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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The More You Know

The More You Know
Am I the only one who finds the NBC PSA “The more you know” campaign annoying?  

This is where some NBC TV celebrity gets up in your face all serious and then enlightens us with his/her wisdom that without “Knowing” our life would be ruined.

“Hi, this is Matt Lauer; smoking is a bad thing to do.  Cigarette smoke delivers carcinogens and poisons that will shorten your life.  Don’t smoke…the more you know.

Oh thank you NBC!  Who knew? Smoking is not good for you.  I am so glad I watch your lifesaving network.

I am so appreciative of this campaign I am going to do the same on this blog.  I call it “The Don’t be a Jerk” PSA.

“Hi, this is a cranky old man.  Taking a bath and drying your hair at the same time is not a good idea.  If the hair dryer falls into the tub you will friggin die…don’t be a jerk.

“Hello, cranky old man here, playing Russian roulette may seem like an adrenalin rush, but there is a one in six chance of blowing your brains out…don’t be a jerk.

“Good evening, this is Cranky, do you know that shooting heroin directly into your veins will make you forget your problems.  It will, but eventually you will become addicted and you will steal money and prostitute yourself just to get a fix and feel normal…don’t be a jerk.

This is just a short list of Cranky Old Man PSA’s.  Keep coming back to this blog; you may just get information that will save your life.

The more you know!


  1. I have no idea the TV offerings. I seem to have quit cold turkey. Good thing, it seems.

  2. No TV here, and maybe there is somebody is Backwoods Nowhere who doesn't know this stuff. Of course, s/he probably doesn't have a TV either!

  3. yeah, well... they have to appear wise somewhere.

  4. Yes, everyone else knows what is best for me. Apparently I'm not smart enough to figure anything out on my own.

    Thanks for the sage advice. I won't do any of those things.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  5. I seem to have missed these "thoughtful" messages from NBC. For that I am grateful. Sad commentary that it is thought we need celebrities to tell us what we should know as common knowledge.
    Hey, NBC may have a job for you..

  6. My question is; how can I get a bunch of money for telling the world stupid things they already know?

  7. Thank you for going out of your way to save my life. It's like a doctor telling you that the best way to stay healthy is diet and exercise. Screw you! Where's my skinny pill?

  8. hmmm....well, if your best friend was a talkative case manager at a social service agency like mine is, you might not be so quick to assume that "everybody" knows stuff like this!
    "Stupid Headlines" would all be false, every week, if they did!

  9. I gave up watching TV some years ago. Thanks for cluing me in Cranky. I NEEDED to know....:)

  10. I'd like to contribute to this "The more you know" campaign.

    Florida...the thing that protrudes at the left side of your steering wheel? It's called a turn signal. Use it! ...the more you know.

  11. PSA? I thought that was a prostate test. So I scrolled down, thinking we were all getting a prostate exam. Well...fifty percent of us, anyway. Never mind.


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