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Sunday, August 30, 2015

JUST ASK! - a cranky re-run

This cranky re-run is from August 2013

Here is some cranky advice to women that will not be followed, but…what the heck.

Ladies, if you want your man to do something, JUST ASK!

I know; your man should know to do stuff and you shouldn’t have to ask.  Well he doesn’t and you do.  The sooner you learn that, the happier your relationship will be.

Women…do not let shit pile up and expect your man to notice and step in to clean up the mess.  I know, I know…you shouldn’t have to ask…

AH,   BUT   YOU   DO!     

Follow my cranky advice and instead of this:

“How can you just walk past that mess day after day and not lift a finger to clean it up?  Why do I have to do everything?”

“I don’t know, (man instinctually goes on the defensive) I didn’t notice.”

“How could you not notice?  It smells, and you can’t use the sink!”

“I don’t smell anything and I don’t use the sink.”

You will have this:

“Honey, I have stuff to do upstairs, would you be a love and clean up the kitchen?”

“Oh, sure, no problem.”

It is that simple ladies…you need to ask.  Then when he does as you ask, give him a treat.  Men are dogs.  Treat them like dogs.  You don’t expect a dog to just fetch the paper, you have to ask… “Fido, FETCH!” When he brings you the paper you scratch him behind the ears and tell him “Good boy.”

I hear you… “But I shouldn’t have to tell him!”

Once again:  AH,   BUT   YOU   DO!     

If you want to fight and get pissed off in that holier-than-thou way all the time, wait for a man to notice something and then step in and fix it.

If you want things to get done, ask in that women’s way of telling and then reward the good behavior. 

It is very simple;

Ask…reward.  After several years you may not even have to ask.

And by reward I mean SEX.


  1. I think asking is better than not asking and then sulking afterwords. Good advise.

  2. I don't suppose you'd settle for a dog biscuit?

  3. True that! I once did a post on how long it took my husband to notice my new glasses. I waited two weeks and finally gave up and pointed them out to him.

    Sometimes you have to ask for the sex, too....

  4. "Ladies, if a man says he'll fix it, he will. There's no need to remind him every six months about it."

  5. I'm wondering how a mess on the sink gets to stay there until it smells bad.....then I wonder if it bothers her so much, why didn't she ask sooner? on the other hand....oh, let's not go there.

  6. So that's where I go wrong. Never too old to ask, apparently :O)

  7. So...basically, men don't notice things because they are holding out to get sex for doing what they should be doing to start with?

  8. That's great if he does do it when you ask. The problem is when he doesn't do it, and you ask again, and then you are a nag.

  9. Sigh.... So true.I've heard these very words coming from my wife's mouth.

  10. I ask my husband NOT to do stuff. DON"T touch that laundry...

  11. I'm afraid I was thing along the lines of Fishducky.

  12. Love the posts and the comments. Nodding in agreement with ALL of it. How can that be, with all the inherent contradictions?

    Too funny, Joe. And yes, do a post on what we don't want our men to do ... laundry is the prime one here, too. Clothing labels aren't gonna talk, you have to READ them.

    1. Forgot to say "would you be a love and do a post?"

  13. I'm beginning to realize why "The Sopranos" was set in New Jersey.

  14. Sex doesn't work. It may in the beginning, but then it doesn't. Glad it's working in your house.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  15. Haha...very funny
    I think things may have changed but we used to
    believe in sexual division of labor. I took care of
    the inside of the house and he took care of the

  16. Here's another one that works:
    "Oh honey, never mind about painting the living room. I found a nice man on the internet who will do it for $5K TOMORROW!"

  17. I'm beginning to think you've met the Old Bat. On the other hand, perhaps you should meet her and give her some advice . . .