of the above this week.

  14. I'm picking the School-Girl Dog as fake. A mile is a long way. I'm shocked he didn't do it uphill both ways, in the snow. I was leaning toward the melting Obama head, because how can you keep it from melting long enough to sell it...but some people will buy anything.

  15. Melting snow-statue of “Mt. Rushmore” on Vermont mans front yard now resembles Obama is my pick, although that spider one has me scratching my head.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺