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Saturday, August 15, 2015



For Cranky Opinion Saturday
The following are the opinions of a cranky old man with little knowledge on the subjects opined.  They are expressed with little thought and if they piss you off, get over it.  Opposing opinions are expected; mean-spirited comments will be deleted, and as always, please, no name calling…that means you, you big stupid-head!

Opinions are not like assholes, because I’ve got lots of them!

Global Warming – Maybe, I don’t know.  I am somewhat skeptical, but in the mean time the USA should stop burning stuff.  Oh, and that goes for the other 95 percent of the world…STOP BURNING STUFF!

Woman’s rights – Yes!

Equal pay for equal work – First define equal work.  Then pass another law that says you cannot discriminate pay based on gender.  There are already three federal laws that say this, so go ahead and pass another, what can it hurt. 

Gay rights – Yes

Gay marriage – OK, fine with me, but maybe we could call it something else to keep the Bible thumpers happy.  How about “Gaymelding?” And partners can be called…mmm “Legal Partners” because some people get confused and since the bible says marriage is between a man and a woman and it doesn’t mention Gaymelding… problem solved!  If you don’t like something, just call it something else and all is well with the world.

Immigration – If you are in this country illegally and you are caught breaking a law, you get sent back to your country of origin.  If you sneak in and don’t break any other laws; get a job, and learn English, then you can stay…just behave and fly under the radar.  If you want the rights of a citizen, come legally and follow procedures.

Abortion – If you don’t want a baby, don't get pregnant. If you get pregnant and change your mind before the baby is viable (able to survive if delivered), then abortion should be a legal if unpleasant choice.  When abortion was illegal lots of people died or got really messed up in back alleys or crappy dark rooms, and that was bad.

Minimum Wage – As long as it is not higher than normal supply and demand would dictate, because you can’t really legislate the laws of economics.  Remember wage and price freeze under Nixon?  Oh Hell, go ahead and raise it, but if prices takeoff, be prepared to pass some more laws to take care of those who are living on a fixed income.

Black Lives Matter – Yes they do.  Police should stop shooting people regardless of race if they are behaving themselves and are not an immediate threat.  Citizens should learn to say “Yes sir and no sir” to people who have guns and authority, and they should try not to appear threatening.   People with guns and authority that abuse that authority should have those guns and that authority taken away. 

Offensive stuff – Flags, symbols, words, etc… ignore them.  If they are in your face, punch someone.

Animal cruelty – STOP!

Bullying – Beat the snot out them.

Guns – Pass at test, pay a fee, and lock them away if not in use for hunting or target shooting.  If you want to carry one around, pass a really difficult test.

Done!  Social problems all solved, now let’s hear what the candidates have to say about the economy, education, crime, the environment and preventing assholes in other countries from pushing us around and fucking up the world.

The preceding opinions are from a cranky old man who needed a post and did not spend a whole lot of time trying to solve all the social problems in the country.  They are probably not those of management…Mrs. Cranky.  


  1. Hi Cranky Man,

    Global Warming - Agree

    Women's Rights - Agree

    Equal Pay For Equal Work - Agree

    Gay rights and marriage - Agree

    Immigration - I think it would be hard for even ME to live there permanently. Have you ever tried getting past immigration if you are nor American? Believe me, I get cross-examined and interrogated about the purpose of your visit - even though I come from the country that is probably your closest ally. I had LESS problems getting into both China and Russia.

    Abortion - Tricky one. It's still a life at the end of the day.

    Minimum wage - We MUST have one because if we don't then employers can take the piss.

    Black lives matter - Of course they do!!!!!

    Offensive stuff - Ban it - just ban it. Why should people have the right to hurt other people's feelings? I realise this is a little too general but in the main just ban it!

    Animal cruelty - Agree (unless it's wasps in which case continue).

    Bullying - Agree

    Guns - JUST BAN THEM!!!! I can't think why anybody who is not in the army or other forces would want one.

    Good thought-provoking post, sir.




  2. If only your brand of common sense prevailed in the world of public opinion. One comment on the subject of gay marriage: the government should never have gotten into the marrying business. Marriage is a religious sacrament and no church should be required to marry gays against their religious teachings. But in this country we have separation of church and state, and since gay people pay taxes like everyone else it isn't right to discriminate and deny these citizens the benefits afforded to married couples. Besides, gay marriages don't threaten me in any way.

  3. Seems like you are running for president? Only one I'll comment on is immigration; if you are coming to this country, however you get here, PLEASE learn the language. Do not expect people to pay to provide interpreters for you. Enough said.


  4. pretty good, but you slipped a couple of places. How about equal pay for equal job description. If you're good with gay marriage, punch the unhappy bible thumpers in the face, just as you would do for other offensive words or symbols. Just kidding on the last one--time to just recognize we are all come in the same human package and let's play fair and equal.

  5. Love this Cranky. You've solved a lot of problems.

    Have a fabulous weekend. ☺

  6. Agree with most! At least you say what you mean, and mean what you say - a very rare commodity these days! I think that's why we all love you!

  7. One thought on immigration. If you are here illegally and break the law, first you go to jail, and then you get deported.

  8. Immigration...that happened at a company I worked for. Good employee confessed that he was here illegally. Company lawyer advised to let him stay, and told us to keep our mouth shut.

  9. Agree with you on most - would like to add my thoughts on gay marriage:

    I don't think you should call it something else, because the minute you do, you are making it something "special" - something "different," and the idea of it was to give gays equal rights. Would you call an interracial marriage something other than "marriage?" Just a thought. And really, marriage is not a religious thing - it is a union that gives you certain civil, legal rights. Any religious person can add all sorts of religious ideas to his marriage vows and that's OK. But in this country, even atheists can get married and get the same civil rights and privileges associated with being married as the most Bible-thumping Southern Baptist.

  10. You kinda sound like that Trump guy.

  11. How about health care and social security?

  12. You are to the point, and often correct!

  13. Goodness, I was pretty sure I wouldn't but I agree with them all. I think you should run but not sure what party. How about the common sense party? You have my vote.

  14. You're making sense again--do you know how much that scares me?

  15. I am just glad to hear that you don't have lots of assholes!

  16. Here's my opinion: Guns-ban them except for policeman and the Army of course. You people need to stop shooting each other. who wants to grow up with a body covered in bullet scars? That's if you grow up at all.

  17. The comments are as insightful and interesting as your post. Except Val and fishducky...they're hilarious.

    1. I am proud to have achieved two of my lifelong goals: to be un-insightful and un-interesting!

  18. Searching frantically for the "like" button here.....

  19. Yes you have summed up the important matters that need every ones's opinion. Now, if you could only go and talk to MR.Trump and educate him.

  20. "Opinions are not like assholes, because I’ve got lots of them!" Ummm...which one? :)

    You would make a lousy politician, you know that? (And I mean that as a compliment.) That's because you speak your mind, and let the chips fall where they may. Personally I respect that, even where/if we might disagree. Don't ever change. :)


  21. Agree with you...except with the abortion. But then again I'm the mom with ten kids and one more on the way, so you could probably assume my stance on the issue.