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Thursday, March 26, 2015

The Soap Dispenser Dish

The Soap Dispenser Dish
I try hard.  I really do, but Mrs. Cranky is a tough cookie.  I try to follow her rules, even when her rules make it clear that the logic train does not stop at her station.  It is not easy.  I have this thing about stuff making sense. 

Mrs. Cranky and I have differing opinions on the meaning of making sense.

I believe I have already posted on Mrs. C’s penchant for not snapping the cap on the dishwasher soap dispenser.  She prefers to leave it open.  I snap it shut out of force of habit and well I just think that if something has a cap, it should probably be used for the purpose I assume it was designed…covering an opening. 

Mrs. C thinks otherwise.

“I don’t see a need to have to unsnap the cover all the time, and I like to use the residue soap that is inside the cap, and well, just don’t close it!”

All aboard!  “Wait, wait for Mrs. Cranky! Damn!”

OK, so I don’t snap the cap anymore.  I know to choose my battles.

But then:

“Why do you always insist on not placing the soap dispenser on the soap dispenser dish?”

“You mean that thing that is slightly curved and the soap dispenser will not stand upright unless you carefully balance it and when it falls over, and it always falls over, soap gets on the counter because the cap is never snapped closed?”

“Yes!  Use the dish, because when you put it on the counter and not the dish, soap residue from the bottom of the dispenser gets on the counter.”

“No it doesn’t, because I wipe the bottom of the dispenser with a paper towel before I put it down.”

“That’s another thing, you use too many paper towels, and it is wasteful.”

“That is what paper towels are for.”

“You should use a sponge!”

“When you use a sponge it gets moldy and stinky.  Paper towels are for using and tossing, and if you keep changing the subject this is going to turn into a whole nother post.

If you’re going to insist on using the soap dispenser dish then we have to snap the cap on the soap dispenser;  one or the other!”

“Oh, I don’t think so, uncap and dish…both…end of discussion!”

“Jeez, and you call me a jerk.”

“I heard that!”

I try hard. I really do.


  1. I don't see how soap residue gets on the bottom of the bottles. You hold it in dry hands, dispense the soap, then stand it upright. Bottle remains dry. I leave mine open until I get to the bottom of the bottle, then I snap it shut and stand the bottle upside down, so the last 1/4 inch gathers in the closed cap. Next time I use it, I hold the bottle over the sink and unscrew the cap and rinse it under the hot running water, so the dishwater gets soapy. It's usually enough detergent to wash up a small load. A dish to stand the bottle in seems superfluous to me, it's just one more thing that eventually needs washing.

  2. You know what you need? You need a dish to stand the soap dispenser dish in - problem solved ... I think ...

  3. Use a sponge, rinsing it in hot, soapy water each day and microwaving it to kill germs.

    As for the soap, ask if she's willing to compromise and buy a dispenser for it that fits in the soap dish, and put all the dish detergent in that.

    Sometines it's best to see the reason for doing something, then find a better way to accomplish that.

  4. I have to wonder what happens to the toothpaste tube?

  5. I leave it open, but others close it. It gets gunky, though.

  6. We don't have this problem with the soap but we did have a problem with tooth paste. I squeeze from the middle, he squeezes from the bottom. We each now have our own tooth paste containers. Maybe you'll have to do the same with soap.


  7. There you go with that "common sense" thing again! Don't you know the world has passed you (and me) by? Logic is so "old school".

  8. Yours is not to reason why, yours is but to do or die. Surely you know by now you aren't going to win.

  9. See, your problem is, you don't have any kids at home. They'd just lose the cap for the soap dispenser, and, voila! problem solved!


  10. We use bottles that dispense the soap by pressing down on a spritzer thingy into your hands. The bottles stand up wherever is convenient -- on the sink in our house and doesn't get dirty or sticky. And if it did I'd just pick it up and wash it off and put it back. Your dispenser gets very complicated!

  11. For that sponge you can have it moderately wet and put it in the microwave on high for 1 minute and it will never stink. That's all I have to add to this conversation.

    You two have such interesting conversations. Yes you do. They mostly all end the same.

    Have a terrific day. ☺

  12. I think that the person doing the lion's share of bathroom cleaning should get to make this decision. If I grumbled about something like this, my Mrs. C. would counter with, "Fine, then YOU clean the bathroom." Needless to say, I usually do things her way because I'm a lazy lout.

    1. So, Judge Chatterbox would rule in my favor. Too bad he is not in our jurisdiction.

    2. Are you saying that YOU do the cleaning? If so, I agree with Stephen. And let it be known I'm a female with the same sort of issues as Mrs. Cranky!

  13. "The logic train does not stop at her station."

    I am NOT going to read this post to my husband!

  14. oh, dear... that made me laugh and shake my head, too. :)

  15. Why do all your conversations end with "You're a jerk!!"? Could there be some truth in that?

  16. I couldn't quite follow the dialogue here but then I have a similar at home. Perhaps that's I always lose these "discussions"......

  17. I'm voting with you on this one.

    My past experience with a mustard bottle and my ex not capping it... You know how there's always a thin, watery. runny bit of mustard at the top unless you shake it up (hard) before you squeeze it? Well, I shook it (hard). Can you imagine how hard yellow mustard is to clean of a ceiling? Popcorn ceiling?

    Ex: ex
    Bottles: capped

    He was a jerk.

  18. I am giving you the triple play on this one, the trifecta, the hat trick. Caps are made to be snapped shut. No soap dispenser dish is needed, because if the cap is closed, no soap is going to get on the bottom of the dispenser. Paper towels are supposed to be disposable, and if sponges were so great, paper towel companies would go out of business.