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Saturday, August 1, 2015


The following is the opinion of a cranky old man with little knowledge on the topic opined.  Opposing opinions are welcome but may be ignored.  Mean spirited comments will be deleted and as always, please, no name calling, and that means you, you big stupid head!

I do not like hunting.  I don’t like guns or crossbows.  I don’t mind that people hunt some animals.  As much as I like deer, they can be a nuisance and except for automobiles they don’t have many natural enemies.   Without hunters the deer would be overpopulated, they would probably become disease ridden and die anyway.  Plus hunters eat the deer they kill and deer are quite tasty.

I am not a fan of killing an animal only to pose like a big shot by the carcass and take home another ratty rug with teeth.  This dentist who killed Cecil the lion is a jerk.  He is apparently a rich jerk, so I dislike him even more.  A case can be made for big game hunting.  Some say it pays for conservation.  Maybe.  But I don’t like it and I don’t like this dentist jerk.

Still what he did happens all the time.  Big game hunters pay big bucks to kill big bucks and other exotic animals.  We never hear about it.  What makes this killing so despicable?  Why is this dentist forced into hiding?  

Sure the lion was apparently lured out of a sanctuary to be killed.  Maybe the dentist didn’t know it was protected, he paid big money for guides to know what was legal.  This despicable killing of a beautiful creature that is, I believe endangered, made headlines because the lion had a name.  The lion had a cute name.  Cecil the lion. 

He killed Cecil! 

This is the biggest crime since the brutal murder of Bambi’s mother.

Killing Cecil was a despicable act in my opinion, but was it as disgusting as ISIS filming the beheadings of multiple Muslims that disagreed with the despicable ISIS ideology?

 ISIS has committed horrible…outrageous…inhuman atrocities and they get negative press, but not the same vitriol as that reserved for this big game hunting dentist.

Perhaps when ISIS publishes these disgusting murders we should name the victims. 

It is disturbing to see five humans beheaded,  but to see “Ackmed the tailor”, “Abdul the farmer”,  “Hakeem the clerk”,  “Majeed the doctor” and “Aaban the teacher” brutally tortured and killed might outrage the civilized world as much as reading about the killing of an animal.

It is important to put a name on murder.  The act of a random disturbed person does not evoke the rage that a brutal murder in the name of “Radical Muslim Terrorism” does. 

Too often today violence is minimized by terminology.  Murder is called execution, terrorists are radicals.

Christians are rounded up and murdered or sold to sex slavery and it is because of a difference of religious opinion.  Muslims kill other Muslims for a difference in belief.  Jews are hated and need to be eliminated because it says so in the Koran (So I have been told), when does it end.

Perhaps we should give every victim a name. 

Perhaps we should show every victim’s family in mourning.

Perhaps if we put a name to the victims of terrorism, outrageous acts of inconceivable violence will receive the same justifiable vitriol, disgust and desire for revenge as does the killing of a lion, not just any lion.

Cecil the lion.

The preceding was the opinion of a cranky old man and not necessarily that of management…Mrs. Cranky…who by the way loves lions more than any animal on earth and is very angry about Cecil!


  1. Hi Cranky,

    I can't argue with anything you have written in this post.

    I totally agree with you.




  2. yes, i agree as well. the luring of cecil from the sanctuary was heinous. his trophy hunting was disgusting to me, but i, too, thought of the human travesties we barely blink an eye at anymore...

  3. I have thought a lot about this same thing - so many people in an uproar over a lion (me being one of them) and we don't see that same anger over the slaughter of our fellow human beings. You have a very good point about a name being recognized to make us more aware. Very sad.

    1. These are my exact thoughts. While the Cecil story is truly horrendous, where is the outrage for the innocent human beings that are killed every day under so many guises?

  4. I'm on a lot of Facebook pages for dog rescues since eventually we might get another dog. I see pictures of dogs in shelters that if they aren't adopted soon might risk being euthanized. It broke my heart (and still breaks my heart) but I had to put it into perspective about the HUGE number of babies daily aborted. All life is precious, I tend to think humans are a bit more precious since we are made in the image of God. I do feel bad about Cecil, but I do agree with you; there are so many other victims out there that are nameless that won't get their "15 minutes of fame" like Cecil and his death has.


  5. You are spot on Joe, spot on. We seem to have our priorities a bit off. I'm with you on this and have wondered the very same thing.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  6. Cecil was not hunted because he was a menace or because someone needed food.; he was murdered, for someone's amusement. After shooting Cecil this guy wanted to shoot an elephant. This mentality is about to remove many hallmark species from our planet. I recently read there are only four white rhinos running wild on this planet. This dentist is a poster boy for how not to be.

  7. I agree with Stephen. This man did not hunt for religious reasons, territorial reasons, political reasons nor for food. He just wanted a head on the wall. I think that is what gets my goat.

  8. I was going to write some long elaborate response, but "what you said" really sums it up so much better.

  9. Silly humans. Calling for a dentist's head for murdering a majestic lion with a cute name. Yet justifying the murder of millions of cattle each year because they NEED tasty steaks and leather shoes.

  10. To the dentist's defense -- had that beast gotten off his leash before that guy blew him away with at bazooka, he could have caused some real mischief. Think about that mister cranky pants.
    ...sorry, I couldn't resist.

  11. You are right... But still I hope this incident serves to highlight how disgusting and senseless big game hunting is.