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Sunday, January 22, 2012



A week has gone by, and it is time again for Cranky’s Headlines and stupid sophomoric comments. 

Police say woman offered sexual favors for chicken McNuggetsNot surprisingly, the McNuggets declined.

Why Gay Parents May Be the Best ParentsExperts do concede that the whole conception thing does tend to be a problem.

Iran's 'morality police' cracks down on Barbie – OK, I know that you’re a backward, misogynist society, but …. IT”S A FRIGGIN DOLL!!

Man in Stable Condition After $44 Million Hospital BillFor $44 milllion he should be better than just stable!

Delta: Flight diverted to Fla. for 'unruly' coupleWhy do unruly people always get their way?

Kim brother says N.Korea heading for collapseWhat does Rob Kardasian know about North Korea’s economy?

Florida police officers paid to drink alcohol, eat Doritos on the jobFlorida police officers demand time and a half for hangovers.  

School Fears “Cougars” Mascot Will Offend WomenAfter ruling out “Cougar” school officials are torn between naming mascot “The Bearded Clams”, the “Golden Beavers”, or “The Snappin Gyros”.

Ill. man in joking mood despite nail in brainImagine if he had a nail in his funny bone.

Russian scientist claims signs of life spotted on Venus – Tried to get a picture, but the little green dude ducked behind a rock.

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