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Tuesday, March 3, 2015


It must be nice to be rich.  Rich people have lots of stuff that only rich people can afford.  I wish I could afford some of this stuff.

Oh wait.

There are many things that at some point in my life time only rich people could afford.

A car-

A car with power steering, power brakes, power windows, air conditioner, an AM/FM radio and an 8 track tape player.

Have two with all of that…except the 8 track player…it has a multiple cd player instead…I know, that is also yesterday’s technology.

A 21 inch color TV.  Got several…all well over 21 inches.

A car phone.  Got a cell phone…much better.

A home computer.  Got one, plus a laptop plus a tablet, plus a smart phone.

Cable TV with HBO.  Got it on several TV’s with HBO, Stars, Encore, and some other channels I never watch.

Private plane.  Don’t want one…ok, can’t afford it.

Automatic garage door opener.  Got one.

Swimming pool.  Got one…well the townhouse association…that counts!

50’ Yacht.  Don’t want one…ok, can’t afford it either.

Vacation in the Caribbean.   Done that.

Phone answering machine.  Please!

Hi-fi record player.  What the hell is that?

Dishwasher.  Got one.

Microwave oven.  No really, they used to be a big deal.

A VCR.  Got several…well DVD players.

Refrigerator with water and ice dispenser.  Finally!

Come to think of it, it’s good to be rich!


  1. My children used to ask if we were rich, and i would say, "We are rich in love." Which we are. And i don't want a plane, i am too scared to go to the airport and get in a tin can, nor do i want a yacht, because boats are great for people who want to be on them a lot but for me would be a waste since i'd probably never get to it to use it much.

    We finally have a dishwasher, too! But no TV at all in the house, and i don't want that, either.

  2. you're right. we take so much for granted at our fingertips these days.

  3. I used to be envious of my friends who had shop bought Birthday cakes with Disney themes. I'd assumed it was because they were rich and we weren't and really didn't appreciate the home made cakes as much as I should have.

  4. Think how relatively inexpensive all those have become. I remember mother had a microwave before me. Monster, ate up half the counter. It had membrane buttons, not mechanical (digital!). It intimidated me. Mom would call out which number to push from elsewhere in the house.

  5. We truly are rich and blessed compared to so many in the world :) I am glad I am rich and blessed and I too would not want a yacht or any boat for that matter.


  6. Yes, good to be reminded. Swimming around in gold coins is overrated anyway.

    1. Don't knock it until you've tried it!! When the payroll came in was the time for the big monthly poker game. Bud & some of the other Finance Corps officers & enlisted men would lock themselves in the vault & play poker (with the government’s money). The buy-in for the game was $200,000.00 each, in cash! When someone had won all the money, they would put it back in the safe, go home & go to sleep.

  7. I'm comfortable so I'm rich. I an extremely happy, so I'm rich. I live with my soul-mate, so I'm rich. I've known this for many many years.

    Have a fabulous day Cranky. ☺

  8. My step-nephew once said to his father (a wealthy attorney) that he wanted to be successful like him. I bit my tongue, because his dad's divorce was not my idea of success. Money was clearly his step-sons idea of success. Rich and successful do mean different things to different people.

  9. Like you, I feel rich in all things that matter, although grandchildren would be nice.

  10. I like your kind of rich. I'm right there with you. Too many yacht and private plane owners are miserable - consumed with looking for more money and the next wife in a string of them.

  11. I second Stephen's sentiments. I've got what's important in many aspects of my life. I'm also missing out on a few important things but I'll bide my time. Fun post. (check mail!)

  12. I like rich food. Like Coconut Cream Pie.

  13. You must live on skid row. My house came with two garage door openers.

  14. DISHWASHER? I'm poor! Then husband has a couple of cabins. Both without dishwashers.

  15. I knew I had it made when my refrigerator had an automatic ice maker!

  16. I can read and write - I must be rich.

  17. Sure wish I had one of those fridge's with the extra stuff. I'm still filling ice cube trays.

  18. I'm rich in things that matter, family, friends, a home I can afford. I just don't have any money left at the end of each week. I used to dream of being obscenely wealthy, these days I'd settle for filthy rich. Not so I can buy stuff, just so I can live without wondering if I can afford to. And to help out the kids and their families of course.

  19. Yes you are!! When looking at a LOT of countries, we are not only rich, we are filthy rich. I'm feeling it.

  20. You're right. We are rich by the standards we had only a few years ago. But I would like a little more cash in the bank!