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Monday, March 16, 2015

Sanctions Hell, Send Them Stuff! - a cranky re-run

Sanctions Hell, Send Them Stuff!

This cranky re-run was from a Cranky Opinion Saturday post in March 2013 comments ranged from "brilliant idea," to "Are you friggin nuts" and "Stuff, hell, send Nukes!"
Many years ago when I was but a young lad, my father’s had a theory on defeating the Russians during the cold war.  He was disturbed at the amount of money our country spent developing weapons, maintaining troops and funding other countries, all to discourage the Russians from going to war against the United States and our allies.  The Russians in turn were building their defenses, armed forces, and Nuclear arsenal while their citizens were standing in line for toilet paper.

If we spent just one half of the money we spend on protecting ourselves from Russia on sending them stuff we could end the Cold War.”

Here is how his theory would have worked.  We cut back on billions and billions of dollars on Defense spending and instead build cars, trucks, washing machines, TV’s, refrigerators, vacuum cleaners and toasters, load them all up on boats, and give them all to Russia.  FREE STUFF.

The Russians now receiving monthly shipments of free stuff would be forced to build an improved infrastructure to use all the free stuff.  They would need new roads, bigger electric plants and a stronger grid to deliver the electricity.  They would need gas stations for their cars, and entertainment for their new TV’s.  The Russian people given a taste of prosperity would demand economic changes. 

Instead of wasting our money building weapons so the Russians wouldn’t start a war and take our stuff, we just give them stuff.

Instead of building the capabilities to defeat the US and take our stuff, the Russians would divert their resources to use the stuff we would give them.

When you fear people who have few resources you don’t defeat them with more poverty, you distract them with prosperity.

When the Russian’s communist economy broke and their new form of capitalism brought increased prosperity the Cold War between us ended. 

In effect my father was proven right.

What country do we fear today?  What country recently threatened to annihilate Washington D.C.?

North Korea.

How are we dealing with North Korea? 

We are imposing economic sanctions.  Economic sanctions to a country that has no birds because the people are starving and eat anything they can catch.  Economic sanctions on a country that has almost nothing to protect.  They have nothing to lose, and in their eyes everything to gain by developing capabilities of hurting the US.

I think my dad’s idea is still valid.  You do not defuse a threat by making people’s lives more difficult.  Increasing their poverty will not make them knuckle under; it will only piss them off and strengthen their resolve.

To diffuse the North Korean threat we should load up the boats.  Send them food, cars, and appliances.  Stop the sanctions.  Divert money spent to defend ourselves from their threat to help them prosper.  A prosperous North Korea would not want to bomb their benefactors.  They would not want to destroy a potential trade partner.  Prosperous nations are not scary; nations in poverty are a threat.

Who would you fear most in a dark alley, Bill Gates or a homeless man?


  1. Simple logic but absolutely spot on! Your Dad was a wise man.

  2. distract them with prosperity. what a concept.

  3. An interesting idea, although historically this has been tried and it didn't work. Giving away massive amounts of money and goods didn't keep the Roman or Byzantine empires from falling. It's true that making our enemies more like us, more materialistic and freedom-loving, is a good idea, but I doubt this would prevent them from forever wanting more of what we have.

  4. We're funneling billions into the middle east and that's not working. And when you do send stuff only the elite get the stuff. The rest of the populace is still starving to death.

    Have a fabulous day Cranky. ☺

  5. You're brilliant at logical thinking. It would not hurt anything to try this out.

  6. As with so many things in this world, it works until you put the greedy people at the top into the equation, i think.

  7. I like your dad's way of thinking; there is a lot of logic to it indeed! I get the analogy between Bill Gates and the homeless person, but I think I would fear Bill Gates more; he would have the body guards, the homeless person would just have what little (or lot because I've seen that too) possessions they have.


  8. Your dad was an "outside the box" thinker well before that phrase became annoyingly overused. Only problem would be the higher-ups grabbing it all for themselves like they always do.

    1. Even the higher ups can use only so many cars and dishwashers, and stuff. OK, they can sell them, still...

  9. Strangely enough, this makes sense!!

  10. Not sure it would work but not much else has so why not give it a shot?

  11. Can we send them Justin Bieber? Oh. Wait. He's not ours to send.

  12. Didn't we try giving an old aircraft carrier to some third world African country once. I think they melted it down to make spear tips or something. ;) Can you imagine what the average North Korean would do with a microwave oven or an iWatch or a reclining massage chair? Fun to think about!

  13. By god I think you and your dad are right! Even if the govt there started siezing and destroying the stuff, the word would still get out (especially these days) and the people would rise up, descend on the docks and demand their stuff!

  14. It probably won't work. Look what happened when Bob Geldof did that Feed the World thing. Foods and other goods were sent by the shipload, yet all sat on the docks and rotted because the corrupt governments refused to allow its distribution to the starving populace. They began by insisting the poverty stricken masses 'buy' the goods.