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Monday, August 24, 2015

MY GOLF SCORE - a cranky re-run

This re-run is from August 2014 

I expect many readers will just skip over this post, but Frog, Squeak, Widmer and my brother will know exactly what I am talking about.
So I am starting to get serious about playing golf again.  In my youth I played pretty well, generally shooting from 84 to 94 on any given day.  Currently breaking 100 is a good day.  I now practice two times a week and play one nine hole round.  I only play nine holes, because I walk and pull my clubs on a cart.  Playing eighteen holes just kicks my butt.

Please don’t make the usual comments about golfers just chasing a little ball over a cow pasture trying to put it in a hole.  That is like saying singing is just talking loud and with a beat, or painting is just copying what you are looking at, or dancing is just flailing your arms and kicking your feet or writing is just putting words down on paper or boxing is just punching people in the face…ok boxing is just punching people in the face but you get the point.  Golf is a game which takes great skill, patience and concentration.


My score has come down from a 49 to a 52 for nine holes. 

If you ask how has your score come down when 49 is lower than 52 then you don’t know anything about playing golf.

Let me explain.

In golf, most golfers typically shoot three scores.  There is the number of strokes the golfer counts, the number of strokes he actually took, and mentally he counts his “shoulda been” score.  The “shoulda been” score is what you should have scored if you didn’t miss any easy putts, have any flubs or lost balls and got a good bounce off a tree.

In the beginning of this year I shot a 49 for nine holes played, only I had three flubs I didn’t count because, well just because.  I put two shots in the water and didn’t take a penalty because I didn’t know the water was there…sort of.  I didn't miss any putt under 5 feet because they were called gimmies (considered good without actually putting.)  Basically I played so poorly I only kept my counted strokes.  My real score would have been too painful to admit, and my “shoulda been” score was not worth figuring out.  Actually my counted score was more like my “shoulda been” score.

Yesterday I scored 52, but I counted every stroke and every putt including penalties for two balls into the water.  When you start to play better you count more of your strokes, when you are playing well, you count every stroke.  I am starting to play well enough to count every stroke, and that is how a 52 is a better score than a 49.

I actually played well enough to mentally keep a “shoulda been” score… 43. 

A 43 is a very good “shoulda been” score for me!


  1. "Playing eighteen holes just kicks my butt."
    Me, too.
    Then again, I don't have a pull cart so I have to carry my bag.

    1. Oh, and the last time I played nine I shot a 56 because someone else was keeping score.

  2. Not into golf but I know many that love the game. I know about this scoring too and often laugh at them. Some count every stroke. Those are indeed the really good golfers.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  3. Good one, Joe. An interesting lesson on scoring.

  4. I never had the patience for it, but I do like to drive the cart.

  5. Once, while playing golf with my cousin (who was keeping the score) on one hole I matched her stroke for stroke. I told her I had a 5--she said she got a 4. I never asked her again.

    I think it was on "Designing Women" where someone was talking about an elderly friend's golf game. She said, "He went through the 18 holes in 82 strokes--& than he had a stroke, so I guess that makes it 83!!"

  6. I remember this fun post but forgot about singing being talking loud with a beat. Isn't that what Rap is?
    I could never break a hundred so when I moved, I left my clubs with a friend. It is good exercise though so keep it up.

  7. I've never played golf but it sounds like you're pretty good.

  8. I've never tried my hand at golf either. When I was younger, the only nearby course was the country club course and you had to buddy up with some rich guy in town to get an invite.
    But the small town where I grew up now has a really good course. I actually do the website for it. I could probably play there for nearly nothing. Maybe I should give it a shot because writing isn't frustrating enough :)

  9. Fascinating! Since i don't play, i didn't realize some people don't count every stroke.

  10. Oh. I thought maybe you'd been practicing your chipping...

  11. Golf can become an addiction. I played for many years and even kept a few golf trophies in the barn. People always laughed when they walked in the barn and saw them. I really would like to play again....seems like I just recently said this.....Am I repeating myself? Keep up the improvement. Let's see, you live where you can play golf all winter, can't you? That certainly isn't "so" in MT.

  12. I can't play golf (never tried) but I love to watch.

  13. I don't think it matters how many holes you play. If you are enjoying yourself who cares? Great job with the "43" if it were me I'd double it and tell people you are shooting 86's! I also liked your analogy about singing, good one! You're getting outside, getting some exercise and enjoying yourself, we should all be so lucky!

    Jarrett @ The QATSPY Golf Approach