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Saturday, February 21, 2015


Politics is simple
A cranky opinion for


The following is the opinion of a cranky old man with absolutely no expertise on the subject opined.  Opposing views are welcome.  They are welcome but will be ignored.  As always, please no name calling, and that means you, you knucklehead!

I know this should be “Whom Do You Trust?” but if it was good enough for Johnny Carson’s first show, it is good enough for me.  Actually I think the show was originally called “Do You Trust Your Wife?” but neither title has anything to do with this post.

My post today is about political positions.   

People today tend to label their political position as Liberal, Conservative, or Independent.  I choose to label politics in terms of who do you trust.

Liberals are “Government” trusters.   Government can pass laws to solve all problems and make everything fair.

Conservatives are “Business” trusters.  Business and free markets will best produce what people want and will eventually be forced to make all products safe and treat all people fairly.

Independents are verifiers.  They change who they trust based on whatever benefits them the most at any given time.  They trust only after  they verify that a policy is good for them.

Government trusters hate anything that comes as a result of business. They dislike people who have more than them and insist on regulating everything. 

Government trusters don’t have to think or research, they know that Wal-Mart is bad; anything not natural (organic) is bad; big Pharma exists to rip off the poor and anyone who disagrees is a non-thinking misogynistic, racist Neanderthal idiot. 

Government trusters are sarcastic and sure of themselves.  They use and or make up facts and statistics to win arguments.

Politicians from a district predominantly inhabited by government trusters will support a strong government.

Simple isn’t it?

Business trusters hate regulations. Regulations just get in the way of production.  Business trusters believe that if people do not succeed it is because they are lazy and they need to learn to fend for themselves.  Government should provide Armed Forces to protect the country from invasion, and build roads and stuff to make businesses more productive.  They believe that government is needed to build roads and stuff because often people do not recognize the better good for all and will not sell their property to allow for roads and “good-for-business” stuff.  Government then just takes over the property because…well because they can; also because the right palms have been greased. 

Business trusters do not have to think or research.  If government is involved and it is not to protest their property, or to take over other people’s property who are standing in the way of progress (their interests) it is a bad thing.  Anyone that disagrees is a bleeding heart Namby Pamby communist infiltrating anti-American traitor. 

Business trusters rely on  loud aggressive name calling to win an argument.

Politicians from a district predominantly inhabited by business  trusters will support a weak government.

Simple isn’t it.

Verifiers have to think and analyze everything.  Is it good for me? There is no need to help the poor, unless the poor are causing problems, then maybe we need to allow them to be just affluence enough to not be frightening.  Verifiers hate seeing the homeless, they make them uncomfortable.  Something should be done about that.  Legalize drugs? Well the ones they like, yes.  Equal rights for women?  Sure, if they have a daughter.  Racial equality?  As long as it doesn’t cost them their job.  Verifiers want safe food and cheap drugs and will vote for whoever can best deliver what they want.

Verifiers think almost everyone is wrong.  They avoid all political discussions.

Politicians from a district predominantly inhabited by verifiers will flip flop their positions as needed.

Simple isn’t it.

The final political position is the “what is best for everyone” group.  These people read, research and analyze every issue based on what is right, fair, safe and most productive for the most people regardless of how it will effect them as individuals.

A district predominantly inhabited by this group does not exist.

Simple isn’t it.

The preceding was the opinion of a cranky old man, and not necessarily that of management…Mrs. Cranky.


  1. a sad state of political affairs...

  2. While I blame my fellow liberals for letting entitlement programs get out of control, I do not believe a government run like as business is the way to go. Unregulated businesses would have enslaved the population, absorbed all of the resources and left nothing for future generations. Capitalism and Socialism need to work together to provide the most people with an opportunity for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Without compromise, nothing is possible. Too bad compromise has become an ugly word. We as a country wouldn't have come into existence without it.

    1. All institutions need some checks and balances. We may not do it all that well, but I think our Democratic system addresses it better than any other. You are spot on though, too often today compromise is taken as weakness when actually it is the strength of our system.

  3. I see all three as mostly out for themselves. They have different approaches, but the end result seems to be the same. They get rich and the middle class keeps disappearing. I'm not much for politicians. I do agree that the entitlement programs are way out of control. There is no incentive for folks to fend for themselves.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  4. And I think we need all three, or maybe even a fourth category, to keep things even and balanced and in check!

  5. Pretty good. I think I fall into several categories. Perhaps, I should be America's first beneficent King. The only comment that I doubt anyone would believe is: "Business trusters rely on loud aggressive name calling to win an argument." That behavior has been the meat of arguments for Government trusters since the 1960s.

  6. Very well said. I think once upon a time many DID act in the best interest of the country. Then special interest groups trickled down to the masses...they were no longer just for the wealthy. Since then it's been "what's in it for me?" I fear for our kid's future.

  7. I am avoiding this discussion, because there's nothing in it for me.

  8. I'm like Val except my avoidance is because I don't trust the subject matter.

  9. Government is full of politicians who I do not like because they are busy telling all us poor people we have to tighten our belts, pay more taxes, work harder or longer hours etc, while they give themselves pay rises and more superannuation, and now they are thinking of reinstating the politicians 'for-life" pensions after they quit politics, even if they get another job!
    So who do I trust? no-one.

  10. Someone trusts the government? Who is this fool?

  11. I wrote a post like this but not as articulate, before our Australian federal elections last year. I actually think I sit in between liberal and conservative, and no party represents my position at all. I veer between right and left, and believe both business and government are necessary. I weigh everything up and analyse everything and I think of the good of the country and our economy - and conveniently enough that also tends to accord most often with what would be best for me and my family. Funny, that, isn't it? :)