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Wednesday, January 4, 2012




Is anyone wondering what the HELL is this blog about?  “BOWL CLEANSE?”  What is cranky going to rant about today? 

I don’t know either!

Here is the deal.  I like to have seven or eight posts “in the hopper” at any time.  When I am running low, I go to my “IDEA” file and choose a subject that I thought of sometime before.  I get lots of ideas for a blog, when I get one I write the idea in my “IDEA” file.

Today I went to my “IDEA” file and found several entries which at one time must have seemed like a great topic but now…?

“Shame on you” – Ah… people that are full of themselves?  Stuff I did that was just wrong?  Stuff someone else did that was just wrong?  Nah.  I would never say “Shame on you.”  I got nothing!

“Tattoos” – I don’t have a tattoo.  I don’t want a tattoo.  I don’t like the look of people that are covered with tattoos, but I couldn’t write a blog about it.  I don’t really care one way or the other about tattoos.  It is written in my “IDEA” file, but…I got nothing!

“Jeopardy” – Was this about being in jeopardy or the quiz show?  I got nothing!

“The Water Park” – OK, I am sure this had to do with the trips we took to the water park when we were at the shore (in New Jersey the beach is just called “The Shore”) last summer.  I may have had some good stuff, but I forgot it all.  Except….No, I got nothing.

“One year-old birthday party” – This had to have something to do with one of the Crankettes’ birthday parties, but that was a while ago, and…I got nothing.

“Bowl cleanse” - ? Bowl cleanse? Was I drinking when I wrote this? I can’t even make up something to make up!

 I got nothing.


  1. Bowel... I'm sure you meant bowel. And I hope you got nothing!!! x

  2. I thought it meant that you were scraping the bottom of the, barrel with those ideas. ;-)

    In my ideas file I have:

    Artsy Fartsy - Getting Creative
    Showcase creative things I've done (still waiting on that one, not as creative as I thought)

    10 Things I Know About Blogging
    (Could only come up with 5 and they were so technical even my eyes rolled back into my head when reading them)

    Loved your list Cranky.

  3. It may come to you in the middle of the night when, well, you got nothing.... or nothing better to do, think about or worry over.

    Some of those things, I can see where they may have been going, but yeah. we all have our own ideas on each topic.

    Such is life.

  4. I have an idea file too. Hasn't helped me much. I have "Tattoos" as topic too. LOL!

    So basically this was a blog post about nothing? Kind of Seinfeldish.

  5. I always wanted a tattoo but never got one b/c I was afraid my flower tattoo would turn into a garden once I got older.

    I wrote a few words about a water park this summer but never went back to it - I was going to write about the unbelievable "bathing suits" some people had on at a public place.